Limmud Festival 2018
Tuesday 25 December 2018

Morning news and brews! BBC's Anthony Reuben Anthony Reuben  Social Programming  Bar
Pilatkes Tali Swart  Green 26
V'yarutz v'yomer: and he ran and he talked, or "run and chat" (2 of 4) Abigail Morris  Hilton Lobby
Walking club Social Programming  Hilton Lobby
Climbing Mt Scopus - a personal national Hadassah story Tamar Elram  Blue 34
Homeopathy in Jewish life & sources (2 of 2) Francis Treuherz  Green 25
From Chagall to Heine - stained glass inspirations Ruth Jacobson  Green 26
Shabbat Musaf - The whole Shebang (3 of 3) Rebecca Blumenfeld  Green 27
Philosophy of cherry picking Hayden Cohen  Orange 10
Ashkenazi Jews – Who do we think we are? Daniel Anderson  Orange 11
How 6500 children engaged with Israeli history, art and culture Nic Abery  Orange 12
The continuing journey of Russian speaking Jewry Chaim Chesler  Roman Kogan  Orange 13
Prayer in 90 seconds Sherre Hirsch  Orange 14
Jewish Engagement in the 21st Century: A Moment or a Movement? Isaiah Rothstein  Orange 15
The Making of Super Heroes and Heroines Siona Benjamin  Purple 31
Family Matters, in Torah and in Life – The First Couple Daniel Goldfarb  Red 1
Bring the wisdom of kabbalah into your life (3 of 3) Janet Berenson  Red 2
The Art of Cynthia Pell – A Jewish Expressionist? Irene Wise  Red 3
Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word Ellen Flax  Red 4
The cultural impact of Jews in Mexico Alan Grabinsky  Red 5
Everyday meditation Susie Kessler  Red 7
Making Meaning in Ancient Alexandria Joshua Garroway  Yellow 22
Maiden and Matronita: female Images of Jerusalem through the ages Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz  Yellow 23
Reinventing Chabad: Rosh Hashanah on 19th Kislev? Wojciech Tworek  Yellow 24
Morning Seder (Advanced) - Purim (2 of 4) Eliot Cohen  Ian Gamse  Red 8
Morning Seder (Intermediate): the day and night identity of a rebel (2 of 4) Zahavit Shalev  Avital Hochstein  Red 8
Morning Seder (Beginners) - Times to Pray: Traditionally Radical Talmud (2 of 4) Yael Roberts  Laynie Soloman  Red 9
Feminist and modern day perspectives on Jewish women’s bodies from biblical times until now Aviva Braun-Finkler  Blue 33
Confusion, language and multiple meanings in the creation and collapse of the Tower of Babel (2 of 2) Miriam Feldmann Kaye  Blue 34
Teacher Tell, Teacher Share Melanie Kelly  Green 25
A taste of Wise Aging Elaine R. S. Cohen  Green 26
Parenting perspectives: self worth and social media Hadassah Fromson  Sam Fromson  Orange 10
Bringing a new woman to your Seder Debbie Young-Somers  Orange 11
The Iraqi Jewish archives Edwin Shuker  Orange 12
How Middle Eastern propaganda wars in the US affect American Jews Irina Tsukerman  Orange 13
The need of the hour: revitalizing classic sephardic judaism Jason Guberman  Orange 14
Five Jewish texts that inspire leadership Ephraim Mirvis  Orange 15
Maktuv: an Arabic-Hebrew interfaith calligraphy workshop Ruben Shimonov  Purple 29
Cartooning a split Jewish identity Miriam Libicki  Purple 31
The Yad Vashem educational philosophy: Are we still relevant in the 21st century? Yoni Berrous  Red 1
Living with the first Blood Libel Roderick Young  Red 2
Consent is a Jewish value Merissa Nathan Gerson  Red 3
Wartime Cooking in Jerusalem Gil Hovav  Red 4
My Yiddishe Momma gets lonely at home sometimes... Micah Gold  Judith Ish-Horowicz  Sam Brandman  Red 5
The Magrepha in 2018, Bringing the Temple Organ to the Synagogue Paul Heller  Red 6
The spirituality of secular music Jacob Kraus  Red 7
Tu B’Av- the Jewish woman's holiday of love Eve Harow  Yellow 22
Feminist midrash through visual art, poetry and music Jacqueline Nicholls  Alicia Jo Rabins  Yellow 23
American Jews and Zionism George Berlin  Yellow 24
Crisis, what crisis?! How to cope with mid-life change Lesley Trenner  Blue 33
What are your thoughts about Jewish student life on campus? Kevin Lieberman  Blue 34
Deep sea cruising Malcolm Ginsberg  Green 25
Jewish Meditation (1 of 2) Michael Picardie  Orange 10
Local politics - is this a place for a young woman? Rotem Cohen Kahlon  Orange 11
JQY Drop-in Center: The Fashions of Gender and Judaism Rachael Fried  Orange 12
The personal is political - everyday lives of women in Israel/Palestine Jessica Kosmin  Orange 13
Fear war or trust peace? From Jacob, Chamberlain and Menachem Begin to today - mahloket matters! Daniel Roth  Orange 14
From the Zionist Idea to the Zionist Ideas Gil Troy  Orange 15
#MeToo, #TimesUp and speaking your truth Caroline Rothstein  Purple 31
Why it's good to raise geeks Marjorie Ingall  Red 1
The Crowne: A forensic look at the royal accounts Ben Crowne  Red 2
Where the Jordan meets the Thames - interfaith encounter in Israel and Britain Ghassan Manasra  Michael Hilton  Red 3
Music and the military Amir Ben Hur  Red 4
You/we make the rules: SpongeBob and the endangered Jewish banana Haim Ovadia  Red 5
Philip Roth 101 David Benkof  Red 6
Divine right: Nahmanides’ debate against the Church – excerpts and discussion from Theater & Theology’s production Yael Valier  Red 7
Rav Kook's "New Guide to the Perplexed" - Selected Readings Itzchak Marmorstein (Even-Shayis)  Red 9
The American Jewish experience through cinema (1947 - present) (2 of 2) Eric Goldman  Yellow 22
Singing with Banot Banot Band  Lihi Haruvi  Ella Joy Meir  Yonit Spiegelman  Marian Gomez Villota  Mikhal Weiner  Yellow 24
The only Jew on the Caribbean island Hannah Gaventa  Blue 33
Oscar Hammerstein III: Garnering American Acceptance Through Double-Couple Musicals Stuart Hecht  Blue 34
Intro to mussar - developing an attitude (3 of 3) Monique Mayer  Green 25
Borderline Israel II: the futility of borders - children encounter the Israel-Palestine divide (2 of 3) David Newman  Orange 10
Scandals, vandals and angels – the sculptor Jacob Epstein Steve Miller  Orange 11
The first (and forgotten) Messiah Joshua Garroway  Orange 12
93 Queen Linda Berkowitz  Shonna Levin  UK Jewish Film Festival  Orange 13
“The Middle East is Funny”: explore Israeli history through comedy Benji Lovitt  Orange 14
Study an eye-opening passage of Talmud with the Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis  Orange 15
The Israeli constitution and the Nation-State Basic Law – a beginner’s guide: 2011-2018 (3 of 3) Robin Moss  Purple 31
British Jews opposing the occupation Robert Abrams  Nina Morris-Evans  Daniel Eisenberg  Red 1
The Nation of Islam and antisemitism in the US Nadine Epstein  Red 2
The power of storytelling Judith Stanton  Red 3
Who wrote the Zohar? Harry Freedman  Red 4
Israel's dysfunctional asylum system Ruvi Ziegler  Red 5
Is Hinduism avoda zara (idolatry)? Alon Goshen-Gottstein  Red 6
Taking up the timbrel! Jewish women in the forefront of social organisations Leah Golan  Amira Aharonovich  Sigalit Freeman  Shelley Kedar  Red 7
Limmud book club: Focus by Arthur Miller (3 of 4) Shoshi Ish-Horowicz  Aviva Dautch  Red 9
Ethiopia: What makes this place and its Jews so special? Rosalind Schogger  Yellow 22
Pontifical Palaces, Mud Huts and the Kingdom of Heaven Jeremy Lawrence  Yellow 23
I am Bat-el - An inspirational comedy show Bat-el Borenstein  Yellow 24
Aveirah lishma - sinning for the sake of heaven Adam Ifield  Red 8
LGBT+ Families: a discussion around what an inclusive Jewish community looks like for you and your family Alma Reisel  Dalia Fleming  Green 26
Lev Yodea Marat Nafsho: Trans identity and self-determination in halacha Laynie Soloman  Red 8
Just blood and guts (Daf Yomi - Chullin 28) Ian Gamse  Red 8
Knit and natter Melanie Kelly  Social Programming  Blue 32
Two Sided Story: An Israeli/Palestinian Film Sana Knaneh  Judith Elkan  Blue 33
Jewish opera composers - Nineteenth Century (1 of 2) David Farbey  Blue 34
Meet the Chairs! Daniel Heller  Ben Lewis  Jonathan Robinson  Hannah Brady  Green 25
A stranger with a camera: Photographing the Jewish world Jono David  Green 26
Eurovision and Israel: we are on the map Yigal Ravid  Orange 11
Masada: last stronghold of the Jewish resistance against Rome Jodi Magness  Orange 12
The truth and the media - Fake News in Israel Izchak Sonnenschein  Orange 14
I just met Pope Francis. Here's why I'm excited about interfaith ecological cooperation Yonatan Neril  Jamal Alkirnawi  Orange 15
Tzitzit? Why knot! Paul Freedman  Purple 31
A Christmas special - Are Catholics our Friends or Enemies? Martine Therese Andrevon Gottstein  Red 1
A memory of Yemen: The Last Jews Myriam Tangi  Red 2
Feldenkrais: finding better balance - a flexible chest (3 of 4) Emma Alter  Red 3
Spirituality and positive psychology (2 of 2) Tamra Wright  Red 4
Be fruitful and multiply: The contraception question Joanne Greenaway  Red 5
Both sides now - Catholic and Jewish Music Marian Gomez Villota  Mikhal Weiner  Red 6
It's No Job For A Nice Jewish Girl Rachel Creeger  Red 7
Learn a Haftarah at Limmud (2 of 2) Mark Creeger  Yellow 22
The year in scandal Abigail Symons  Uri Berkowitz  Jacqueline Nicholls  Ben Crowne  Yellow 23
Sephardic-Mizrahi and LGBTQ+: a Jewish community on the margins Ruben Shimonov  Elliot Jebreel  Arya Marvazy  Yellow 24
What's got into you? Jenny Goodman  Blue 33
Can career mothers have it all? Can we really lean in? Fleur Hassan Nahoum  Blue 34
Otto Freundlich: The greatest artist you never heard of Naomi Verber  Green 25
Jesus was a magic mushroom Michael Green  Green 26
#Hashtag Israel Sahar Sazgar  Green 27
Jewish Bloomsbury: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (2 of 3) Aviva Dautch  Orange 10
Israel and Diaspora stories: can this marriage be saved? Shirah Hecht  Orange 11
How Muslim Spain from 8th century onwards has influenced Jewish food, art, music, culture, architecture and folklore Hilary Pomeroy  Orange 12
Do Jews do karma? Reincarnation in Jewish thought (2 of 2) Philippa Gamse  Orange 13
Herzl and Jerusalem Mordechai Friedman  Orange 14
Jews and Money - The Ultimate Taboo? Raphael Zarum  Abigail Morris  Orange 15
Embroider a Hebrew letter Vivien Spevock  Purple 29
Reading Biblical Poetry (2 of 2) Adele Berlin  Purple 31
Forgetting the Torah We Learn Ilana Kurshan  Red 1
Your city as you've never seen it before Leon Fenster  Red 2
In the belly of the whale: a psychological and anthropological approach to the Book of Jonah. Lea Taragin-Zeller  Mordechai Zeller  Red 3
How do you say Anne Frank in Tigrinya? Yochai Maital  Red 4
Village of hope Laurence Brass  Red 5
Student guide to being unstoppable! Matthew Halfin  Red 7
Limmud Chavruta Project - Israel @ 70 - Independence (2 of 3) Limmud Chavruta Team  Red 9
When Rebbe Nachman met Gal Gadot: From proto-to post-Feminism Naftali Moses  Yellow 21
When two worlds meet: the impact of neo-Hasidism on Progressive Judaism Naomi Goldman  Yellow 22
Oy what a day... Participant Care Programming  Blue 32
The prophetess Deborah on masculinity David Cassuto  Blue 33
Who is a Jew? The biblical version (2 of 2) Vered Hollander Goldfarb  Blue 34
Highs and lows of being a TCK - a Third Culture Kid Belinda Copitch  Green 25
The dyslexic advantage Jo Landy  Green 26
On being an avatar Maureen Kendal  Green 27
Israel70: Building Artistic Connections exhibition tour (1 of 3) Nic Abery  Hilton Lobby
Orthodox women and saying kaddish Jenny Cohen  Orange 10
A Hungarian Experience - Living Under Fascism and Communism Tomi Komoly  Orange 11
Brave space not safe space Yehudah Webster  Orange 12
Refuge Britain: Stories of Émigré Designers Linda Berkowitz  UK Jewish Film Festival  Orange 13
Two Jewish philosophers walk into a bar Miriam Feldmann Kaye  Samuel Lebens  Ezra Margulies  Orange 14
Is Trump's foreign policy good for Israel? Kenneth Bob  Jonathan Neumann  Sarah Feuer  Dovid Efune  Liat Collins  Orange 15
Indian/Persian Miniature Painting Workshop Siona Benjamin  Purple 31
Buying kidneys from poor people is illegal, but is it moral? Anthony Warrens  Robby Berman  Red 1
Xenophobia or national security? From Pharaoh and WWII to today - mahloket matters! Daniel Roth  Red 2
Djerba - Jewish life on the island of the Kohanim Annika Hernroth-Rothstein  Red 3
Hair covering not obligatory for married women: an answer by Rav Yosef Massas in Morocco (1954) Angy Cohen  Red 4
It's never too early to start aging wisely! (2 of 2) Susie Kessler  Red 5
Flamenco and the influence of Sephardic culture Leilah Broukhim  Red 6
Laughter yoga wellbeing (1 of 2) Vanessa Abraham  Red 7
When not to keep your mouth shut Shira Solomons  Yellow 22
Family concert with Ellen Allard and the Limmud House Band Ellen Allard  Yellow 24
PJ Library Storytime (3 of 4) Limmud Families Team  Families Lounge
The case against having children Daniel Shine  Green 25
Biblical Bitcoins - the role of the shekel in Torah Robert Stone  Green 26
God talk: in search of a useful theology David-Yehuda Stern  Orange 10
Maimonides' irony: dogmatist and heretic Allan Nadler  Orange 15
Did the Jews pray for Hitler? Vivian Wineman  Red 1
Anarchy in the yeshiva and riots in Lublin Wojciech Tworek  Red 3
The future of fundraising in the Jewish world Emma Boyar  Red 4
Beyond the silver screen: cinema’s first sex symbol Shoshi Ish-Horowicz  Red 5
Gender Exploration Through Performance Noga Yechieli Wind  Red 7
A short course in creativity - discovering your unique creative vision (3 of 3) Marvin Shaw  Yellow 22
Mussar for Managing Stress Marcia Plumb  Blue 33
A history of Soviet Jewry in documents and pictures Asher Ostrin  Blue 34
Old Wine in New Bottles Mark Gottlieb  Green 27
Volunteering with confidence - charity governance, GDPR and all that Jon Benjamin  Orange 11
The World Jewish Congress Diplomatic Corps Flagship Program Ela Cenudioğlu  Orange 13
Why do we need rabbis anyway? Zahavit Shalev  Debbie Young-Somers  Mordechai Zeller  Orange 14
The Jewish Whisky Appreciation Society Zvi Solomons  Purple 31
Germany at Odds: where is Germany heading to? Eldad Beck  Red 2
The Anatomy of De-Feet Eve Harow  Red 6
Syria: Current situation and prospects Jonathan Spyer  Yellow 24
What is Jewish philosophy? Yehuda Efune  Blue 33
Jerusalem Startups: The Wave on the Horizon is Growing Mark Goldfarb  Blue 34
The Jews of Lebanon - an exceptional community Nathan Peres  Green 25
L'chatchila and Bedi'avad in the Laws of Shabbat Jeremy Conway  Green 26
From Frankfurt to Los Angeles: the lost and found Rothschild Chumash Eva Frojmovic  Green 27
Through the eyes of young Jewish women Ella Rose  Dalia Fleming  Hannah Rose  Orange 10
Repairing Jewish Dialogue Itamar Kremer  Orange 11
The future of Holocaust Education? Finding out more of our own family experience of the Shoah. Andrew Gilbert  Orange 13
Are Synagogues Yesterday’s Institutions? Jack Wertheimer  Orange 14
Eco-Zionism, Diaspora politics and Israel’s shadow government: how you can make a difference David Krantz  Orange 15
A young Jew in the American Civil Rights Movement: a personal story from 1965-66 Peter Geffen  Red 1
Jacob's Sheep! Peter Sevitt  Red 2
Catherine MacKinnon and Carol Gilligan Walk into the Beit Midrash Avital Hochstein  Red 3
Advocating for Israel on Facebook - Best Practices Jessica Kosmin  Red 4
Will we rise again? The question of bodily resurrection in the Talmud Elliott Karstadt  Red 5
Pesach top five or 'It's only a ruach 'n' roll seder... but I like it!" Gordon Kay  Red 6
The Wondrous Story of the Budapest Physicist Quartet Ehud Landau  Yellow 21
Party all the time! Aaron Benderski  Yellow 22
Dana International in performance Dana International  Yellow 24
Volunteer drinks David Hoffman  Bar
Board game café Social Programming  Blue 32
Improv comedy jam! Mia Ottman  Blue 34
Social justice – the basis of Jewish ethics Steve Miller  Green 25
Mystical nostrils: the long and short of Jewish noses from Tanakh to Zohar Daniel Eisenberg  Green 26
Jewish responsibility and tikkun olam Tal Cohen  Green 27
Preserving the power of testimony Helen Stone  Orange 10
What I Discovered in Uganda: Judaism, Identity and Ethics Eli Wimpfheimer  Orange 11
Limmud Festival, First Century CE style! The Mishnah’s view on teachers, learners, and the power of diversity Rahel Berkovits  Orange 12
Goodbye Columbus Linda Berkowitz  Irene Wise  Shoshi Ish-Horowicz  Aviva Dautch  UK Jewish Film Festival  Orange 13
Volcanoes, hurricanes, and some unique Jewish experiences Hannah Gaventa  Orange 14
Thresholds: Walking through the Hallways of our Lives Sherre Hirsch  Orange 15
RSY-Netzer Shira Amy Decker  Louis Graham  Purple 31
Rachel speaks, God and men listen! Haim Ovadia  Red 1
How to curse a witch: a practical guide Richard Verber  Red 2
Jewish ‘untouchables’: the plight of the mamzer in the 21st century Emma Rozenberg  Red 4
Meditating with Breslav nigunim Alon Goshen-Gottstein  Red 5
Sources of inspiration for Israeli teens The Leo Baeck Education Center Haifa  Oded Mazor  Yellow 21
What does a village in Rwanda have to do with me? Max Naar  Lauren Gross  Georgina Bye  Yellow 22
The Marriage of Hebrew Prayer & Persian Poetry Chloe Pourmorady  Yellow 24
Video game arcade Social Programming  Blue 33
Silent Disco: The Challah Back Girls and DJ Van Der Kleij Louis Trup  Libby Burkeman  Shana Boltin  Red 6
Jerusalem Calling: the Euro/Israelvision Song Contest live from Birmingham! Ben Gurion International  Angela Ripoff  Red 7
Night Seder: A Literary Exploration Into the Origins of the Amidah Elie Kaunfer  Red 8
Social work, a good job for a nice Jewish boy or girl? Naomi Soetendorp  Blue 34
Friends of Erik Weisz Sam Severijnse  Green 25
From bourekas to Oscars Sigalit Freeman  Green 26
The fire and the flesh: God, the body, and limitation Eliot Cohen  Orange 10
An easy introduction to Gematria Ruti Roche  Red 1
Why do we pray? Sam Blustin  Red 2
Kapos arrive in Israel Gabriel Kanter-Webber  Red 3
Divine contractions: giving birth to a dream Samuel Lebens  Yellow 21
Jewish origami for big people Shira Solomons  Yellow 22
Red and Boiling + Q&A Noga Yechieli Wind  Yellow 24
Midnight pub quiz Social Programming  Purple 29
Midnight Chavruta - Israel @ 70 - Independence (2 of 3) Limmud Chavruta Team  Red 8