Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Sunday 21:50

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Ancient synagogues in the Land of Israel

Jodi Magness 

Red 4

In this slide-illustrated lecture, we discuss the origins of ancient synagogues and discuss their development until the Muslim conquest in the early seventh century. We examine various types of synagogue buildings and consider the pagan motifs that decorate some of them.

Board game café

Social Programming 

Blue 32

Monopoly, Rummikub, Scrabble, cards and more! Come enjoy Limmud's huge library of board games in Millers Café each evening.

Ceilidh time!

Bianca Sakol  Gary Sakol 

Red 7

A Ceilidh (Scottish dancing) is some of the best fun you can have! Come and learn a few of our favourite fast paced Scottish dances - it's very sociable and a great workout too. Scottish Jewish weddings will usually always have a ceilidh, so come and experience the fun at Limmud!

Daniel Cainer: Even More Gefilte Fish and Chips

Daniel Cainer 

Yellow 24

Smart, warm, funny, multi-award-winning Cainer is back again with his ever-evolving collection of stories-in-song. All the human condition is here, lovingly and intelligently depicted: brilliant rhyming and wordplay, great musicianship and haunting tunes you can’t forget. (‘Honest, edgy, touching and unpredictable’, The Jewish Week, New York)

Does everyone have an equal opportunity to reach the Israeli academia?

Rotem Cohen Kahlon 

Red 5

In Israel, only 9 percent of the academic staff are Mizrahim, and 90 percent are Ashkenazim. These percentages reflect gaps in education in Israel, gaps in access to higher education, and social awareness. I will deal with the education system that preserves these gaps until the academy.

Empowering Israel's Bedouin Youth for a Better Shared Future

Jamal Alkirnawi 

Orange 11

Jamal will share his personal story of growing up as a Bedouin in Israel and how it led him to establish A New Dawn in the Negev. An organization, run by both Bedouins and Jews, dedicated to empowering young Bedouins to be responsible Israeli citizens via formal and informal education, music and leadership, and entrepreneurship training.

How not to date: round 2

Social Programming  Joey Leskin 

Red 2

After last year's completely accidental runaway success, How Not To Date is back for another round by popular demand! Grab a drink from the bar and settle in for an hour of hilarity with the best worst dating stories you've ever heard, then utilise our innovative, data driven and highly scientific voting system to hold the storytellers to account.

"It was they who made it famous" - who should have Jerusalem and why?

Jonathan Turner 

Blue 33

Jonathan will lead a discussion of rights in relation to Jerusalem under international law.

Meaning through music

Hadassah Fromson  Sam Fromson 

Blue 34

A chilled session, listening to our favourite songs from artists including Udi Davidi, Yonatan Razel and Simon & Garfunkel - exploring their deeper meaning and spiritual messages.

Milk, honey and sweet Mary Jane

Yochai Maital 

Green 27

According to the Israel Anti-Drug Authority, over one-quarter of Israelis smoke marijuana. Still the substance is illegal. This has sparked a consumer-driven revolution. A new marketplace has emerged called Telegrass where over 100,000 users buy weed online. Join me to talk about Telegrass, weed in the holy land, and Judaism's attitude towards marijuana.

Modernity and Sephardim: a different historical experience

Angy Cohen 

Orange 10

The experience of Sephardic Jews tends to be under-explored when approaching the transformation of Judaism caused by modernity. We will explore the Sephardic concept of Galut, their relationship with Spain and the idea of a national territory, their attitudes towards secular education and their place in non-Jewish society.

Permitting the forbidden - how Shabbetai Tzvi tore up the Talmud

Harry Freedman 

Red 1

The 17th century fantasist and false Messiah Shabbetai Tzvi almost destroyed European Jewry. Families were torn apart, communities destroyed, rabbis excommunicated, the Talmud abandoned for new mystical practices. Extreme messianic fever caused a wound that arguably has not fully healed today. Based on my 2014 book, The Talmud: A Biography.

 Permitting the Forbidden.pptx

Pears Short Film Fund Winners

Linda Berkowitz  UK Jewish Film Festival 

Orange 13

Introduced by Linda Berkowitz, 100 Faces is a quirky musical film exploring what it means to be Jewish. Starboy follows a young married Hassidic man searching for answers to mystical questions and doubting his own identity. The Pears Short Film Fund Winners are screened with other compelling shorts. (40 mins)

The Holocaust and film - truth or distortion?

Yoni Berrous 

Orange 14

The Holocaust has a considerable place in the world of film. How accurately do films reflect the reality of the past and does fiction have a role to play in the representation of the Holocaust?

The unbelievable story of Angela Merkel

Eldad Beck 

Orange 12

Angela Merkel has been German Chancellor for the last 13 years, the first woman ever to lead Germany, the first "eastern" politician to get to the summit of German politics. There has never been a German Chancellor that committed to Israel and the Jews. What is the "Merkel Enigma"?

What is Torah and what does it mean to you?

Daniel Anderson 

Red 3

The Zohar says that God looked into the Torah and created the world. Moses received the Torah at Mount Sinai. The Torah has both a written and an oral component. Significantly, we read from the Torah and refer to it on a constant basis. But what exactly is the Torah and what does it contain? The answer is not as straightforward as you might think.

 What is Torah - and what does it mean to you (Limmud Festival 2018).pdf

Whose Hymen is it Anyway? Where Women’s “Shame” and Men’s “Honour “ Collide - A Feminist (Re)Reading of Deuteronomy 22:13-21

Kath Vardi 

Yellow 21

A close feminist (re)reading of the “Slandered Bride” and the role of female virginity as a gift promised between men. Stoned in her father’s doorway, the daughter, nameless and silenced, is a victim of a Biblically mandated honour killing. Can texts of gendered violence be (re)read and reimagined in an act of resistance?

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