Limmud Conference 2016

Limmud Conference 2016 – Wednesday 13:15

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Women's rights issues and discourse in the U.S. and Israel

Ariela Migdal 

Red 8 (Boulevard Back)

American and Israeli society are experiencing intense interest in women's equality and related issues, but the emphasis is different in each country. Using case examples, we will explore differences and common threads, including the role of women in the military, sexual harassment, and discrimination against women in the name of religion.

What have Methodists done for interfaith relations?

Elliot Steinberg  Rob Thompson  Katharine Crew 

Blue 33

Two Methodists and a Jew sat in a room talking about the things that unite and divide us. Social action, the Israel/Palestine conflict, BDS and more. Join the discussion.

The Palestinian high-tech sector and Israel’s role in it (2 of 3)

Jesse Divon 

Red 2

Yes, there is a Palestinian high-tech sector! This session will showcase its most successful companies, entrepreneurs and investors. It will also shed light on the role of Israel in helping build Palestinian high-tech, explore future prospects, and assess the impact Israeli-Palestinian high-tech cooperation may have on the conflict.

The Jedi, the rabbi and the Dark Side: Elisha ben Abuyah Skywalker a.k.a. Darth Vader Acher

Paul Freedman 

Orange 12

A shameless excuse for watching Star Wars clips while studying rabbinic texts (Midrash and Talmud). We’ll read the story of Elisha ben Abuyah, how he became Acher, and consider the ultimate possibility of ‘teshuvah’. Join me and together we can rule the Galaxy...

The house of Julius Jacobs - a play-reading

Jonathan Gillis 

Red 7

Julius Jacobs is seeking answers to some hard questions: what brought him, a Manchester-born Jew and a Zionist, to the role of deputy assistant High Commissioner of the Mandatory in 1946; which side was he on; and why were his medals (the Somme, Palestine and an OBE from WW2) in his pocket when the Irgun blew the place up? Based on a true story.

The heart and the spring: Religious yearning and a taste of Rav Nahman

Chani Smith 

Green 25

We’ll explore the essence of mysticism and some basic kabbalistic concepts such as sefirot and two worlds. We’ll read a true pearl of Chassidic thought “The Heart and the Spring” - R. Nahman of Bratzlav’s tale of religious yearning, whose protagonists are a Heart, a Mountain, a Spring, a stuttering beggar and a True Man of Kindness.

Stanley Cavell: the problem of knowledge and the problem of love

Robbie Duschinsky 

Orange 11

In his autobiography, the Harvard philosopher Stanley Cavell finds the roots of his interpretations of Wittgenstein and Shakespeare in his childhood, in what he had to learn to make sense of his father’s anger at the world. This session explores Cavell’s insights into how little we can reveal of ourselves to another’s gaze, or bear of it.

Redeeming the Captives: Multilingualism in Hasidic Music

Alexandra Skvortsova  Simon Parizhsky 

Yellow 21

Why are the most sacred Jewish songs sung in Russian, Ukranian, Hungarian and other "gentile" languages? How do these songs relate to Hebrew as the "official" sacred language? Why do Hasidic spiritual leaders believe that such mixture of Jewish and non-Jewish linguistic brings Redemption? Includes textual study, music, and performance.

Open space

Limmud Social Programming Team 


The content of this session is up to the people who attend. This format for thought-sharing allows participants to talk about the things that matter to them, whatever this may be. Come ready to bring up a topic or to jump in on a conversation that interests you.

Not a job for a nice Jewish girl

Rachel Creeger 

Green 27

Working in theatre and comedy throws up many issues when it comes to being a practising modern Orthodox Jew with a soft spot for Israel. Rachel talks about some of the challenges and experiences that have given her pause for thought (or material for her set).

Modern Jive at Limmud (3 of 3)

Dan Mackenzie  Jonathan Hunter 

Marquee 3

Modern jive is a fun, easy to learn, partner dance. Simple footwork and a set of basic moves will have you navigating the dance floor like a pro in no time at all. There are 3 sessions over Conference, each teaching a few basic moves that can be joined into a routine. Don't worry if you missed one though, every session will be beginner friendly.

Looking for God - or why do we pray anyway?

Lawrence Hoffman 

Orange 14

A rabbinic student asked his professor to teach him Yiddish. “Teach you Yiddish?!” came the reply, “You don’t teach Yiddish; you just open your mouth and it comes out.” The student tried it. It didn’t work. Similarly, people increasingly ask how and even why we pray. How, then, do we pray? And how do we find God – in all the right places?

Law vs equity: an examination of Jewish legal ethics

Shmuel Klitsner 

Red 1

A text based discussion that spans Talmudic sources, Biblical verses and Aristotle’s definitions of fairness.

It Always Rains on Sunday (92 mins)

Nizza Fluss  Rachel Kolsky  UK Jewish Film 

Orange 13

Under relentless sheets of cold rain, a former barmaid offers sanctuary to her fugitive ex-lover. The intertwined destines of a neighbourhood of London’s East Enders add to the suspense, prefiguring the ensemble work of Robert Altman. A rare film from this era set in a Jewish milieu. Dir Robert Hamer, UK (1947)

Inclusive Jewish leadership

Hannah Brady  Dani Serlin  Neil Levitan 

Blue 32 (Millers)

How can we improve access to Jewish communal professional leadership? This session will explore the barriers that Jewish communal professionals face in accessing opportunities and progressing their careers. The panel will explore solutions and programmes.

Human shields, the laws of war and the Arab-Israeli conflict

Abraham Bell 

Red 3

We constantly hear all manner of accusations made against the Israel Defense Force and the way it operates. If you believe the critics, you'd think it was a criminal organisation, through and through. But what do the facts tell us about Israel and its foes' legal compliance with the laws of war?

Growing Up in Complex Times: Exploring Young Jewish Lives

Helena Miller 

Red 4

Since 2011, we have been following more than 1,000 Jewish children from when they began year 7 in their secondary schools in the UK. Those children are now 16. Find out how their Jewish lives have been developing since the start of this unique longitudinal study.

From massacre to ministry: the remarkable rise of Levi

Yaacov Finn 

Yellow 22

How did Levi shed the murderous past of their ancestor and become the priestly tribe? Using ancient texts we will tell an alternative story to the one often provided by the commentators, examining an event that occurred to Levi at the age of thirteen that may explain his rebellious youth.

Free choice: when God was over-ruled (3 of 3)

Nahum Gordon 

Orange 10

Dirty Harry (Clint Eastwood's detective in San Francisco) was fond of saying "A man has got to know his limitations". But what about God's? We look at a story where even God is defeated by His people, but did they make the right choice?

Eli Wiesel: where are my Jews? - an exhibition opening

Roman Kogan  Chaim Chesler 

Red 5

Limmud FSU is proud to present a photographic survey of the life of Eli Wiesel, which showcases milestones in Wiesel’s life, from his youth before and during the Holocaust to his work as a novelist, journalist, Jewish leader and Nobel Prize winner. Curator: Dr. Yoel Rappel.

Dreidel making!

Limmud Social Programming Team 


It's Chanukah, why don't you come along and make your own dreidel out of clay! You could even write a song about it.

Does your rabbi know you’re here?

Anthony Clavane 

Blue 34

We uncover the hidden history of Jewish involvement in English football. From Louis Bookman, the first Jew to play in England's top division, through to the businessmen who helped form the breakaway Premier League, and in the process changed the English game for ever.

Dance as food for the soul

Maurice Stone  Samuel Garas 

Red 6

Watch performances and learn about the history of Israeli dance and why it is Israel’s major cultural export. Understand the impact of Israeli dance in Ukraine, Crimea, the Baltic States, Turkey, Brazil and Cuba! Hear stories from some of the 18,000 people the Israeli Dance Institute helps across the world, and how Limmud has contributed to this.

Animals in the Qur'an and Tanach

Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz  Halima Krausen 

Marquee 2

What do the Tanach and the Qur'an have to say about our near relatives, the other animals? We'll explore our scriptural traditions about ants, pigs, whales, dogs, sea monsters, and other unexpected beings.

A new look at the 1948 war

Benny Morris 

Orange 15

Various aspects of the 1948 war, some of them untreated or little regarded in conventional historiography. It will look at the nature of the war, the aims of the various participants (the Jewish community\Israel, and the Palestinian Arabs, and the various Arab states); at the refugee problems created by the war (the Palestinian, Israeli, and Jews from Arab lands); and at the balance of forces between the various participants.

Kaddish throughout the year

Jaclyn Chernett 

Purple 31

We say Kaddish a number of times during every service throughout the year. Each has its specific nusach/melody. Come and learn them!

Abrahamic Interfaith: Perspectives from campus

James Graham  Louise Cohen 

Green 26

To look at what interfaith actually is, why it is or isn't important and to discuss whether or not working with other faith societies opens Jewish societies up to unnecessary security threats.

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