Limmud Festival 2018
Sunday 23 December 2018

Morning news and brews! Times of Israel's Noru Tsalic Noru Tsalic  Social Programming  Bar
Breathing into imagination Susan Chalom  Red 6
The Jewish Lens - Photograph Yourself Jewishly! Itamar Kremer  Red 7
Do Jews do karma? Reincarnation in Jewish thought (1 of 2) Philippa Gamse  Blue 33
Who were the Jewish suffragettes? Joely Axelrod  Blue 34
A Jewish architectural fantasy Leon Fenster  Green 25
Points of view from Israeli teens The Leo Baeck Education Center Haifa  Oded Mazor  Orange 10
Jewish country houses in England Marcus Roberts  Orange 11
Bring the wisdom of kabbalah into your life (1 of 3) Janet Berenson  Orange 12
The Jewish side of Adam Smith Russ Roberts  Orange 13
Beyond the silver screen: the invention of Hedy Lamarr Shoshi Ish-Horowicz  Red 2
Bereshit - the creation of the internet Brian Teeman  Red 3
Out of the Blue Anne Clark  Red 4
Tikun olam, Latin American style Alan Grabinsky  Red 5
Solving complex problems using a systems thinking approach Beverly Shrand  Blue 33
I worked with rural women in Nepal and all I got was a new perspective on life Tal Cohen  Blue 34
'A Woman of Genius': the six lives of Anna Marie Jokl Noëmi Holtz  Green 25
Passport to Jewish History: An Interactive Tour of the Diarna Geo-Museum Jason Guberman  Orange 10
Wine and cheese Nahum Twersky  Orange 11
The good and the bad of the social media. And what Judaism has to say about this. Andrea Zanardo  Orange 12
Retirement at 120? It is still Difficult: Moshe’s last day. Vered Hollander Goldfarb  Orange 13
JW3's Arts Salon - Refugees Sammy Patterson  Jacqueline Nicholls  Mekella Broomberg  Orange 14
The West Bank Hannah Weisfeld  Orange 15
Creating community: strengthening our global Jewish family Eli Ovits  Red 1
The Hebrew Bible in Early American Culture George Berlin  Red 2
Dealing with difficult volunteers Miriam Edelman  Red 3
Responding to Middle Eastern populism through direct contact Irina Tsukerman  Red 4
Finding Relly - using the book 'Finding Relly' to raise awareness about the Holocaust's contemporary relevance. Rosemary Schonfeld  Red 5
Making friends with your mind: how to win confidence and influence yourself for good Penelope Toff  Red 6
Inking the unthinkable: a very different comics workshop Miriam Libicki  Red 9
Parashat Vayechi - A Comparison of the Masoretic and Samaritan Texts Geoffrey Ben-Nathan  Yellow 22
The Limmud app - a user's guide Participant Care Programming  Bar
Inside the Ancient Hebrew Kitchen Angela Donen  Blue 33
Herzl’s Legacy Mordechai Friedman  Blue 34
Jew-Ish: Figuring out where religion fits in a modern lifestyle Jared Peysner  Green 25
Parenting perspectives: casting roles Hadassah Fromson  Sam Fromson  Orange 10
Pointless? (Hebrew Dots for Dummies) (1 of 2) Paul Freedman  Orange 11
The Entrepreneur's Dance: Giving and Taking Mark Goldfarb  Orange 12
Wes Streeting in conversation with Andrew Gilbert Wes Streeting MP  Andrew Gilbert  Orange 15
Limmud May Have Saved My Life... Ellen Flax  Purple 31
The fiddle - factual account of a violin's journey from Russia in 1917 through the Holocaust Natalie Cumming  Red 1
The book of Esther as comedy Adele Berlin  Red 2
Ezra’s legacy in the 21st Century and in antiquity Charlotte Hempel  Red 3
Believing in a God that doesn’t believe in me (on being gay and orthodox) Shonna Levin  Red 4
A short course in creativity - how creativity boosts mental health and wellbeing (1 of 3) Marvin Shaw  Red 6
Limmud Book Club: The Weight of Ink by Rachel Kadish (1 of 4) Shoshi Ish-Horowicz  Aviva Dautch  Red 9
Inherited trauma 101 Merissa Nathan Gerson  Yellow 21
Shabbat Musaf - The whole Shebang (1 of 3) Rebecca Blumenfeld  Yellow 22
Is there any point in having a Jewish school without Jews? Tracy Tharissa Maria Pater  Tirhas Woldai  Zakir Uddin  Lior Kaminetsky  Yellow 23
Winter Hunt Linda Berkowitz  UK Jewish Film Festival  Orange 13
The David Hillman stained glass windows David Newman  Red 7
A tzadik walks into Mitzrayim: Elimelech of Lizhensk on Parshat Sh'mot Yael Roberts  Red 8
Sodom and Gamorah revisited Lev Taylor  Red 8
A critical academic approach to Talmud (Daf Yomi - Chullin 26) Haim Ovadia  Red 8
Knit and natter Melanie Kelly  Social Programming  Blue 32
What Jews talk about when Jews talk about love Michael Mocatta  Blue 33
Prague meets Middlesex David Maxa  Aaron Goldstein  Green 25
What are we doing when we pray? A (more) rational interpretation of liturgy Ben Winton  Green 27
Site Sat Nav Participant Care Programming  Hilton Lobby
The future of the Jewish community Jonathan Goldstein  Orange 10
From the Oval Office to Cicely, Alaska: Jewish themes in ‘The West Wing’ and ‘Northern Exposure’ Tamra Wright  Orange 12
Can the market ever be moral? Daniel Anderson  Orange 14
The rise of populism in Europe: How bad is it for Jews? Gary Mond  Simon Gordon  Gil Troy  Gabriela Pomeroy  Annika Hernroth-Rothstein  Philip Rosenberg  Orange 15
From the Byrds to the Beatles: Using secular music to illuminate liturgy. Zöe Jacobs  Purple 31
Revisiting halacha: public transport on Shabbat Chaim Weiner  Red 1
Echoes of Contempt - a history of Judeophobia and the Christian Church Bruce Thompson  Red 2
You can't succeed on Broadway if you don't have any Jews Harry Lampert  Red 3
Good questions are the answer: the lenses of questioning technique for educators Batsheva Frankel  Red 4
Feldenkrais: finding better balance - the feet (1 of 4) Emma Alter  Red 5
Get out of your head and into your body Vanessa Abraham  Red 6
Where in the world are all the Jews? Joey Leskin  Yellow 22
Housing need in the Jewish community? Really? Suzanne Wolfe  Micah Gold  Blue 33
Rhythm 'n' Ruach: drumming and singing for kids and grownups Ellen Allard  Blue 34
My father's secret life Roderick Young  Green 25
Jew-niversity application tips Sassy  Green 26
Genetics is #FakeNews Ben Lewis  Green 27
Sleep: how do we achieve it & what does the Torah have to say about it? Jane Ansell  Orange 10
Unanswered Prayers Dan Reisel  Orange 11
Understanding, and wrestling with, ashkenormativity Ruben Shimonov  Orange 12
JW3's Misogynist Film Club; #MeToo Sammy Patterson  Mekella Broomberg  Jacqueline Nicholls  Orange 13
Israel's "Nation State" Law: the end of democracy? Noru Tsalic  Orange 14
Exodus: the ultimate war of good vs. evil Raphael Zarum  Orange 15
Jewish origami for kids Shira Solomons  Purple 31
Corbyn’s Labour and the American Democratic Party on Israel and the Jewish Community Ella Rose  Jonathan Goldstein  Kenneth Bob  Andrew Gilbert  Red 1
Are most kosher animal products ethical? Views of an Orthodox vegan rabbi Yonatan Neril  Red 2
Three faiths make the news Lev Taylor  Monawar Hussain  Michael Hilton  Red 3
The big no and the unforgotten: An artist's engagement with Holocaust theology Barbara Bell  Red 4
A journey out of ultra-orthodoxy and into the modern world - how can mentors help? Yakov Ashkenazi  Howard Feldman  Linda Turner  Red 5
Free Will, Free Choice: Do We Have It? Lewis Warshauer  Red 7
Two Roots - Two Routes: The Experiences and Perceptions of Two German Families (1902-1945) Ernie Hunter  Yellow 22
Jews who tic (1 of 2) Nikki Barnett  Genna Barnett  Blue 33
LGBTQ+ Inclusion training 101 Arya Marvazy  Blue 34
The history and mystery behind B'Mitzvah Michael Hilton  Green 25
Talking about health and mental health: 'I don't want to worry you' (1 of 2) Yoav Landau-Pope  Green 26
Big in Property in Babylonia Mark Goldsmith  Green 27
The Mourner’s Kaddish – A New Interpretation Elie Kaunfer  Orange 10
Three bestselling short histories of the world and humankind by three Jewish authors: Moses, Ernst Gombrich and Yuval Noah Harari Yitzach von Schweitzer  Orange 11
30 years of activism to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic Saar Maoz  Orange 12
The Wolf of Baghdad - a memoir of a lost homeland Edwin Shuker  Carol Isaacs  Orange 13
Jewish women taking on the patriarchy Jacqueline Nicholls  Mekella Broomberg  Sarah Bronzite  Alma Reisel  Orange 14
“Let's call the whole thing off!" When Israel programming at Limmud descends into chaos (and how to avoid it) Liam Getreu  Orange 15
Shocking data from college campuses! (What works in engaging Jewish students) Adam Lehman  Purple 31
How to talk about Israel - Advocacy in your local community Harry Goldstein  Red 2
Prejudicial and grossly detrimental behaviour: Scratching beneath the surface of the Labour Party’s antisemitism nightmare Peter Mason  Red 3
The Jews of Africa: A photographic journey Jono David  Red 4
"Curb your confusion": cultural differences through Larry David Benji Lovitt  Red 5
Leonard Bernstein at 100: the man, the music, and his Judaism Adam Moscoe  Red 6
An introduction to modern jive (1 of 2) Dan Mackenzie  Jonathan Hunter  Red 7
Beit Midrash kickoff session: Night and Day Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz  Red 8
The Israeli Constitution and the Nation-State Basic Law – a beginner’s guide: 1948-1992 (1 of 3) Robin Moss  Yellow 21
The life and death of Primo Levi Ian Vellins  Yellow 22
Soul Jump! - Animated band live show Martyn Niman  Yellow 24
PJ Library Storytime (1 of 4) Limmud Families Team  Families Lounge
Shevet Dinah Podcast Launch Hadassah Fromson  Isabel Bard  Laynie Soloman  Noa Gendler  Blue 34
The Medieval Jewish heritage of England in 50 objects Marcus Roberts  Green 25
Wes Streeting of Ilford North - it used to be quite Jewish Daniel Carmel-Brown  Adrian Cohen  Marie van der Zyl  Wes Streeting MP  Jonathan Goldstein  Orange 15
What is the role of religion in the lives of American Jews? Jack Wertheimer  Purple 31
Job inside out Ian Gamse  Red 2
Make friends - Jewish and interfaith perspectives on friendship Mohinder Ahluwalia  Ibrahim Mogra  David Ford  Alon Goshen-Gottstein  Red 5
A Zionist salon, Limmud style Gil Troy  Red 6
Rikud chadash - youth dance Maurice Stone  Sheila Eizensharf  Red 7
If All the Seas Were Ink Ilana Kurshan  Yellow 21
Blue Like Me: The Art of Siona Benjamin - documentary film and art project Siona Benjamin  Yellow 22
Off the Derech Dolorosa: a (Very Jewish) comedy about a Catholic school teacher – excerpts and discussion from Theatre & Theology’s production Yael Valier  Yellow 24
Why UK drug laws are a danger to everyone Daniel Shine  Blue 33
The Art of Maurice Sendak: an American in Limboland Irene Wise  Green 26
Who was the Apiqoros? Elliott Karstadt  Green 27
Sister, brothers, settlers and others - Jewish life from Israel to Irkutsk Annika Hernroth-Rothstein  Orange 10
Girls in Trouble curriculum: Vashti and the daughters of Tzelofchad Alicia Jo Rabins  Orange 12
Keeping The Flame Alive - Documentary film, Premiere! Katie-Marie Lynch  Caleb Jennings  Lior Kaminetsky  Orange 13
King Bibi and the Likud revolution Yigal Ravid  Orange 14
The Jewish Quarterly presents: Are progressive voices being crowded out in the Jewish community? David Bilchitz  Nina Morris-Evans  Philip Rosenberg  Alexander Bodin Saphir  Red 1
The economics of forgiveness Russ Roberts  Red 4
Two Jewish Boys Write a Catholic Mass Stuart Lewis  Blue 33
Getting networking to work Claire Straus  Blue 34
Eat healthy, feel younger: is age an attitude of mind? Jacqueline Lewis  Green 25
IHRA in the style of Talmud Gabriel Kanter-Webber  Green 26
Explore the mystery between the lines: creative writing through Biblical stories and Talmudic tales (1 of 2) Mei-Tal Shabtai  Green 27
Never too old for friendship (for 65+) Social Programming  Orange 10
Syncing up the Jewish world with Jcal Jake Welford  Orange 11
Mirror, Mirror… Rebbe Nachman and the aesthetics of the real Naftali Moses  Orange 12
Programming Limmud events Robert Owen  Orange 14
Celebrating Maureen at Limmud Abigail Morris  Helena Miller  Richard Verber  Tamra Wright  Dan Reisel  Steve Miller  Robin Moss  Raphael Zarum  Raymond Simonson  Miriam Feldmann Kaye  Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz  Clive Lawton  Aviva Dautch  Ben Crowne  Orange 15
Sexuality and Sanctity: Consent in Sexual Relations (1 of 3) Rahel Berkovits  Purple 31
In conversation: Jon Lansman and Luke Akehurst Ella Rose  Luke Akehurst  Jon Lansman  Red 1
Introduction to mussar (1 of 3) Monique Mayer  Red 2
Fighting Misinformation with Artificial Intelligence Lev Konstantinovskiy  Red 3
Inside the mind of God: Plato and the rabbis Joshua Garroway  Red 4
Progressive Jews and women: loving the texts that hate us Shulamit Ambalu  Red 5
Israeli dance party Sheila Eizensharf  Maurice Stone  Red 7
Meet your Monsters! Rachael Fried  Yellow 22
Jacob Spike Kraus concert Jacob Kraus  Yellow 24
Board game café Social Programming  Blue 32
"It was they who made it famous" - who should have Jerusalem and why? Jonathan Turner  Blue 33
Meaning through music Hadassah Fromson  Sam Fromson  Blue 34
Milk, honey and sweet Mary Jane Yochai Maital  Green 27
Modernity and Sephardim: a different historical experience Angy Cohen  Orange 10
Empowering Israel's Bedouin Youth for a Better Shared Future Jamal Alkirnawi  Orange 11
The unbelievable story of Angela Merkel Eldad Beck  Orange 12
Pears Short Film Fund Winners Linda Berkowitz  UK Jewish Film Festival  Orange 13
The Holocaust and film - truth or distortion? Yoni Berrous  Orange 14
Permitting the forbidden - how Shabbetai Tzvi tore up the Talmud Harry Freedman  Red 1
How not to date: round 2 Social Programming  Joey Leskin  Red 2
What is Torah and what does it mean to you? Daniel Anderson  Red 3
Ancient synagogues in the Land of Israel Jodi Magness  Red 4
Does everyone have an equal opportunity to reach the Israeli academia? Rotem Cohen Kahlon  Red 5
Ceilidh time! Bianca Sakol  Gary Sakol  Red 7
Whose Hymen is it Anyway? Where Women’s “Shame” and Men’s “Honour “ Collide - A Feminist (Re)Reading of Deuteronomy 22:13-21 Kath Vardi  Yellow 21
Daniel Cainer: Even More Gefilte Fish and Chips Daniel Cainer  Yellow 24
Exploring the Nazir Joseph Israel  Green 25
Night seder: halachic definition of night and day Haim Ovadia  Red 8
Fundamental Concepts in the Laws of Shabbat - An Exploration Jeremy Conway  Yellow 22
Sing Along with Dan Patterson and Simon Style Simon Style  Dan Patterson  Blue 34
Topless Men! The Jewish male body through Zionist art and writing. Josh Marks  Orange 12
Laviot Pub Quiz _ Laviot Programming  Oli Davidson  Gabi Markham  Purple 29
Seduction and Mehitza after #MeToo Myriam Tangi  Red 2
Kohelet: anatomy of futility? Yehuda Efune  Red 3
Deciphering Genesis, Chapter 1: an in-credible reading Jacobo Viskin  Red 4
Blues for Jews David Hoffman  Red 6
“What War Zone?” stand-up comedy from Israel Benji Lovitt  Red 7
Why Rachel died in child birth and other obstetrical insights and complications in Jewish history Tamar Elram  Yellow 21