Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Sunday 22:00

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Fundamental Concepts in the Laws of Shabbat - An Exploration

Jeremy Conway 

Yellow 22

We will take a look at the beginning of Chapter 318 of The Code of Jewish Law. We will discover that it is an extremely important chapter, which is about much more than the laws of cooking. The session is likely to be text based. No prior knowledge is assumed.

 Fundamental concepts in Hilchot Shabbat.pdf  Additional handout - Fundamental concepts.pdf

Exploring the Nazir

Joseph Israel 

Green 25

What is a Nazir? From the feral figure of Samson to the Magian queen who married her brother, the Nazirite has been a conflicted and complex construct though the ages. Hold on to your seats as we try to white-water-raft our way through the relevant biblical texts down to the murky lagoon of the Mishnah and the Talmud with all that lies beneath.

Night seder: halachic definition of night and day

Haim Ovadia 

Red 8

Why do we call watches "time pieces"? Is it an expression of a hidden wish to own a piece of time? Time was always revered and dreaded, and it is therefore not surprising that when time and Jewish Law crossed paths a halakhic volcano erupted, constantly providing new opinions about and means for measuring halakhic times. In this session we will try to understand what are the boundaries of night, day, and the twilight zone.

 Day and Night Limmud Festival 2018 Haim Ovadia.pdf

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