Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Saturday 19:00

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That old time religion: the Yom Kippur sacrifice

Stuart Lewis 

Green 26

Leviticus XVI is one of the strangest chapters in the Torah. Who, or what, is this mysterious creature Azazel? Based on material from various sources, we will look at what the ceremony might have meant to our ancestors, and what it means to us today.

Judge a book by its cover

Uri Berkowitz 

Red 5

We all do. Looking at the design of 20 years of Limmud's chavruta book covers (with me the designer). Let's explore ideas through visuals and text. Design a cover of your own to express the theme as you see it.

Ultra-Orthodox LGBTQ youth and the art of guerrilla marketing

Rachael Fried 

Red 3

The JQY Drop-in Centre is a life-saving resource for LGBTQ youth from Orthodox homes. But how do you advertise this in a religious community that doesn’t have internet access? This session will examine the guerrilla marketing strategies that JQY employs to reach at-risk teens and brainstorm new ideas using systems thinking and human-centred design.

Neil Simon – A Celebration of his life and work

Irene Wise 

Orange 13

Neil Simon died recently, aged 91. His plays can be wildly funny, while often exploring dark or painful themes. This interactive session discusses Neil Simon’s life and work with images, text extracts and some very funny, poignant film clips. A full screening of his most autobiographical movie “Brighton Beach Memoirs”, will follow the talk.

Morocco and her Jews: a story of grandeur and surprise

Peter Geffen 

Red 1

Morocco's Jewish history is one of the most glorious and yet unknown in the Jewish world. We will read one of the most powerful statements ever written about the Shoah - authored by King Mohammed VI. Session will include primary sources including the history of the creation of the first Holocaust Conference in the Arab World in 2011. Peter's participation was made possible with generous support from The Covenant Foundation.

 Royal Message Dec 20 2015 to KIVUNIM.pdf  ROYAL MESSAGE english.pdf  Distinctive Mission for Muslims’ Conference: Remembering the Holocaust - The New York Times.pdf  The Royal Speech to Moroccan Diaspora.pdf

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