Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Thursday 10:40

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Beyond the headlines, beyond hasbara

Liat Collins 

Blue 33

Israeli life, society and politics as experienced and reported on by a veteran British-born, Israeli journalist.

Borderline Israel III: Haredi society and the political future of Israel (3 of 3)

David Newman 

Red 1

The fastest growing sector of the Jewish population are the Haredim. They are increasingly involved in the political and social life of the country - with a growing number serving in the army and undertaking academic and professional training. What are the problems encountered and what does this mean for Israel 2050?

Brave Space Not Just Safe Space

Yehudah Webster 

Red 4

Considering a 150-200 year arc of change, we will unpack and understand why a practice of courageous care "today" is critical to "tomorrow's" collective liberation from systematic and oppressive suffering.

Did Ezra edit the Torah?

Raphael Zarum 

Orange 14

Our sages believe that Ezra the Scribe, who lives 2500 years ago, had a radical impact on Jewish history and our most sacred text. Exactly what did he do? Our story moves from mishna and talmud to Hobbes and Spinoza in search of Ezra’s role in our tradition. And we’ll explain the dots on some of the Torah’s letters too...

Grassroots Jews: “The Glastonbury of Rosh Hashanah services”

Gabriela Pomeroy 

Red 2

In 2009 a group of friends created a high holiday service in a back garden. Ten years on, Grassroots Jews is still going strong, with 400+ attendees. It’s been dubbed “the Glastonbury of Rosh Hashanah services” as it sells out so quickly. What can we learn about creating alternative communities, from the successes and challenges of the GRJ story?

Isaac and Rebecca attend family therapy

Alma Reisel 

Orange 12

As part of her foundation training in systemic family therapy and experience as a family social worker, Alma imagines what a therapist might make of Isaac and Rebecca. How might Isaac's personal history affect his parenting? What characterises the parental relationship? How are their children affected? Come with ideas, no prior knowledge needed.

Jon Lansman in conversation with Emily Thornberry

Emily Thornberry  Jon Lansman 

Orange 15

Emily Thornberry is a long serving Labour MP, who since the election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader has been the Shadow Foreign Secretary.

Mapping London's history

Amy Todd 

Yellow 22

This session will introduce the Layers of London map - based history project, guide you in using the resource for your own historical research and show you how you can add stories, memories and histories to the map.

Tears of a Clown - Jews, Comedy and Mental Health

Rachel Creeger 

Red 7

Is that old adage true - are comedians depressed whenever the spotlight is off? Does our culture have a specific impact on Jewish acts? Rabbinic sage Ben Bag Bag said "Turn it and turn it again." To make and refine observational comedy you analyse, explore and mine your own life then bare it all for instant feedback. Why would anyone do that?

The curious case of Licoricia of Winchester

Jeremy Lawrence 

Orange 11

A medieval tale of love and intrigue, royalty, religion and murder. And it is true! Licoricia of Winchester was one of the most prominent and wealthy Jewish women in 13th Century England. When her marriage became a fight between London and Paris Batei Din, King Henry III became personally involved. Join me for time travel, history & halacha.

The Rebirth of the Marranos in Colombia

Paul Heller 

Red 3

An overview of thriving new Jewish communities in Colombia, with a historical retrospective to their origin.

What did you know and when did you know it? Spring awakenings from Purim to Shavuot

Shirah Hecht 

Yellow 21

Join me on the path from Purim to Pesach to Shavuot as journey to knowing (or un-knowing). We’ll explore hidden/revealed and how this arc moves us toward the “big knowing” as revelation at Sinai. We will bring out meaning through presentation, guided conversation and exploration of text and rituals.

Porn, moral clarity and ethical capitalism

Ran Gabrieli 

Orange 10

My TEDx talk "why I stopped watching porn" - the long and evolved version.

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