Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Wednesday 18:40

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A tree of life: mapping the growth of the Jewish-environmental movement

David Krantz 

Yellow 22

From pickle makers to bicyclists to farmers to environmental-policy wonks to Yiddishists, learn more about the nascent Jewish-environmental movement. What initiatives are working in the field? Where are they? What are their strengths and challenges? And how can you become involved?

Do Jews have a future in the UK?

Marie van der Zyl 

Orange 10

Are we facing an existential threat to our way of life in the UK?Antisemitism has been allowed to fester at the centre of our politics and we are seeing threats to our religious practices. Join the President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews Marie van der Zyl to discuss how we can face up to these challenges.

Drag 101

Noga Yechieli Wind 

Red 7

Conversation with Hasadick the drag king! Come learn everything you don’t know and WANT to know about drag. What is the cultural, political and historical meaning of this performance? How does Judaism intersect with drag? What is drag like in Israel? Participants are encouraged to be active in the discussion.

Graham Greene and the disappearing Jews

Roderick Young 

Green 27

Graham Greene published "Brighton Rock" in 1938 and "Gun for Sale" in 1939. The central villains were Jews, but most people don't know that, because after the war Jews vanished from all his reprinted books. Who made the changes? Why? In 1988 I wrote to Greene and asked him. Amazingly, he told me. Come and hear his answer and meet his lost Jews.

Human-centred design and your Jewish community

Kevin Lieberman 

Green 25

Is your Jewish community looking for new ways to reach potential community members? Looking to spice up an annual holiday programme that is always the same? Join us for this interactive, energetic session where we will learn how a human-centred design process can help you create new engaging programmes for your community.

Jerome Robbins: Bridging Assimilation and Preserving an American Jewish Presence

Stuart Hecht 

Orange 14

A giant of Broadway and dance. I will describe Robbins’ personal and professional life with an eye toward his Judaism, despite efforts to mask it. Most Robbins works (West Side Story, Gypsy, Fiddler on the Roof) featured the underside of society and ended badly, taking a more challenging view of the American experience.

Lifting up our eyes to the hills - the Golan Heights and international law

Jonathan Turner 

Green 26

The Bible records the conquest of the Golan by the children of Israel. However, most of the Golan was not included in the British Mandate for Palestine and became part of Syria. In this session, we will discuss the status of the Golan Heights under international law.

Litvaks and Galitsianers: Relgious, cultural and linguistic differences

Allan Nadler 

Red 2

The session will explore the multi-layered distinctions between the two legendarily competitive sub-groups of Eastern European, Yiddish speaking Jewry. In addition to discussing the famous feuds between Hasidim and Misnagim, we will delve into differences in demeanor, diet and dress, as well as each group's distinct dialect of Yiddish.

PJ Library Storytime (4 of 4)

Limmud Families Team 

Families Lounge

Come and join the Families team and PJ Library each evening in the Families Lounge for bedtime stories. Bring your own story or choose one from the PJ Lending Library at Limmud. Pyjamas and cuddly toys encouraged as we get ready for bed.

Sephardi Voices: first hand stories from MENA Jews

Elliot Jebreel 

Red 3

Over the latter half of the 20th century, c. 850,000 Jews were expelled and left their homes across the Middle East and North Africa – sizeable Jewish populations in countries such as Syria, Egypt, Iran, and Iraq all but disappeared. Come watch a selection of stories from our archive and discuss how we continue to preserve this important heritage.

The Rav - Rav Soloveitchik on the State of Israel (1 of 2)

Barry Kleinberg 

Blue 34

What was Rav Soloveitchik's position in relation to the State of Israel? We will look at key passages in his work 'Kol dodi dofek' (Listen, My Beloved Knocks) and try to understand why the Rav never went to live in Israel.

Under attack: the defenders of Israel’s democracy

Clive Sheldon  Rachel Rose  Liam Getreu  Anna Roiser 

Red 1

This year has seen increasing attacks by Netanyahu on those working to defend Israel’s democracy, including the press, the courts and Israel’s vibrant civil society – not least the New Israel Fund. In the context of the democratic slippage underway in Israel we’ll look at the role of Israel’s progressive civil society & what’s behind these attacks.

Why I’m a Maimonides addict

Joseph Dweck 

Orange 15

My vote for the most important rabbinic voice in Jewish history.

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