Limmud Conference 2016

Limmud Conference 2016 – Sunday 15:50

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Communal Chanukah candle-lighting (Sun)

Limmud Chanukah Team 

Marquee 3

Join the extravaganza as we share the light of Chanukah together and bask in the miracle of celebrating as one big Limmud community. We'll have a communal lighting of the Chanukiah, words of wisdom and performances from some of conference's most exciting acts. Don't be left in the cold, come and join the biggest Chanukah celebration of the year!

Shtetl shmooze

Red 9 (Boulevard Front)

A relaxed open space where you can learn about the history of herring and vodka and also create your own poems in Yiddish.

Just William and the Jews

Gabriel Webber 

Red 4

Only one of Richmal Crompton's classic "Just William" stories has ever been withdrawn from publication; a 1935 tale in which the Outlaws try to set up a UK branch of a German political party called "the Nasties". Come and hear the out-of-print story, and discuss whether its ending actually absolves it from the charge of racism.

Jewtopias: from Ararat to Birobidzhan: the search for a Jewish homeland beyond Zionism

Alastair Falk 

Orange 10

Alastair will be sharing the outline and some selected highlights of a work in preparation, on some of the various attempts through history to build places of Jewish safety and autonomy, from the mountains of North America to the wilds of the former Soviet Union. This is a taster for a longer course that you can offer through your community adult education programme or Day Limmud. In the meantime, come take a short break from reality as we search for Jewish Utopias.

Is Donald Trump an antisemite?

Jonathan Neumann  Aylana Meisel 

Orange 14

During the 2016 presidential campaign, every accusation under the sun was levelled at Donald Trump. Some were more justified than others. What of the claim that the president and/or his supporters are antisemites?

Personal Chanukah candle lighting (Sun)

Limmud Chanukah Team 

Marquee 1

A space to light candles individually or in small groups and to reflect on the joy and miracles of the festival in a more personal manner.

Dreidel casino (Sun)

Limmud Chanukah Team 

Red 1

Get your spinning fingers at the ready and prepare to roll in the gelt at the Limmud dreidel casino. Challenge the rest of Conference to match your skill (and/or luck) at the game that has rocked Judea since 168BCE!

Creating LGBT+ inclusive curricula

Dalia Fleming  Neil Levitan 

Green 27

How can teachers and informal educators develop their learning activities to promote LGBT+ Inclusion? This session will explore how schools can create LGBT+ inclusive curricula. The session will explore engaging educational methods, lesson planning and support for educators who want to help create inclusive spaces for young LGBT+ Jews.

Chanukah hour: stuck in the mud

Limmud Social Programming Team 

Red 7

You don't want to get caught by crafty King Antiochus, otherwise you get stuck in the mud!

Chanukah hour: nosh and natter - everyday heroes

Oliver Joseph 

Blue 32 (Millers)

Come and join us for a structured conversation about everyday heroes. What makes someone a hero and how do they compare to the biblical concept of a hero?

Chanukah hour: dreidel making

Limmud Social Programming Team 

Purple 29 (Monarch Overflow)

Come and make a dreidel out of clay, with it you can play, it'll spin and maybe you'll win one or two chocolate coins.

Board game bonanza (Sun)

Limmud Chanukah Team 


Don't pass Go, don't collect £200, but do come and enjoy a carefully selected array of board games. Whether you're up for a casual game or some intense competition, there will be something sure to get you rolling.

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