Limmud Festival 2022 - Presenters

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Presenters: D

Daniel Daniel

Daniel Daniel is a filmmaker and playwright from London. He is currently studying at the National Film and Television School. Past work includes the award-winning films, 'Web' (2018) and 'Sauce' (2022). His past theatre work includes an adaptation of Nikolai Gogol’s 'Nevsky Prospekt' (Pentameters Theatre) and 'The Knot' (Old Red Lion Theatre).

Sunday 17:10
Sunday 17:10 Where is Anne Frank
Monday 09:10
Monday 09:10 Who's afraid of Jewish humour?
Monday 13:00
Monday 13:00 Reckonings
Monday 15:20
Monday 15:20 Back in Berlin
Tuesday 11:30
Tuesday 11:30 Jewish existentialist cinema
Tuesday 15:20
Tuesday 15:20 Short film winners

Oli Davidson

Owner of over 45 cookbooks, Oli considers herself a Gayshet Chayil. Raised within the United Synagogue but with a healthy level of scepticism and chutzpah, Oli now moves within US, Partnership and Masorti spaces facilitating women's and LGBT+ programming and inclusion. She is often found putting together last-minute collections of divrei Torah.

Monday 13:00
Monday 13:00 Kallah v'kallah: our traditional lesbian Jewish wedding(s)
Tuesday 13:00
Tuesday 13:00 Jewish LGBT+ people and spaces

Rosella de Jong

Rosella de Jong likes to ask and answer questions, travel and explore culture. In between, she is a language and literature teacher and working towards a Master's degree in child and adolescent therapy. Prior, she learnt a number of languages and received a bunch of degrees, including film and television studies/media and culture studies.

Saturday 14:00
Saturday 14:00 Bambi is Jewish
Monday 15:20
Monday 15:20 You never call! You never visit!

WJC Diplomatic Corps

The Jewish Diplomatic Corps of the World Jewish Congress, under the leadership of WJC President Ronald S. Lauder, is a worldwide network of 380 Jewish leaders for the future from over 60 countries, receiving opportunity, experience and skill set to impact Jewish community interests worldwide through diplomacy and public policy.

Friday 17:40
Friday 17:40 Empowering young Jewish leaders to face tomorrow’s challenge
Sunday 17:10
Sunday 17:10 Jewish diplomacy and advocacy: advancing Jewish interests on the political world stage
Monday 21:50
Monday 21:50 Promoting a positive view of Jewish communities to combat antisemitism

John Dunston

John Dunston was Head of two Quaker schools and Vice-President of the Oxford Jewish Congregation. In 2020 he gave the Annual Oxford Brookes Zuckerberg Israel Lecture, and regularly conducted at the Keble College HMD Services. He led Maidenhead Synagogue's Jewish History tour to China in 2013. He has traced his family tree back to 1450.

Sunday 20:40
Sunday 20:40 Sacrae: singing 'a cappella' Christian settings of Jewish texts
Tuesday 18:20
Tuesday 18:20 'Stolpersteine' (stumbling stones): memorials to Europe’s murdered Jews

Alison Durban

Ali is the Co-Founder of Gesher School. She has over 10 years’ experience working in SEND, and prior to this worked for 20 years in marketing. In addition, she sits on the education steering panel for the new Autism Centre of Excellence, led by Sir Professor Simon Baron-Cohen. Ali has a lived experience of SEND and navigating the education system.

Tuesday 09:10
Tuesday 09:10 Gesher School, from an idea to 'Outstanding' – the importance of a blueprint
Tuesday 14:10
Tuesday 14:10 Navigating the UK SEN system: from diagnosis to funding

Joe Dweck

Joseph is the senior rabbi of the S&P Sephardi Community of the United Kingdom and the rosh bet midrash of He has a master of arts degree in Jewish Education and is currently working toward a master's in psychotherapy. He oversees the Sephardi Beth Din and the Sephardi Kashrut Authority.

Sunday 13:00
Sunday 13:00 Why I'm a Wyschogrod fan
Sunday 16:10
Sunday 16:10 A session in memory of Abraham Levy z"l
Sunday 17:10
Sunday 17:10 Solitude: a springboard for growth

Marcus Dysch

As head of external affairs at World ORT, Marcus oversees the global education network’s external communications and media collaborations. His key responsibilities include raising awareness of ORT and liaising with 30+ national organizations on media issues. A former journalist, Marcus was previously assistant editor of the Jewish Chronicle.

Sunday 13:00
Sunday 13:00 Does anyone still care about the invasion of Ukraine?

John Dyson

Distinguished legal career culminating in appointment as Justice of the Uk Supreme Court and master of the Rolls. Since retirement, has had a varied career including sports arbitrations (e.g. Saracens), international arbitrations and investigations (such as BBC Princess Diana Panorama interview). Has written his memoir A Judge’s Journey.

Monday 14:10
Monday 14:10 The Martin Bashir/Diana Princess of Wales 'Panorama' interview: the Dyson Report

Noelle Dückmann Gallagher

Noelle is a longtime Limmudnik and senior lecturer in 18th century literature at the University of Manchester. Her research focuses particularly on representations of the body, disease and medicine in the long eighteenth century (1600-1800) in Britain.

Monday 18:20
Monday 18:20 The pig-faced lady: kashrut and anti-Jewish sentiment in 18th-century England

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