Limmud Festival 2018 - Presenters

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Presenters: K

Roi Kahlon

Roi works for the Israel Ministry of finance. He is a CPA and has a BA and MA in Economics from Ben Gurion University, and lectured at the university. He served as a combat sordier in a special unit in the IDF for three years. Roi is married to Rotem and a father to Omer.

Monday 09:10
Monday 09:10 The Israeli economy: are there two different economies?

Keith Kahn-Harris

Keith Kahn-Harris is a sociologist and writer. He is a senior lecturer at Leo Baeck College and runs the European Jewish Research Archive at the Institute for Jewish Policy Research. His most recent book is 'Denial: The Unspeakable Truth.'

Wednesday 09:10
Wednesday 09:10 Holocaust denial in the post-truth era
Wednesday 12:00
Wednesday 12:00 Debate: This house believes that the Jewish left corrupts Judaism and endangers Israel
Wednesday 16:00
Wednesday 16:00 Letters Live at Limmud with Clive Lawton and friends

Lior Kaminetsky

Lior is Rabbi of Birmingham's United Central Synagogue and an internationally-acclaimed violinist. He holds a doctorate of Musical Arts from USC & Rabbinic Semicha from OTS. He occupies a unique niche, combining Judaism and Music. He has released 2 albums: "From Bach to Carlebach" 2017 and "Mediteranean Klezmer" 2006

Sunday 13:20
Sunday 13:20 Is there any point in having a Jewish school without Jews?
Sunday 19:10
Sunday 19:10 Keeping The Flame Alive - Documentary film, Premiere!
Wednesday 19:10
Wednesday 19:10 From survival mode to a leadership mode!

Elliott Karstadt

Elliott is a fourth-year student rabbi at Leo Baeck College in London. He serves a number of different communities across the Liberal and Reform movements, and particularly enjoys bringing Jewish texts to life with adults and teens in community settings.

Sunday 19:10
Sunday 19:10 Who was the Apiqoros?
Tuesday 20:30
Tuesday 20:30 Will we rise again? The question of bodily resurrection in the Talmud
Wednesday 21:50
Wednesday 21:50 Birkat Haminim

Ben Kasstan

Ben is a medical anthropologist at the University of Sussex, researching reproductive health and decision-making. In any spare time he is teaching on social justice at Brighton and Hove Progressive, supporting interfaith projects, and promoting sexual and reproductive health rights.

Monday 14:40
Monday 14:40 Haredi cultures of reproductive health in Israel and the UK

Elie Kaunfer

Elie Kaunfer is a rabbi and CEO of the Hadar Institute. He has worked as a journalist, banker, and corporate fraud investigator. A graduate of Harvard, he holds a doctorate in liturgy and is the author of Empowered Judaism: What Independent Minyanim Can Teach Us about Building Vibrant Jewish Communities.

Sunday 17:30
Sunday 17:30 The Mourner’s Kaddish – A New Interpretation
Monday 12:00
Monday 12:00 Resurrection revisited: a closer look at the second Blessing of the Amidah
Tuesday 22:00
Tuesday 22:00 Night Seder: A Literary Exploration Into the Origins of the Amidah
Wednesday 10:40
Wednesday 10:40 How can I pray what I don't believe? - A Case Study
Wednesday 13:20
Wednesday 13:20 Brave new world: are alternative communities reshaping the Jewish landscape?

Gordon Kay

Gordon has attended Limmud since 1998. A former Sussex Day Limmud co-chair, he is now part of a team aiming for a new Jewish school in Brighton and Hove. For work, he helps organisations tell their stories better and helps NHS patients to share their experiences to influence improvements in services.

Tuesday 20:30
Tuesday 20:30 Pesach top five or 'It's only a ruach 'n' roll seder... but I like it!"

Shelley Kedar

Shelley is the founding director of The Shlichut Institute, chaired by Natan Sharansky. Previously a Senior Shlichah -Director of Campus Shlichim and Hillel International’s first VP of Israel Education and Engagement. In 1999-2002, she was the educational shlichah to Liberal Judaism!

Monday 16:00
Monday 16:00 Selling values: how Israeli TV and online ads reflect what is really important for Israelis
Tuesday 13:20
Tuesday 13:20 Taking up the timbrel! Jewish women in the forefront of social organisations

Melanie Kelly

Melanie is Living Bridge Programme Manager for UJIA having previously worked in Jewish primary education for many years. In her spare time she is a compulsive knitter and newly learnt crochet nut.

Sunday 14:40
Sunday 14:40 Knit and natter
Monday 14:40
Monday 14:40 Knit and natter
Tuesday 10:40
Tuesday 10:40 Teacher Tell, Teacher Share
Tuesday 14:40
Tuesday 14:40 Knit and natter
Wednesday 14:40
Wednesday 14:40 Knit and natter

Maureen Kendal

Academic, film-maker, poet, multi media producer, visual effects, virtual realiity producer, Company director of Cybercare and DreamStudio. Maureen is also contributing author to ' Conquer the Web' published in 2018.

Tuesday 17:30
Tuesday 17:30 On being an avatar

Shay Kerem

Shay is Dana International's manager and a well-known and dominant figure and personality in the LGBT community in Israel and around the world.

Monday 12:00
Monday 12:00 Israel at 2019

Susie Kessler

Susie is the Director of Makom, the Center for Meditation and Spirituality at the Marlene Meyerson JCC in New York City and the Site Manager for the "What Matters: Caring Conversations about the End of Life" programme. She also co-teaches a “Wise Aging” course at the JCC.

Monday 16:00
Monday 16:00 It's never too early to start aging wisely! (1 of 2)
Tuesday 09:10
Tuesday 09:10 Everyday meditation
Tuesday 17:30
Tuesday 17:30 It's never too early to start aging wisely! (2 of 2)

Barry Kleinberg

Barry is an orthodox rabbi and teaching fellow at the London School of Jewish Studies. He currently trains osteopaths at two universities and has been practicing osteopathy for over 10 years. Before that he was a solicitor. He is about to start his PhD in Jewish philosophy.

Wednesday 14:40
Wednesday 14:40 Orthodoxy, what's in the name?
Wednesday 18:40
Wednesday 18:40 The Rav - Rav Soloveitchik on the State of Israel (1 of 2)
Wednesday 21:50
Wednesday 21:50 Universalism in Jewish thought?
Thursday 09:20
Thursday 09:20 The Rav - Rav Soloveitchik on interfaith issues (2 of 2)

Sana Knaneh

Sana is Development Director of UK Friends of the Bereaved Families Forum and passionate about peace-building in the Middle East. Sana is a Palestinian citizen of Israel, has an MA in International Relations from the Hebrew University and MSc from LSE in International Strategy and Diplomacy.

Tuesday 14:40
Tuesday 14:40 Two Sided Story: An Israeli/Palestinian Film
Wednesday 13:30
Wednesday 13:30 Film screening: A Land Without Borders + Panel Discussion
Wednesday 19:10
Wednesday 19:10 Peace-building in Israel and Palestine: what's new?

Roman Kogan

Roman is executive director of Limmud FSU. A graduate of Hebrew University’s department of International Relations and Journalism, Roman was a press attaché in the Knesset, and a shaliach of the Jewish Agency in St. Petersburg and in the Baltic states.

Tuesday 09:10
Tuesday 09:10 The continuing journey of Russian speaking Jewry

Tomi Komoly

Tomi was born in Budapest in 1936. He left Budapest in 1956 during the uprising and moved to the UK, where he studied and graduated. He then worked as a project manager in Europe and Asia, and as a design consultant. He lives in England, and has two daughters and seven grandchildren. Tomi often visits Hungary to keep in touch with events.

Tuesday 17:30
Tuesday 17:30 A Hungarian Experience - Living Under Fascism and Communism

Lev Konstantinovskiy

Lev is an artificial intelligence engineer making computers understand human language. He has been writing algorithms for checking political facts at Full Fact. He is a long-time Russian Limmudnik based in London after a couple of years of digital nomading with a laptop and a backpack.

Sunday 20:30
Sunday 20:30 Fighting Misinformation with Artificial Intelligence
Wednesday 08:00
Wednesday 08:00 Astanga Yoga

Jessica Kosmin

Jessica is an independent communications consultant living in Israel. She provides communications and public speaking training to companies and Jewish organizations in Israel and the US. She has an MA in Government and a BA in Ancient and Medieval History.

Tuesday 12:00
Tuesday 12:00 The personal is political - everyday lives of women in Israel/Palestine
Tuesday 20:30
Tuesday 20:30 Advocating for Israel on Facebook - Best Practices

David Krantz

David Krantz leads Aytzim (Jewcology, Green Zionist Alliance, EcoJews, and Rabbis and Cantors for the Earth) and serves on the boards of the American Zionist Movement and Interfaith Moral Action on Climate. He’s also a National Science Foundation fellow at Arizona State’s School of Sustainability.

Saturday 11:45
Saturday 11:45 What can we do to save the environment as a Jewish community?
Monday 17:30
Monday 17:30 Gefiltefest: Pickle and sauerkraut making: fun with (lacto)fermentation
Tuesday 20:30
Tuesday 20:30 Eco-Zionism, Diaspora politics and Israel’s shadow government: how you can make a difference
Wednesday 18:40
Wednesday 18:40 A tree of life: mapping the growth of the Jewish-environmental movement

Jacob Kraus

Jacob Spike Kraus is a 27 year old songwriter based in NYC, where he is the music teacher for Beit Rabban Day School. He has been song leading for over a decade; his music has been included in the cantorial curriculum of Hebrew Union College, and featured on Jewish Rock Radio and PJ Library.

Saturday 20:15
Saturday 20:15 Jewish songwriting: l'chadesh - making the old new
Sunday 20:30
Sunday 20:30 Jacob Spike Kraus concert
Tuesday 10:40
Tuesday 10:40 The spirituality of secular music
Wednesday 16:00
Wednesday 16:00 New Jewish Voices: Concert & Conversation

Itamar Kremer

Itamar Kremer is director of the Koret International School for Jewish Peoplehood Studies at The Museum of the Jewish People at Beit Hatfutsot. He is a former aliyah shaliach in NYC, school principal in the Arava and field officer it the IDF

Sunday 09:10
Sunday 09:10 The Jewish Lens - Photograph Yourself Jewishly!
Monday 17:30
Monday 17:30 Cultural competence as part of bridge building in Israeli society - the museum example
Tuesday 20:30
Tuesday 20:30 Repairing Jewish Dialogue

Ilana Kurshan

Ilana Kurshan is the author of If All the Seas Were Ink (St. Martin's Press). She teaches Talmud at the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem and works as the Books Editor of Lilith Magazine.

Sunday 18:40
Sunday 18:40 If All the Seas Were Ink
Monday 12:00
Monday 12:00 Limmud in the Third Century
Tuesday 16:00
Tuesday 16:00 Forgetting the Torah We Learn
Wednesday 10:40
Wednesday 10:40 Juliet's Balcony
Wednesday 13:20
Wednesday 13:20 The Talmud in poetry and art (Daf Yomi - Chullin 29)

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