Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Friday 17:30

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An Idiot's Guide to Synagogue services and Jewish Prayer

Shira Solomons 

Green 27

They sit. They stand. The pages go on and on. But what does it all mean? If you have ever felt lost in a synagogue service, then this is the session for you. We will learn about the overall structure of Jewish prayers, how the siddur is organised and why we pray as we do.

 siddur Shira Solomons Festival 2018.pdf

Anorexia at the shabbos table

Shonna Levin 

Orange 11

In this session we will learn how members of our communities with eating disorders navigate a food centric Jewish community. We will also discuss halacha's approach and best practices for our families and institutions.

Let's play games on ecology, Jewish, and Israel

Yonatan Neril 

Red 3

Come play some fun games together! This interactive session will include a range of Jewish ecological games, through which about animals in Israel and biodiversity, and see some cool Jewish ecological infographics. Come experience innovative Jewish experiential nature education!

Passover protest: subversive images in the C14 Haggadah

Eli Abt 

Blue 33

How did Jewish communities in late Medieval Europe respond to their invariably hostile environment at Pesach/Easter time? Many of the remarkable hand painted illustrations in their haggadot express the full gamut of emotions from anger to hope to defiance, in well-established forms which their enemies were unlikely to understand.

Shabbat Shalom songs, stories and games

Ruti Roche 

Yellow 22

Shabbat shalom, The bells on the Sefer Torah go ting-a-ling (to the tune of The Wheels on the Bus) and other songs, games and stories for an enjoyable Shabbat programme. Can you find the angel song in this week's Sedra? Young children, parents and others welcome. Suitable for any level of Shabbat observance and knowledge.

Talking with Torah?

Leonora Samuel 

Orange 12

Once a fortnight Leonora gets together with people who have different faiths and beliefs. They talk about what is happening in their lives, read a bit of the present week's reading (parshat hashavua, or sometimes the haftarah) and discuss what it means to them. She will lead a discussion similar to what they are doing during the year.

 vayechi-last-13-verses-English.pdf  vayechi last thirteen verses.pdf  vayechi-Hebrew-amended.pdf  vayechi-World-English-Bible.pdf  Talking-with-Torah-what-we-do.pdf

The impact of Lithuanian rabbis on Anglo Jewry in the Twentieth century

David Newman 

Red 4

An important group of prominent Lithuanian rabbis spent part of the twentieth century in the UK, leaving an imprint on religious life of the community. These included Dayan Hillman, Dayan Abramsky, Rabbis Jacob Rabinowitz, Elya Lapian, Eliahu Dessler, Isser Unterman and Isaac Halevy Herzog. Most retired or moved on to positions in Israel.

Tribalism and Factionalism - How Westerners Can Understand the Middle East through the lens of rising populism

Irina Tsukerman 

Green 26

'Tribalism' and 'Populism' are terms which are generally used negatively, but can also be unifying factors and lead to profound social changes. Finding balance, however, is often difficult. Nevertheless, in the age of rising populism in the UK, Europe, and the United States - we may usefully study parallels to other cultures to avoid pitfalls.

Why all Jews should observe shabbat

Clive Lawton 

Orange 13

This is not a session designed to exhort everyone to become frum, but Clive's is going to explore his assertion that a Jew who doesn't note and recognise Shabbat somehow has become so attenuated from her/himself, that s/he might have difficulty giving any real meaning to claiming to be Jewish in any meaningful sense at all.

To witness our brothers' burdens, and our sisters' too

_ Leo Baeck Education Center Haifa  Oded Mazor 

Red 5

Oded Mazor and the LBEC, Haifa's high school delegation will explore with you the challenges of caring for Israel whilst having mixed feelings and thoughts about its policy. Inspired by the words of Rabbi Leo Baeck, written when the State of Israel was very young, we will aim to hold open conversation for people of all opinions.

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