Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Thursday 12:00

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Anim zemirot

Ruti Roche 

Yellow 21

Anim zemirot - What is this beautiful allegorical prayer with its Taltelei shechorot - jet black ringlets - all about? How old is it? Why are child soloists encouraged to sing it? Come and find out and share your ideas. This session welcomes adults and youngsters age 7 plus, especially those who sing Anim zemirot for their congregation.

Billion dollar fines and whistleblowing bonuses - a Jewish view of ethics and compliance

Mark Creeger 

Red 6

We live in an age of company fines reaching $1bn, more countries introducing their own anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws and enormous state whistle-blowing rewards. What helpful perspectives does Judaism have to offer our corporations, their employees and the public?

Bob Marley, Bob Dylan and Being Jewish

David Levin-Kruss 

Red 2

"Exodus," "Forever Young" and "Highway 61" present three different models of how Jewish texts and ideas are used in popular music and three different models for how being Jewish becomes part of our own lives.

HaRav HaNazir - The Mystic Sage of our Time

Itzchak Marmorstein (Even-Shayis) 

Red 5

Rabbi David Cohen (1887-1972) became a Nazir shortly before meeting and becoming Rav Kook’s primary student and spiritual companion in 1915. Together they created “The Central Universal Yeshiva” in Jerusalem. His magnum opus - The Call Of Prophecy (1970) - is a masterpiece of Torah literature for our time and future. We will read highlights from it.

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Our Promised Land - a dialogue with early Zionist texts

Sasha Gold 

Red 3

What would the original Zionist leaders have to say about Israel today? Join me in a reading of classical Zionist texts which will challenge us to think about Israel as a fulfilment or disappointment (or both) of the initial Zionist visions, and discuss our own complex relationships with Israel and Zionism.

 Limmud Session 3 .pdf

Polyglatt: be a maven in Hebrew and other languages

David Benkof 

Orange 12

Hebrew is your heritage, a connection to Jews across time and space. But adult foreign language learning is hard. In this lively and practical session, David Benkof (who has studied French, Hebrew, German, Italian, and Russian) will give tips for mastering vocabulary and comprehension. Most examples relate to Hebrew, but will apply to any language.

The attack on free speech in Israel

Anna Roiser  Maya Ilany 

Red 1

Is the growing trend of detaining anti-occupation activists at the Israeli border a legitimate security measure or part of a growing attack on free speech? Looking at the history of freedom of expression in Israel, the expanding body of restrictive legislation & recent events at the border, we’ll ask if speech in Israel in 2018 is really free.

The ethical gift of scepticism: Emmanuel Levinas on the need for an ever-improving justice

Stephen Innes 

Orange 10

Scepticism is often thought of as a negative attitude, but can it in fact be positive, even ethical? We will examine Emmanuel Levinas's argument about the role of scepticism in the work of justice, namely, that it is required in order for justice to remain just. Seen this way, can scepticism be viewed as the very enactment of ethical life?

Achieving Tikkun Olam through technology

Paul Ginsberg 

Orange 14

Repair of the world is easier said than done. If you’re a bit geeky, or work at a charity and wonder whether your IT should be doing more, then come along to this session to hear about how vision combined with technology can improve lives. With examples from The Together Plan and The Bike Project, and an opportunity to discuss challenges.

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