Limmud Festival 2018
Friday 21 December 2018

Site Sat Nav Participant Care Programming  Hilton Lobby
Nosh & Natter Shabbat Programming  Orange 12
Build your own Besamim Shabbat Programming  Blue 32
Site Sat Nav Participant Care Programming  Hilton Lobby
Picture the parshah Shabbat Programming  Red 8
Passover protest: subversive images in the C14 Haggadah Eli Abt  Blue 33
Tribalism and Factionalism - How Westerners Can Understand the Middle East through the lens of rising populism Irina Tsukerman  Green 26
An Idiot's Guide to Synagogue services and Jewish Prayer Shira Solomons  Green 27
Anorexia at the shabbos table Shonna Levin  Orange 11
Talking with Torah? Leonora Samuel  Orange 12
Why all Jews should observe shabbat Clive Lawton  Orange 13
Let's play games on ecology, Jewish, and Israel Yonatan Neril  Red 3
The impact of Lithuanian rabbis on Anglo Jewry in the Twentieth century David Newman  Red 4
To witness our brothers' burdens, and our sisters' too The Leo Baeck Education Center Haifa  Oded Mazor  Red 5
Shabbat Shalom songs, stories and games Ruti Roche  Yellow 22
The Netanyahu Show – 2018 Noru Tsalic  Orange 11
Shabbat in an ashkenormative world Haim Ovadia  Elliot Jebreel  Red 3
Mikva the Musical: Music and monologues from the deep – Excerpts and discussion Debbie Young-Somers  Yael Valier  Red 6
Late Night Chavruta Shabbat Programming  Red 8
Games Night Shabbat Programming  Bar