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Communal Chanukah candle lighting (Tues)

Limmud Chanukah Team 

Marquee 3

Join the extravaganza as we share the light of Chanukah together and bask in the miracle of celebrating as one big Limmud community. We'll have a communal lighting of the Chanukiah, words of wisdom and performances from some of conference's most exciting acts. Don't be left in the cold, come and join the biggest Chanukah celebration of the year!

Who killed the peace process? And can it ever be recreated?

James Sorene 

Orange 11

In 1993 Israel began a process that looked like it would end with the creation of a Palestinian State. Today, Israel and the Palestinians are far away from a negotiated settlement. There have been periods of calm and phases of extreme violence. But there have also been breakthroughs, generous offers and productive negotiations. We will explore the highs and lows of the peace process, why it failed and what is needed to make it work again.

The global refugee crisis and the UK: a light unto the nation?

Ruvi Ziegler 

Orange 14

This session (part of Limmud's Refugee Day) offers a legal context for the global refugee crisis. It explores the UK's obligations under international and European law, and engages in (some) myth-busting regarding first country of asylum, 'illegal' migration, absent legal routes, the Calais Jungle and the potential effects of Brexit.

Tackling prejudice - what can psychology offer?

Danielle Landau 

Green 27

In this age of increasing polarisation, reducing prejudice between groups and communities is a hugely important and challenging task. This session will explore cutting-edge psychological approaches to understanding prejudice, and practical ways for reducing its harmful impact.

Chanukah hour: nosh and natter glorifying the good fight

Oliver Joseph 

Blue 32 (Millers)

Join us for a structured conversation. The book of Maccabees tells the story of a battle won and a victory celebrated. Is it okay for us to be celebrating a military victory? Do we need to take any precautions when doing so?

Dreidel casino (Tues)

Limmud Chanukah Team 

Red 1

Get your spinning fingers at the ready and prepare to roll in the gelt at the Limmud Dreidel Casino. Challenge the rest of conference to match your skill (and/or luck) at the game that has rocked Judea since 168BCE!

If it wasn't for a Jew there'd be no Tour de France

Nick Gendler 

Red 4

In this session Nick will discuss the chain of events that led to the introduction of the world's biggest annual sporting event. And, once he's done that, there'll hopefully be enough time for him to tell you about his all-time cycling hero, Gino Bartali, who in 2013 was recognised as one of the Righteous Amongst the Nations.

Chanukah hour: card making

Limmud Social Programming Team 

Red 6

Come and make a card for your favourite person, telling them to have a happy Chanukah and be more like a Maccabee!

Chanukah hour: interpretive dance

Limmud Social Programming Team 

Red 7

As we all know, when the Jews went back to the temple and the miracle happened there was a bit of a party. Come and get transported back in time (with your imagination) and have a little celebratory dance.

Feeding the 3000!

Rachel Harris 

Purple 30 (Monarch)

Come meet our incredible Celia Clyne caterers and volunteer Catering chairs Rachel and Alix - and find out more about what it takes to feed 3000 Limmud Conference participants for a week.

Board game bonanza (Tues)

Limmud Chanukah Team 


Don't pass Go, don't collect £200, but do come and enjoy a carefully selected array of board games. Whether you're up for a casual game or some intense competition, there will be something sure to get you rolling.

Personal Chanukah candle lighting (Tues)

Limmud Chanukah Team 

Marquee 1

A space to light candles individually or in small groups and to reflect on the joy and miracles of the festival in a more personal manner.

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