Limmud Festival 2018 - Presenters

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Presenters: C

Daniel Cainer

Daniel is a multi-award-winning songwriter, storyteller, performer, broadcaster, several other words ending in ‘er’, and a regular favourite at Limmud. Currently touring his ever-evolving, one person show of Jewish themed stories-in-song. He also writes music for TV, theatre, radio and synagogues.

Saturday 20:15
Saturday 20:15 Daniel Cainer: More Gefilte Fish and Chips
Sunday 21:50
Sunday 21:50 Daniel Cainer: Even More Gefilte Fish and Chips

Daniel Carmel-Brown

Daniel Carmel-Brown is Chief Executive Officer of Jewish Care, has lived in Redbridge, Israel, Finchley and now back in Redbridge.

Sunday 18:40
Sunday 18:40 Wes Streeting of Ilford North - it used to be quite Jewish

David Cassuto

David Cassuto studied law in Holland, Scotland and Israel. He is a modern Orthodox Jew who lives in Jerusalem since 2015. He still lectures law in Holland. In Israel he studies Jewish and non-Jewish sources. He develops a vision on masculinity in the modern world.

Monday 09:10
Monday 09:10 "For not making me a woman" Really? Is it great to be a (Jewish) man?
Tuesday 17:30
Tuesday 17:30 The prophetess Deborah on masculinity
Wednesday 21:50
Wednesday 21:50 All Spanish and Portuguese aboard! Brainstorm for international event

Harrie Cedar

Harrie is an academic in homeostasis and health, a chaplain in a central London NHS hospital and runs a Post Graduate Certificate in Multi-faith Healthcare Chaplaincy. The training promotes meaningful encounters for the patients and staff who hold a diversity of faiths and beliefs.

Monday 20:30
Monday 20:30 Why care? The role for a Jewish healthcare chaplain in a secular NHS

Ela Cenudioğlu

Ela is an international lawyer. Having practiced commercial law in Luxembourg, she reengaged with the local Jewish community in various leadership roles, and recently returned to practice in Istanbul. Ela is also a member of the World Jewish Congress Jewish Diplomatic Corps.

Monday 13:20
Monday 13:20 We don't eat bagels here: Turkey's Jewish community
Tuesday 19:10
Tuesday 19:10 The World Jewish Congress Diplomatic Corps Flagship Program
Wednesday 10:40
Wednesday 10:40 Portuguese citizenship for Sephardic Jews

Susan Chalom

Susan has been educating teenagers for over 15 years and she loves being in the modern, dynamic classroom. She has an honours in creative writing and has written for the Jewish Observer magazine for five years. She is currently teaching at Yeshiva College in Johannesburg.

Sunday 09:10
Sunday 09:10 Breathing into imagination

Chaim Chesler

Chaim is founder and chairman of the Executive Committee of Limmud FSU. Chaim served as an executive director of the Israel Public Council for Soviet Jewry, headed the Jewish Agency's delegation to the FSU and the USA and served as treasurer of the Jewish Agency.

Tuesday 09:10
Tuesday 09:10 The continuing journey of Russian speaking Jewry

Beit Midrash Chevrah

The Limmud Beit Midrash Chevrah are a small group of volunteers who build, teach and study in the Limmud Beit Midrash. The LBM provides detailed textual learning in a Beit Midrash setting morning, afternoon and night, around the theme of Night and Day. We're also running a tisch!

Wednesday 19:10
Wednesday 19:10 Limmud Beit Midrash Tisch

Anne Clark

Anne was the founder and director of Jewish Resource Centre at the University of Roehampton, London. She has worked as a Jewish educator in the UK with Jews and non-Jews of all ages and is a UJIA Ashdown Fellow. Now semi-retired, she divides her time between Jerusalem and London.

Sunday 10:40
Sunday 10:40 Out of the Blue

Celia Clyne

Celia and her team are responsible for feeding you at Limmud. She has worked her entire life in the food industry – from teaching, to running restaurants to large scale events. She has become a household name in Kosher food with an unrivalled reputation for great food and event experiences.

Wednesday 21:50
Wednesday 21:50 Strictly Limmud Dancing

Adrian Cohen

Adrian is a serial macher, with involvement in communal affairs for 35 years. He’s lay chair of Labour Friends of Israel & London Jewish Forum and a Jewish Leadership Council trustee. He’s also a trustee of Reprieve, campaigning against the death penalty and a partner in an international law firm.

Sunday 18:40
Sunday 18:40 Wes Streeting of Ilford North - it used to be quite Jewish

Angy Cohen

Angy is a postdoctoral fellow at the School of Cultural Studies (Tel Aviv University). She researches the construction of identity among Spanish-Moroccan Jews. She is a member of the Sephardi feminist Beit Midrash Arevot (Jerusalem) and coordinator of education of Makom Sefarad in Spain.

Sunday 21:50
Sunday 21:50 Modernity and Sephardim: a different historical experience
Tuesday 17:30
Tuesday 17:30 Hair covering not obligatory for married women: an answer by Rav Yosef Massas in Morocco (1954)
Wednesday 12:00
Wednesday 12:00 Daughters of Israel in the East: Flora Sasson, a Mizrachi talmidat chachamim

Ariel Cohen

Originally from New York City, Ariel made aliyah three years ago. She has been at OLAM for two years and is their operations and communications manager. Ariel holds a BA in History and International Development and Conflict Resolution and an MA in Conflict Resolution and Mediation.

Monday 10:40
Monday 10:40 Tikkun olam throughout the ages
Wednesday 09:10
Wednesday 09:10 Improving the world, together

Elaine R. S. Cohen

Elaine is a retired Jewish educator and an active community volunteer in Teaneck, NJ. Professionally, Elaine was a head of school and served as the national director of the Schechter Day School Network. Elaine now enjoys having more flexibility to pursue her many interests.

Tuesday 10:40
Tuesday 10:40 A taste of Wise Aging

Eliot Cohen

Eliot is a law student in London, and recently returned from studying in Israel in Yeshivat Ma'ale Gilboa. He also spent the summer studying in Yeshivat Hadar in New York. Eliot has an MPhil and BA in Philosophy of Religion from the University of Cambridge. This is his first Limmud event!

Monday 09:20
Monday 09:20 Morning Seder (Advanced) - Transitions (1 of 4)
Tuesday 09:20
Tuesday 09:20 Morning Seder (Advanced) - Purim (2 of 4)
Tuesday 23:00
Tuesday 23:00 The fire and the flesh: God, the body, and limitation
Wednesday 09:20
Wednesday 09:20 Morning Seder (Advanced) - Pesach (3 of 4)
Thursday 09:30
Thursday 09:30 Morning Seder (Advanced) - Clothing (4 of 4)

Hayden Cohen

Hayden is a writer, performer, educator and podcaster from Leeds currently living in London. His proudest achievement remains playing Tevye from Fiddler on the Roof aged 8.

Monday 16:00
Monday 16:00 The Bagel Podcast - LAUNCH
Tuesday 09:10
Tuesday 09:10 Philosophy of cherry picking

Jenny Cohen

Jenny is an active member of Northwood US. Having no brothers, she said kaddish for her father last year and appreciates the great support received from the Northwood and Pinner minyanim. In her spare time, Jenny is a professor of public health at UCL and editor of the Journal of Transport and Health.

Tuesday 17:30
Tuesday 17:30 Orthodox women and saying kaddish

Lawrence Cohen

Having reached three score and ten, Lawrence has acquired much knowledge but little wisdom. Regretfully, there is little he can teach anyone. Nevertheless, there are one or two enthusiasms which he would like to share while there is still time.

Monday 14:40
Monday 14:40 Hinay Zeh Bah! Here it comes on YouTube!

Tal Cohen

Tal is a Jewish Israeli and has spent the last 5 years in Nepal working for Tevel b'Tzedek- an Israeli Jewish organization committed to sustainable community development in developing countries. We draw our work from Jewish Values and believe in our Jewish responsibility to help repair the world.

Sunday 12:00
Sunday 12:00 I worked with rural women in Nepal and all I got was a new perspective on life
Monday 17:30
Monday 17:30 Meaningful, belonging, commitment: the stepping stones to build a strong community
Tuesday 21:50
Tuesday 21:50 Jewish responsibility and tikkun olam
Wednesday 09:10
Wednesday 09:10 Social justice in a globalised world – doing it right
Wednesday 12:00
Wednesday 12:00 Debate: This house believes that the Jewish left corrupts Judaism and endangers Israel

Rotem Cohen Kahlon

Rotem is the youngest woman council member ever in the city of Ramle. A social activist for the periphery in Israel. Director at ISEF Foundation. Rotem served as a parliamentary adviser in the 'Kulanu' party of Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon.

Sunday 21:50
Sunday 21:50 Does everyone have an equal opportunity to reach the Israeli academia?
Monday 14:40
Monday 14:40 Gaps in Israeli society - why do children in Ramle receive less than children in Tel Aviv?
Tuesday 12:00
Tuesday 12:00 Local politics - is this a place for a young woman?

Henry Cohn

Henry was a historian of Germany who for 43 years lectured at three British universities, latterly at Warwick, and then made aliyah from Birmingham to North London.

Wednesday 09:10
Wednesday 09:10 Two Breslau Jews

Liat Collins

Liat Collins was born in the UK, moved to Israel in 1979 and joined the IDF. She has a BA in Chinese and international relations and an MA in communications from The Hebrew University. She has worked at The Jerusalem Post since 1988, edits The International Jerusalem Post and writes a weekly column.

Monday 13:20
Monday 13:20 An “op-pressed” people
Tuesday 17:30
Tuesday 17:30 Is Trump's foreign policy good for Israel?
Wednesday 14:40
Wednesday 14:40 Trump Station, Jerusalem: mind the gap!
Wednesday 17:30
Wednesday 17:30 Is the Israeli government doing enough to promote peace with the Palestinians?
Thursday 10:40
Thursday 10:40 Beyond the headlines, beyond hasbara

Jeremy Conway

Jeremy is a property solicitor and the rabbi of The Queenshill Synagogue in Leeds. My semicha (rabbinical ordination) is in the Laws of Shabbat.

Sunday 22:00
Sunday 22:00 Fundamental Concepts in the Laws of Shabbat - An Exploration
Tuesday 20:30
Tuesday 20:30 L'chatchila and Bedi'avad in the Laws of Shabbat

Ann Conway-Jones

Ann is an honorary research fellow at the University of Birmingham, specialising in early Jewish-Christian relations and biblical interpretation. She has been involved in interfaith dialogue for over thirty years, and is Chair of Birmingham CCJ.

Wednesday 17:30
Wednesday 17:30 Who was Jesus the Jew?

Belinda Copitch

Belinda is a TCK: a Third Culture Kid. Born in South Africa, teen years in Israel, adulthood in UK. She was variously schooled in a convent in SA, Jewish schools in SA and Presbyterian mission school in Israel. She was so motivated to find out who she was that she got a PhD in Identity Development.

Tuesday 17:30
Tuesday 17:30 Highs and lows of being a TCK - a Third Culture Kid

Esther Craven

Esther is the youth & student outreach worker at Yachad, the pro-Israel pro-peace movement in the UK. A University of Manchester graduate, she has been involved with Jeneration and creating progressive Jewish spaces in Manchester. Now back in London, she is a member of New Stoke Newington Synagogue.

Monday 14:40
Monday 14:40 The Nation State Law and Diaspora Jewry’s relationship with Israel

Mark Creeger

Currently working in Corporate Ethics and Compliance software, Mark has taught Jewish Education and IT at primary, secondary, and university levels. A regular speaker and davener at Barnet Synagogue, he has also taught Barmitzvah for 33 years. He is married to fabulous comedian Rachel Creeger.

Monday 16:00
Monday 16:00 Learn a Haftarah at Limmud (1 of 2)
Monday 19:10
Monday 19:10 Rockefeller, Carnegie, Eugenics and the Master Race - American big business and the Holocaust (2 of 2)
Tuesday 14:40
Tuesday 14:40 Learn a Haftarah at Limmud (2 of 2)
Wednesday 09:10
Wednesday 09:10 IBM and Ford - American big businesses and the Holocaust (1 of 2)
Thursday 12:00
Thursday 12:00 Billion dollar fines and whistleblowing bonuses - a Jewish view of ethics and compliance

Rachel Creeger

Rachel Creeger is an award winning comedian, director and playwright, and currently the only practising orthodox Jewish female comedian on the mainstream UK circuit. Rachel is a respected Jewish educator and sought after speaker at communities around the country. As heard on BBC Radio London and 3CR.

Monday 10:40
Monday 10:40 Funny for Five at Festival (1 of 2)
Monday 16:00
Monday 16:00 Funny for Five at Festival - the performance! (2 of 2)
Monday 20:30
Monday 20:30 Please God by you: speed dating for 50 – 64
Tuesday 14:40
Tuesday 14:40 It's No Job For A Nice Jewish Girl
Wednesday 13:20
Wednesday 13:20 But apart from Mel Brooks, Bette Midler, Larry David, Joan Rivers, Jerry Seinfeld, David Baddiel, Sarah Silverman, Sacha Baron Cohen, Jackie Mason and Mrs Maisel….what have the Jews ever Done For Comedy
Wednesday 21:50
Wednesday 21:50 Late Night Laughs at Limmud!
Thursday 10:40
Thursday 10:40 Tears of a Clown - Jews, Comedy and Mental Health

Katharine Crew

Katharine Crew is Campus Leadership Manager at the Council of Christians and Jews. She has been running the Campus Leadership Programme since its inception in 2016 and is involved in CCJ’s work with young professionals. She is training as a local preacher in the Methodist Church.

Saturday 11:45
Saturday 11:45 Living on a prayer

Ben Crowne

Ben lives in, serially volunteers for, and writes about the Jewish community. He serves as a trustee or advisor to several charities, and is Limmud's representative on the Board of Deputies, having previously chaired Limmud Conference.

Sunday 20:30
Sunday 20:30 Celebrating Maureen at Limmud
Monday 16:00
Monday 16:00 The Bagel Podcast - LAUNCH
Tuesday 12:00
Tuesday 12:00 The Crowne: A forensic look at the royal accounts
Tuesday 14:40
Tuesday 14:40 The year in scandal
Wednesday 13:20
Wednesday 13:20 Better Know a Jewish Charity - Zionism!

Natalie Cumming

Natalie worked as PA to Lord Kissin of the Guinness Peat Group and then worked as PA to Lord Jacob Rothschild before retiring. Made Freeman of City of London 1983 and Member of the Guild in 2003. She is a supporter of Missing People Charity from 1986 where she served as Trustee for 16 years and is still involved with them.

Sunday 13:20
Sunday 13:20 The fiddle - factual account of a violin's journey from Russia in 1917 through the Holocaust

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