Limmud Festival 2018
Saturday 22 December 2018

Morning news and brews! Wall Street Journal's Annika Hernroth-Rothstein Annika Hernroth-Rothstein  Social Programming  Shabbat Programming  Bar
Toys and chill in the Family Lounge Shabbat Programming  Yellow 21
Shabbat morning chanting circle Yael Roberts  Green 26
Shabbat Stroll Shabbat Programming  Hilton Lobby
The Breakfast Club Shabbat Programming  Purple 30
Shabbat morning chavruta Shabbat Programming  Red 8
Living on a prayer Katharine Crew  Rob Thompson  Jessica Spencer  Blue 33
Justice, mercy, and kindness in the liturgical poetry of Rosh Hashana Moshe Szyf  Green 25
Preferring sages to prophets: interpretation as revelation Laynie Soloman  Orange 11
How an economist makes a motzi Russ Roberts  Orange 12
Keep Today’s Segregated Kotel Architecture: Change My Mind David Benkof  Orange 13
Experiencing Jewish history beyond the pogrom: Kivunim's international education perspective Peter Geffen  Orange 14
How a Christian school built 3 Sukkahs and other stories Zvi Solomons  Red 2
What can we do to save the environment as a Jewish community? Frauke Ohnholz  David Krantz  Yonatan Neril  Red 3
Some Mishnayot that used to trouble me as a woman and a feminist Luz Toff  Red 4
Young Philosophers (ages 8-12) Ben Winton  Yellow 21
A magical journey for Shabbat Caroline Hagard  Yellow 22
Every life tells a story Janet Berenson  Green 25
Jewish mentalities towards mental health David-Yehuda Stern  Green 27
The challenge of Jewish media Yoni Goldstein  Orange 11
Blue like me: - documentary film and q&a Siona Benjamin  Red 2
Forty years of love in the desert Vered Hollander Goldfarb  Red 4
Layla Tov Time Shabbat Programming  Yellow 21
Benefit of Doubt Game Show Batsheva Frankel  Yellow 22
That old time religion: the Yom Kippur sacrifice Stuart Lewis  Green 26
Neil Simon – A Celebration of his life and work Irene Wise  Orange 13
Morocco and her Jews: a story of grandeur and surprise Peter Geffen  Red 1
Ultra-Orthodox LGBTQ youth and the art of guerrilla marketing Rachael Fried  Red 3
Judge a book by its cover Uri Berkowitz  Red 5
Play writing in the spirit of talmud Tirtsa Posklinsky Shehory  Blue 33
Finding Relly - my family, the Holocaust, and me Rosemary Schonfeld  Orange 11
Jewish songwriting: l'chadesh - making the old new Jacob Kraus  Orange 12
Brighton Beach Memoirs (1986), Introduced by Irene Wise Irene Wise  Orange 13
Alenu L’Shabeach and Imagine – In Memory of Maureen Daniel Goldfarb  Orange 14
Bag Packing Party Shabbat Programming  Purple 31
Inclusion and Exclusion: Being LGBT+ on Shabbat Arya Marvazy  Gabi Markham  Laynie Soloman  Oli Davidson  Mike Moskowitz  Red 1
Perspectives from Parliament: 24 years into South African Democracy Chaya Singer  Red 2
Daniel Cainer: More Gefilte Fish and Chips Daniel Cainer  Red 6
Rescue Mission: Inside the race to save Jewish heritage in the Middle East and North Africa Jason Guberman  Blue 33
Taharah – a journey of body and soul Holly Blue Hawkins  Orange 12
You say Reform, I say Orthodox, let's call the whole thing off Gary Somers  Debbie Young-Somers  Red 4
Acoustic Cafe David Hoffman  Red 5
Havdalalala Disco Shabbat Programming  Red 7
Late Night Chavruta Shabbat Programming  Red 8