Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Tuesday 20:30

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Advocating for Israel on Facebook - Best Practices

Jessica Kosmin 

Red 4

In this interactive workshop, you will learn how and when it is appropriate to advocate for Israel on Facebook. We will discuss the role of Facebook in political advocacy today and how to safely and positively engage with strangers online. Please come with your smartphone and an active Facebook account.

Are Synagogues Yesterday’s Institutions?

Jack Wertheimer 

Orange 14

To hear some observers of Jewish life, one would think that synagogues are finished — at least for non-Orthodox Jews. This talk will examine why synagogues have a bad reputation among some, and what they have been doing to change perceptions. What, indeed, is happening in synagogues today? Actually, a lot.

A young Jew in the American Civil Rights Movement: a personal story from 1965-66

Peter Geffen 

Red 1

The critical role of young volunteers (a very large percentage of them Jews) will be explored along with the impact of the unique relationship forged between Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel and Rev. Martin Luther King in building and executing the agenda of the American civil rights movement. Peter's participation was made possible with generous support from The Covenant Foundation.

 Civil Rights background materials for limmud18.pdf  KING photo backgrpound.pdf

Catherine MacKinnon and Carol Gilligan Walk into the Beit Midrash

Avital Hochstein 

Red 3

How would the great feminist thinkers read Jewish texts? What would Kate Millett have thought of Ben Sorer uMoreh (the wild and unruly child)? Join me as we think through some feminist approachs to Jewish texts.

Dana International in performance

Dana International 

Yellow 24

20 years ago, Dana International graced a stage in Birmingham for Eurovision, and did the unthinkable - she won. 20 years on, Dana returns from Israel to Limmud in Birmingham where she will be with us to talk, sing and celebrate.

Eco-Zionism, Diaspora politics and Israel’s shadow government: how you can make a difference

David Krantz 

Orange 15

Discover the shadow government that most Israelis don’t even know about. And learn how you can have an impact in Israel beyond donations and advocacy. Herzl’s vision for Israel may be different than you think.

From Frankfurt to Los Angeles: the lost and found Rothschild Chumash

Eva Frojmovic 

Green 27

This year, the Getty museum announced its acquisition of their first illuminated Hebrew manuscript: the Rothschild Pentateuch (dated 1296). This illustrated talk will introduce to this breathtaking work of art, but also retrace some of its difficult history over the last century.

Jacob's Sheep!

Peter Sevitt 

Red 2

My life began 2800 years ago in biblical times. I am a special type of sheep, with horns. I am freckled and have soft white wool with brown or black spots all over me. Come, see and hear my life story and travel experiences.

Jerusalem Startups: The Wave on the Horizon is Growing

Mark Goldfarb 

Blue 34

With financial incentives coming from the city, the new train and the community of Jerusalemites who simply want to work near home, we are seeing a plethora of hubs, incubators and supporting services triggering Startup growth. Mark speaks about the experience of being part of this pioneering wave, opening and maintaining a startup in Jerusalem.

L'chatchila and Bedi'avad in the Laws of Shabbat

Jeremy Conway 

Green 26

An in depth look at the concepts of l'chatchila and bedi'avad in relation to Hilchot Shabbat, with examples. The session will be text based and will overlap with my other session. Numbers will be limited.

 L'chatchila and b'diavad.pdf  Additional handout - Fundamental concepts.pdf

Party all the time!

Aaron Benderski 

Yellow 22

The Israeli society is divided into many groups, which allows great diversity in different services and institutions- banks, health insurance, labor unions and even sports teams- everything used to be party affiliated, going back in history we will try to understand how it affected Israel today.

Pesach top five or 'It's only a ruach 'n' roll seder... but I like it!"

Gordon Kay 

Red 6

Liven up your Seder with a selection of classic hits that reflect the themes of Pesach. We’ll hear the stories behind the songs, discuss references to Torah, and we get to sing them as well (lyrics are provided). Find out how Queen, Nina Simone and Fatboy Slim can bring new insights and suggest your own songs. No previous rock stardom required!

Repairing Jewish Dialogue

Itamar Kremer 

Orange 11

The workshop will deal with the study of past inner conflict within the Jewish people and various mediation methods we can use in order to build bridges between particularity and universal Judaism, liberalism and conservatism, as part as the new Tisch Center for Jewish Dialogue at the Museum of Jewish people at Beit Hatfutsot, Israel.

The future of Holocaust Education? Finding out more of our own family experience of the Shoah.

Andrew Gilbert 

Orange 13

A future with no Shoah survivors. How will future generations remember? I was told that as all our family were here by 1900 we were lucky. However online genealogy has found over 100 descendants of siblings of my grandparent's grandparents including hangings in Hamburg, Bielski partisans & Paris children. What about you? Can we all find links?

 A Jewish merchant family of Castrop Old Town.docx  Julius Poppert zl Harburg near Hamburg in 1942.docx  Meyer Weinberg_Markt Castrop Store.jpg  Rae & Ted Davis 001.jpg  Youngsters with Rae Davis 001 (1).jpg  Great Great grandfather Morris Davis.jpg  Morris & Betsy Davis Wedding Certificate.jpg  MozesDawidKRAYKE_b1836_Kalisz_Akt102.jpg  Zvi hirsch nochimowski and Liebe rochel niankowski Novogrodek 1935.jpg  Weinberg-Meyer 1813-1942.pdf  stolpersteineCastrop.jpg  Jeanine Nochimowski (serge klarsfeld).jpg  Jeannine and Nicole Nochimowski - Klarsfeld.docx  Stolpersteine Wiki.docx  AG genealogy session upload.docx

The Jews of Lebanon - an exceptional community

Nathan Peres 

Green 25

This session retraces the contemporary history of Lebanon’s Jews, the only Jewish community in the Arab world that grew in size after the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948. We will follow their tumultuous history for three decades during which the community tried unsuccessfully to not being drawn into the Arab-Israeli conflict engulfing the region.

Through the eyes of young Jewish women

Ella Rose  Dalia Fleming  Hannah Rose 

Orange 10

This session will analayse the challenges of being a young woman in the Jewish community. Constantly battling for their voices to be heard, these women will give an insight into the challenges they face and the future they're building.

What is Jewish philosophy?

Yehuda Efune 

Blue 33

With its roots in Classical Greece and propensity to question everything, philosophy seems an uncomfortable fit with religion that encourages obedience to the Law and belief in revealed Truth. What if anything is the role of philosophy within Judaism's religious tradition?

Will we rise again? The question of bodily resurrection in the Talmud

Elliott Karstadt 

Red 5

The resurrection of the dead is a key tenet of rabbinic Judaism. In this session, we will take a look at some of the Talmudic texts that deal with the question of resurrection, what it actually might involve, and how it might also be understood metaphorically.

The Wondrous Story of the Budapest Physicist Quartet

Ehud Landau 

Yellow 21

This is the wondrous story of four Jewish nuclear physicists and mathematicians who were born in Budapest between 1898-1908, emigrated first from the Horthy dictatorship in Hungary to Germany, and then, after Hitler’s rise to power, from Germany to the US, where they played key roles in the Manhattan Project that irreversibly changed the world.

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