Limmud Festival 2018
Wednesday 26 December 2018

Morning news and brews! With Canadian Jewish News' Yoni Goldstein Yoni Goldstein  Social Programming  Bar
V'yarutz v'yomer: and he ran and he talked, or "run and chat" (3 of 4) Abigail Morris  Hilton Lobby
Walking club Social Programming  Hilton Lobby
Astanga Yoga Lev Konstantinovskiy  Yellow 21
Improving the world, together Ariel Cohen  Georgina Bye  Blue 33
Writing stories - it's simple, see! Alexander Bodin Saphir  Blue 34
Social justice in a globalised world – doing it right Tal Cohen  Green 25
Is the Other to be feared, made more like me/us, or simply welcomed? How Jewish ethics can inform how we think about contemporary problems Stephen Innes  Green 26
IBM and Ford - American big businesses and the Holocaust (1 of 2) Mark Creeger  Green 27
Can we really quit plastic and does Judaism care? Debbie Young-Somers  Orange 10
Israel and the Information Age: How to Win in the Battleground of Ideas Dovid Efune  Orange 11
HaTikva and Jerusalem of Gold: A Two-National-Anthem Solution? Eli Gaventa  Orange 12
Dealing with a difficult case of Get refusal Joanne Greenaway  Orange 13
Gaza strip and its challenges Omer Drori  Orange 14
Jews telling Christians what to believe - then and now Martine Therese Andrevon Gottstein  Orange 15
Israel AIDS Task Force - Bringing sexual health to the forefront of Israeli society Saar Maoz  Red 1
Providing a Kad Shemen for Jewish life - dance as food for the soul Maurice Stone  Red 3
Two Breslau Jews Henry Cohn  Red 4
The weekday amidah as a guided meditation Naomi Goldman  Red 5
The UK experience of rTMS-COG in Alzheimer's disease Daniel Allen  Red 7
The Binding of Sarah Haim Ovadia  Yellow 23
Holocaust denial in the post-truth era Keith Kahn-Harris  Yellow 24
Morning Seder (Advanced) - Pesach (3 of 4) Eliot Cohen  Ian Gamse  Red 8
Morning Seder (Intermediate): the day and night versions of Talmudic marriage (3 of 4) Zahavit Shalev  Avital Hochstein  Red 8
Morning Seder (Beginners) - Times to Pray: Traditionally Radical Talmud (3 of 4) Yael Roberts  Laynie Soloman  Red 9
Sexuality and sanctity: sex between women - a halakhic opening? (3 of 3) Rahel Berkovits  Yellow 22
Genealogy Consultation Drop-in Session Leigh Dworkin  Laurence Harris  Jeanette Rosenberg  Blue 32
Master your message, reach your goals Fleur Hassan Nahoum  Blue 33
The Piaseczna Rebbe’s Progressive Educational Vision Mark Gottlieb  Blue 34
Benjamin Franklin and the Musar movement Michael Shire  Green 25
Luther was an antisemite - What does that mean for us? Alon Goshen-Gottstein  Orange 10
Yoga and kabbalah (2 of 2) Michael Picardie  Orange 11
Life before the Holocaust: Portaits of character Jono David  Orange 12
Remember Baghdad Linda Berkowitz  Edwin Shuker  UK Jewish Film Festival  Orange 13
Juliet's Balcony Ilana Kurshan  Orange 14
When Jews Play Catholics for Jewish Audiences: Directing, Producing, and Theology Yael Valier  Orange 15
Creativity of creation: a Jewish perspective Judith Devons  Purple 29
Is Israel “a racist endeavour”? Noru Tsalic  Red 1
Portuguese citizenship for Sephardic Jews Ela Cenudioğlu  Red 2
Revisiting halacha: is vegetarian cheese kosher? Chaim Weiner  Red 3
Body image with a Jewish lens: a poetry writing workshop Caroline Rothstein  Red 4
Brain Death and Organ Donation in Halacha Anthony Warrens  Robby Berman  Red 5
Music and spirituality Chloe Pourmorady  Leilah Broukhim  Red 6
Intermarriage - good, bad or simply a reality? Michael Wise  Red 7
How can I pray what I don't believe? - A Case Study Elie Kaunfer  Yellow 23
Muslim Jewish relations in history: golden age or ghetto? Vivian Wineman  Yellow 24
Poo and the philosophy of excrement Samuel Lebens  Blue 33
The Middle East: a strategic overview Jonathan Spyer  Blue 34
Chair Yoga Estelle Eugene  Green 25
Sex and Judaism 101 Merissa Nathan Gerson  Orange 10
Translating the Bible: what do the words really mean? Adele Berlin  Orange 11
Freedom of choice, genetics and epigenetics Moshe Szyf  Orange 12
Steering clear from kabbalah Joseph Dweck  Orange 14
How can you be LGBT+ and Jewish in an orthodox community? Joseph Hyman  Dave Shaw  Rachael Fried  Mike Moskowitz  Shonna Levin  Orange 15
Debate: This house believes that the Jewish left corrupts Judaism and endangers Israel Tal Cohen  Eve Harow  Jonathan Neumann  Keith Kahn-Harris  Simon Gordon  Red 1
Jewish opera composers - Twentieth Century (2 of 2) David Farbey  Red 2
Practical approaches to combatting antisemetism: a South African case study Chaya Singer  Red 3
Can we live in a world without genetic disorders? How they impact the Jewish community and what we can do about it Bianca Sakol  Talia Glantz  Joel Rosenberg  Red 4
Modern loss Sherre Hirsch  Red 5
Startup Nation creates startups... but what does it get back? Mark Goldfarb  Red 6
Daughters of Israel in the East: Flora Sasson, a Mizrachi talmidat chachamim Angy Cohen  Red 7
How to write a play Stephen Laughton  Red 8
Our sweetest war (a hummus demo) Gil Hovav  Red 9
Arranging the coals and stoking the fire: whole hog barbecue and the true Jewish soul Jonah Geffen  Yellow 22
D’Fina: Jewish Treasures of Southern Morocco Jason Guberman  Blue 33
DIY choir: the joy of homemade music! Zöe Jacobs  Blue 34
From pride to protest: reflections on Israel at 70 David Bilchitz  Green 25
How big givers are transforming American Jewish philanthropy Jack Wertheimer  Orange 10
Brave new world: are alternative communities reshaping the Jewish landscape? Frederick Powell  Elie Kaunfer  Gabriela Pomeroy  Orange 11
The closing of the progressive mind: Jeremy Corbyn and Zionism Colin Shindler  Orange 12
Progressive Zionism in 2018: where do we go from here? Kenneth Bob  Orange 15
Better Know a Jewish Charity - Zionism! Ben Crowne  Red 1
Inside out: my Israeli Bedouin identity Jamal Alkirnawi  Red 2
Does religion spoil your sex life? Hadassah Fromson  Red 3
Charlotte Salomon: art and death, life or theatre? Irene Wise  Red 4
The Talmud in poetry and art (Daf Yomi - Chullin 29) Jacqueline Nicholls  Ilana Kurshan  Red 5
Mashav - The Israeli Agency for International Development Cooperation Christine Owinyi  Vivian Aisen  Red 6
But apart from Mel Brooks, Bette Midler, Larry David, Joan Rivers, Jerry Seinfeld, David Baddiel, Sarah Silverman, Sacha Baron Cohen, Jackie Mason and Mrs Maisel….what have the Jews ever Done For Comedy Benji Lovitt  Daphna Baram  Rachel Creeger  Raymond Simonson  Red 7
Limmud Book Club: The Dark Circle by Linda Grant (4 of 4) Shoshi Ish-Horowicz  Aviva Dautch  Red 9
Limmud leadership - is this for you? David Hoffman  Elements @ Festival Limmud  Yellow 21
Crying and dying Zahavit Shalev  Yellow 22
Film screening: A Land Without Borders + Panel Discussion Sana Knaneh  Ruvi Ziegler  Maya Ilany  Clive Sheldon  Orange 13
The Matrix and the Maharal: the new Jewish philosophy of Rav Shagar Miriam Feldmann Kaye  Orange 14
Prayer laboratory Naftali Moses  Red 8
Gender and clothing: concealing of expressing identity? Mike Moskowitz  Red 8
Knit and natter Social Programming  Melanie Kelly  Blue 32
Trump Station, Jerusalem: mind the gap! Liat Collins  Blue 33
The strange story of Christian Kabbalah Harry Freedman  Blue 34
Race in Judaism Zvi Solomons  Green 25
Roman Vishniac rediscovered Abigail Morris  Green 26
Einstein for the perplexed Andres Gomberoff  Green 27
Orthodoxy, what's in the name? Barry Kleinberg  Ezra Margulies  Orange 10
In conversation with Mala Tribich Richard Verber  _ March of the Living  Orange 11
Paul, the Torah, and Modern Judaism Joshua Garroway  Orange 12
Confidentiality, confession and cover-up in halacha Jeremy Lawrence  Orange 15
Marilyn Monroe and Judaism: The Seventy Faces of Torah David Levin-Kruss  Red 1
Queer Shulchan Aruch Shonna Levin  Red 2
Jewish Bloomsbury: the remarkable Isaac Rosenberg (3 of 3) Aviva Dautch  Red 3
At the crossroads of Sephardic, Mizrahi, and Russian-speaking: the Jewish communities of Central Asia and the Caucasus (pt. 2: Georgian and Mountain Jews) (2 of 2) Ruben Shimonov  Red 4
Coexist or separate? From Isaac and Ishmael to Jews and Muslims Today- Mahloket Matters! Daniel Roth  Red 5
Klezmer tunes learning session Emma Alter  Red 7
The original 10-point plan: Kabbalah as a pedagogical model of leadership Nicky Gluch  Red 9
Midrash and megillah painting workshop Siona Benjamin  Yellow 21
MEHITZA. Seen by women - A photographic essay Myriam Tangi  Yellow 22
Tea with Mala Richard Verber  _ March of the Living  Blue 32
Family game-changer Batsheva Frankel  Blue 33
Pop-Up podcast! Stephen Laughton  Yochai Maital  Blue 34
American Jews: How they attained their civil and political rights George Berlin  Green 25
Social judaism - what's that? Sasha Gold  Green 26
What 20 years in a Chevra Kadisha has taught me about living Holly Blue Hawkins  Green 27
Understanding Israeli politics - how do you run a country with 12 parties represented in the Parliament? Kenneth Bob  Orange 11
Water in Israel: source of life and conflict, from then to now Daniel Goldfarb  Orange 12
Who's Gonna Love me Now? UK Jewish Film Festival  Alexander Bodin Saphir  Saar Maoz  Orange 13
One in every minyan: navigating intersectionality in the Jewish world Elliot Jebreel  Yehudah Webster  Gabi Markham  Aviva Braun-Finkler  Hannah Brady  Orange 14
Letters Live at Limmud with Clive Lawton and friends Aviva Dautch  Raymond Simonson  Caroline Rothstein  Samuel Lebens  Keith Kahn-Harris  Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz  Arya Marvazy  Helena Miller  Benji Lovitt  Clive Lawton  Joseph Dweck  Sarah Pinch  Orange 15
The good hatred - how the political left became a hotbed of antisemitism Annika Hernroth-Rothstein  Red 1
Wrestling with divine and human beings Steve Miller  Red 2
No laughing matter - Holocaust and humour Yoni Berrous  Red 3
Save A Child’s Heart Vivian Aisen  Sarah Derriey  Red 4
Yerushalayim El-Kuds - from the heart of the conflict: dreaming the future of Jerusalem Mordechai Zeller  Ghassan Manasra  Red 5
New Jewish Voices: Concert & Conversation Jacob Kraus  Ellen Allard  Eliana Light  Red 6
The most international Jewish melody Chloe Pourmorady  Red 7
Limmud Chavruta Project - Israel @ 70 - Shelter and Unity (3 of 3) Limmud Chavruta Team  Red 9
Which music came first - synagogue or church? Jonathan Weissbart  Yellow 22
Oy what a day... Participant Care Programming  Blue 32
Prayer for atheists Tamra Wright  Blue 33
Elie Wiesel: An Extraordinary Life and Legacy Writings, Reflections, Photographs — Edited by Nadine Epstein, Foreword by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks and Afterword by Ted Koppel. Nadine Epstein  Blue 34
Humour in Jewish texts Zvi Solomons  Green 25
Jewish values and healthcare - can two walk together? Tamar Elram  Green 26
The music and myths of Yom Tov Simkhah Ehrlich Wojciech Tworek  Green 27
Israel70: Building Artistic Connections exhibition tour (2 of 3) Nic Abery  Hilton Lobby
Who was Jesus the Jew? Danny Rich  Ann Conway-Jones  Orange 10
The archaeology of Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls Jodi Magness  Orange 11
Tales from the field: teaching, camping and the Torah of life Shirah Hecht  Orange 12
Thanos, Noah and overpopulation: a Jewish reading of Marvel’s Infinity War Raphael Zarum  Orange 14
Is the Israeli government doing enough to promote peace with the Palestinians? Fleur Hassan Nahoum  Colin Shindler  Daphna Baram  Eve Harow  Liat Collins  Orange 15
Unsolved problems Clive Lawton  Red 1
“The Wellbeing of LGBT+ pupils: A Guide for Orthodox Jewish Schools” – how KeshetUK worked with Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis to create this guide and what is next? Benjamin Ellis  Alma Reisel  Dalia Fleming  Red 2
The importance of storytelling Marjorie Ingall  Red 3
Radical inclusivity & religious diversity: is it possible? Isaiah Rothstein  Red 4
Feldenkrais: finding better balance - freeing up the neck (4 of 4) Emma Alter  Red 5
Around the world in 7 tales Jake Berger  Max Naar  Lauren Gross  Hannah Gaventa  Joey Leskin  Georgina Bye  Red 6
More modern jive (2 of 2) Dan Mackenzie  Jonathan Hunter  Red 7
Singing free Ella Joy Meir  Mikhal Weiner  Yellow 22
PJ Library Storytime (4 of 4) Limmud Families Team  Families Lounge
The Rav - Rav Soloveitchik on the State of Israel (1 of 2) Barry Kleinberg  Blue 34
Human-centred design and your Jewish community Kevin Lieberman  Green 25
Lifting up our eyes to the hills - the Golan Heights and international law Jonathan Turner  Green 26
Graham Greene and the disappearing Jews Roderick Young  Green 27
Do Jews have a future in the UK? Marie van der Zyl  Orange 10
Jerome Robbins: Bridging Assimilation and Preserving an American Jewish Presence Stuart Hecht  Orange 14
Why I’m a Maimonides addict Joseph Dweck  Orange 15
Under attack: the defenders of Israel’s democracy Clive Sheldon  Rachel Rose  Liam Getreu  Anna Roiser  Red 1
Litvaks and Galitsianers: Relgious, cultural and linguistic differences Allan Nadler  Red 2
Sephardi Voices: first hand stories from MENA Jews Elliot Jebreel  Red 3
Drag 101 Noga Yechieli Wind  Red 7
A tree of life: mapping the growth of the Jewish-environmental movement David Krantz  Yellow 22
Peace-building in Israel and Palestine: what's new? Judith Elkan  Sana Knaneh  Blue 33
Theatre and antisemitism Stephen Laughton  Orange 11
From survival mode to a leadership mode! Lior Kaminetsky  Orange 12
Israeli society through the lens of cinema Eric Goldman  Orange 13
Limmud Beit Midrash Tisch Beit Midrash Chevrah  Purple 31
The spy next door Edwin Shuker  Red 4
Ideological trends in the Arab world and implications for Israel Sarah Feuer  Red 5
Why laughter is the best medicine? (2 of 2) Vanessa Abraham  Red 6
Not The Gala The Not The Gala Directorate  Orange 14
Limmud Festival Gala Yellow 23
Board game café Social Programming  Blue 32
Tragedy and inspiration: Miklos Radnoti, a Hungarian Jewish poet in the 20th Century Rachel Lazar  Blue 33
Baba Batra and the Communist Manifesto Samuel Lebens  Blue 34
Images of Jewish women Eva Frojmovic  Green 25
How Akiva could have changed 40 years of his life Sara Bucciarelli Zanardo  Green 27
Hidden identities in popular comics Miriam Libicki  Orange 10
Reconciliation with Canada’s Indigenous peoples: Jewish engagement and response Adam Moscoe  Orange 11
"All existence whispers to me is secret": the poetry of Rav Kook Itzchak Marmorstein (Even-Shayis)  Orange 12
Ally-Ship as Spiritual Practice Mike Moskowitz  Orange 13
A Kaddish for Bernie Madoff and Chavruta: A Drummer's Bat Mitzvah Alicia Jo Rabins  Orange 14
My great (and short) great grandfather, Eliezer Ben Yehuda, and the revival of the Hebrew language Gil Hovav  Orange 15
Hot off the press! New elections in Israel- what does it mean? Who are the players? What will the result be? Robin Moss  Annika Hernroth-Rothstein  Fleur Hassan Nahoum  David Newman  Kenneth Bob  Red 1
Birkat Haminim Elliott Karstadt  Red 2
Universalism in Jewish thought? Barry Kleinberg  Red 3
“But you’d be such a great mum…”: understanding the views of childfree women Sarah Bronzite  Red 4
All Spanish and Portuguese aboard! Brainstorm for international event David Cassuto  Red 5
Late Night Laughs at Limmud! Rachel Creeger  Daphna Baram  Benji Lovitt  Aaron Simmonds  Red 6
Strictly Limmud Dancing Celia Clyne  Daniel Sugarman  Jonathan Robinson  Rachel Rose  Sheila Gewolb  Ivor Jacobs  Hannah Rose  Maurice Stone  Yellow 24
The Rebbetzin's Disco Raymond Simonson  Jacqueline Nicholls  Red 7
Night Seder: Shabbat on a Desert Island Frederick Powell  Red 8
Late night sing along! House Band Programming  Red 6
Midnight Chavruta - Israel @ 70 - Shelter and Unity (3 of 3) Limmud Chavruta Team  Red 8