Limmud Conference 2016

Limmud Conference 2016 – Thursday 13:50

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We Were There Too: London Jews in the First World War (2 of 2)

Alan Fell 

Red 3

Over 40,000 Jews served in the British Forces in the First World War and many more were involved with war works and support roles. "We Were There Too" enables the collection of stories, photographs and artefacts before they are lost forever and preserves the surviving evidence of Jewish experiences of the First World War for future generations.

The story of the Palestinian internship programme (3 of 3)

Jesse Divon 

Red 1

Hear the story of a groundbreaking non-profit that has brought 30 young, talented Palestinian techies into the heart of Israel’s high-tech sector for internships, workshops, networking events and other activities. Who are Palestinian interns and their Israeli host companies and what impact has participation had on each side?

L’Dor Vador: a vision of an intergenerational community where pre-schoolers and 3rd agers live, learn and play together – progress so far

Judith Ish-Horowicz 

Red 4

In April 2017, we hope to open the doors of a new daycare setting within the grounds of a Jewish Care home. Building work has started and we have begun to plan our intergenerational programme for residents and nursery children. Come hear about the vision; the challenges and our responses, our tears and laughter and our determination to get it open!

Gimpel Tam: A sting in the tale?

Maureen Kendler 

Red 2

Maybe the essential Isaac Bashevis Singer story, Gimpel the Fool presents us with a baffling tragi-comedy of what it means to be a "fool". We will unpack the greatest of the genius Singer stories.

Dreamidrash: A Jewish dream workshop

Mordechai Zeller 

Green 26

How to listen to dreams as one would study midrash. In this session we will read dreams from a variety of sources. The first session will be an intro to Jewish dream work from a psychological and Jewish perspective. The optional follow-up session will be a workshop deepening our tools, enabling individuals to bring and share from their own dreams.

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