Limmud Festival 2018 - Presenters

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Presenters: R

Alicia Jo Rabins

Alicia is a writer, musician and Torah teacher based in Oregon. An award-winning poet and performer, she is the creator of hybrid music projects Girls in Trouble and A Kaddish for Bernie Madoff and author of two poetry books, Divinity School and Fruit Geode. Alicia's participation was made possible with generous support from The Covenant Foundation.

Sunday 19:10
Sunday 19:10 Girls in Trouble curriculum: Vashti and the daughters of Tzelofchad
Monday 20:30
Monday 20:30 Girls in Trouble concert & 10th anniversary celebration!
Tuesday 10:40
Tuesday 10:40 Feminist midrash through visual art, poetry and music
Wednesday 21:50
Wednesday 21:50 A Kaddish for Bernie Madoff and Chavruta: A Drummer's Bat Mitzvah

Karen Radkowsky

Karen heads Impact:NPO, helping nonprofits achieve greater impact through branding, communications and measurement. Earlier, she spent 20+ years at global marcoms agencies: Ogilvy, BBDO & Ketchum. A member of Limmud’s International Advisory Council, she was previously the trustee overseeing marcoms.

Monday 16:00
Monday 16:00 What is your brand essence? A workshop for nonprofit organisations

Onjali Rauf

Onjali founded Making Herstory, tackling abuse and trafficking of women and girls. She delivers emergency aid for refugees in France. She specialises in Women's Studies at the University of Oxford. The Boy at the Back of the Class is her first novel. Onjali is a key part of Nisa-Nashim.

Monday 10:40
Monday 10:40 Jews and Muslims - can we really stand together?

Yigal Ravid

Yigal Ravid is a TV and radio personality, reporter and editor on Channel 1 and Channel 2 along with Israel’s national radio and Jewish-Israeli radio in the USA. He was the host of Eurovision 1999.

Sunday 19:10
Sunday 19:10 King Bibi and the Likud revolution
Monday 12:00
Monday 12:00 Israel at 2019
Monday 16:00
Monday 16:00 Dana International in conversation with Yigal Ravid
Tuesday 14:40
Tuesday 14:40 Eurovision and Israel: we are on the map

Alma Reisel

Alma is a KeshetUK trustee, the charity working so that no one has to choose between their Jewish and LGBT+ identity. Alma is also a life-long Limmudnick, feminist, family social worker, and Jewish educator.

Sunday 17:30
Sunday 17:30 Jewish women taking on the patriarchy
Tuesday 13:30
Tuesday 13:30 LGBT+ Families: a discussion around what an inclusive Jewish community looks like for you and your family
Wednesday 17:30
Wednesday 17:30 “The Wellbeing of LGBT+ pupils: A Guide for Orthodox Jewish Schools” – how KeshetUK worked with Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis to create this guide and what is next?
Thursday 10:40
Thursday 10:40 Isaac and Rebecca attend family therapy

Dan Reisel

Dan is an O&G Specialist Registrar and a Senior Research Associate at UCL, where he teaches graduates and undergraduates and participates in research into epigenetics and patient outcomes.

Sunday 16:00
Sunday 16:00 Unanswered Prayers
Sunday 20:30
Sunday 20:30 Celebrating Maureen at Limmud
Monday 17:30
Monday 17:30 The Book of Job according to Maureen Kendler, z"l

Anthony Reuben

Anthony is a senior journalist with the BBC's fact-checking Reality Check team. His book about how to avoid being misled by dodgy stats is due to be published next year.

Tuesday 08:00
Tuesday 08:00 Morning news and brews! BBC's Anthony Reuben

Danny Rich

Danny has been the senior rabbi & chief executive of Liberal Judaism since the middle of 2005 and was the rabbi to Kingston Liberal Synagogue for nearly two decades. He is a Justice of the Peace, a hospital and prison chaplain and a former president of the Council of Christians & Jews.

Wednesday 17:30
Wednesday 17:30 Who was Jesus the Jew?

Angela Ripoff

Angela is a much admired and well known British television journalist. Known for reporting, presenting the news and even hosting the Eurovision Song Contest. Awarded the STD on the Queen's Birthday Honours List for services to ball-gowns. She has a species of arctic penguin named after her.

Tuesday 22:00
Tuesday 22:00 Jerusalem Calling: the Euro/Israelvision Song Contest live from Birmingham!

Marcus Roberts

Marcus Roberts, founder and director of JTrails, researches and creates Anglo-Jewish Heritage trails and Holocaust trails, as well as carrying out community heritage work. JTrails is the UK leg of the ‘European Routes of Jewish Heritage’, part of the official ‘European Routes of Heritage’.

Sunday 10:40
Sunday 10:40 Jewish country houses in England
Sunday 18:40
Sunday 18:40 The Medieval Jewish heritage of England in 50 objects

Russ Roberts

Russ spends his time trying to make economics understandable to normal human beings. He is the host of the EconTalk podcast, the author of three economic novels, and co-creator of the Keynes-Hayek rap videos. His latest book is How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life.

Saturday 11:45
Saturday 11:45 How an economist makes a motzi
Sunday 10:40
Sunday 10:40 The Jewish side of Adam Smith
Sunday 19:10
Sunday 19:10 The economics of forgiveness
Monday 17:30
Monday 17:30 Hayek, humility and halacha

Yael Roberts

Yael Roberts is Young Adults Community Organiser for Reform Judaism. She has taught at Alyth, BIMA, and Nesiyah, and has studied at the Pardes Kollel and the CY. She is on the team for the Open Talmud Project and this year's Limmud Beit Midrash. She also works as an independent artist-printmaker.

Saturday 08:15
Saturday 08:15 Shabbat morning chanting circle
Sunday 13:30
Sunday 13:30 A tzadik walks into Mitzrayim: Elimelech of Lizhensk on Parshat Sh'mot
Monday 09:20
Monday 09:20 Morning Seder (Beginners) - Times to Pray: Traditionally Radical Talmud (1 of 4)
Monday 14:25
Monday 14:25 Shechting with a vegan (Daf Yomi - Chullin 27)
Tuesday 09:20
Tuesday 09:20 Morning Seder (Beginners) - Times to Pray: Traditionally Radical Talmud (2 of 4)
Wednesday 09:20
Wednesday 09:20 Morning Seder (Beginners) - Times to Pray: Traditionally Radical Talmud (3 of 4)
Thursday 09:30
Thursday 09:30 Morning Seder (Beginners) - Times to Pray: Traditionally Radical Talmud (4 of 4)

Jonathan Robinson

Finally Jonathan has found his USP - he is the only person to have chaired both a Limmud Conference and a Limmud Festival - and he is taking the opportunity at Festival to scale new heights and challenges...

Tuesday 14:40
Tuesday 14:40 Meet the Chairs!
Wednesday 21:50
Wednesday 21:50 Strictly Limmud Dancing

Ruti Roche

Ruti grew up in Leeds. Her gap year was on Machon Lemadrichim, including the Six Day War. Her degree is in English and Hebrew. She and husband Nahshon live in Ilford, whilst their three children and grandchildren live on Bnei Akiva Kibbutzim and a Moshav.

Friday 17:30
Friday 17:30 Shabbat Shalom songs, stories and games
Tuesday 23:00
Tuesday 23:00 An easy introduction to Gematria
Thursday 12:00
Thursday 12:00 Anim zemirot

Simon Rocker

Simon is assistant editor (education) at the Jewish Chronicle, editing its education, Judaism and diary sections. He is co-writer of A Rocky Road, the memoirs of Rabbi Abraham Levy, which was published last year.

Monday 14:40
Monday 14:40 Is Israel alienating the Diaspora?

Anna Roiser

Anna Roiser is the Engagement and Outreach Coordinator at the New Israel Fund, a charity supporting Israeli organisations promoting democracy, equality and human rights. Previously a family lawyer, in 2017 Anna spent time living in Jerusalem developing her passion for progressive Israeli causes.

Monday 14:40
Monday 14:40 The Nation State Law and Diaspora Jewry’s relationship with Israel
Wednesday 18:40
Wednesday 18:40 Under attack: the defenders of Israel’s democracy
Thursday 12:00
Thursday 12:00 The attack on free speech in Israel

Ella Rose

Ella is the former director of the Jewish Labour Movement and previous Public Affairs Officer at the Israeli Embassy and President of the Union of Jewish Students, where she is now a trustee. She is the Chair of Catering for Limmud Festival 2018, so please send all food related comments to her.

Sunday 16:00
Sunday 16:00 Corbyn’s Labour and the American Democratic Party on Israel and the Jewish Community
Sunday 20:30
Sunday 20:30 In conversation: Jon Lansman and Luke Akehurst
Tuesday 20:30
Tuesday 20:30 Through the eyes of young Jewish women

Hannah Rose

Hannah is the President of the Union of Jewish Students, the representative organisation for the 8,500 Jewish students in the UK and Ireland, and the umbrella body for 65 J-Socs. She recently graduated from Bristol University, where she studies Spanish and Portuguese.

Monday 17:30
Monday 17:30 Is Campus a safe space for Jewish students?
Tuesday 20:30
Tuesday 20:30 Through the eyes of young Jewish women
Wednesday 21:50
Wednesday 21:50 Strictly Limmud Dancing

Judi Rose

Judi is the daughter of the legendary Evelyn Rose and collaborated with her mother on articles, recipes & books. Previously a BBC science & technology producer, she followed in Evelyn’s footsteps as a cookbook author, food writer and chef instructor. Judi runs the Cookery Studio in West London.

Monday 13:20
Monday 13:20 Gefiltefest: How to have your kugel and eat it

Rachel Rose

Rachel Rose is a keen traveller and social activist, who recently graduated from the University of Sussex in History and Sociology. She is currently working for Noam, is an NIF New Gen fellow, and is the co-chair of the ZYC.

Monday 21:50
Monday 21:50 You can't spell memes without emes
Wednesday 18:40
Wednesday 18:40 Under attack: the defenders of Israel’s democracy
Wednesday 21:50
Wednesday 21:50 Strictly Limmud Dancing

Hannah Rosen

Hannah is delighted to be coming to Limmud this year as a YTL madricha. She is also representing Sadeh Farm at Gefiltefest and is looking forward to sharing her enthusiasm for the UK’s first Jewish farm of her generation.

Monday 17:30
Monday 17:30 Gefiltefest: All hail the Kosher cheeseburger?
Monday 21:50
Monday 21:50 Gefiltefest: Sadeh Farm

Jeanette Rosenberg

Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain (JGSGB) Dedicated to promoting Jewish family history and genealogy, we encourage research and preservation of Jewish genealogy records. Library, databases and specialist advice available. -

Wednesday 10:40
Wednesday 10:40 Genealogy Consultation Drop-in Session

Joel Rosenberg

Joel is a second year RSY-Netzer Movement Worker. He has been involved in RSY-Netzer since he went on Israel Tour in 2011 where he fell love with the community and ideology. After his gap year travelling, he went to the University of Leeds to study Biochemistry and graduated in 2017.

Wednesday 12:00
Wednesday 12:00 Can we live in a world without genetic disorders? How they impact the Jewish community and what we can do about it

Philip Rosenberg

Phil is Public Affairs Director at the Board of Deputies of British Jews. Until standing down in May 2018, he served as a Labour Councillor in the London Borough of Camden, where he still chairs the Faith Leaders Forum. Previously, he was Executive Director of the Faiths Forum for London.

Sunday 14:40
Sunday 14:40 The rise of populism in Europe: How bad is it for Jews?
Sunday 19:10
Sunday 19:10 The Jewish Quarterly presents: Are progressive voices being crowded out in the Jewish community?
Monday 12:00
Monday 12:00 Jews and Christians: where are we going?
Monday 17:30
Monday 17:30 Antisemitism, Brexit, Corbyn: an ABC of UK Jewish public policy

Daniel Roth

Daniel is the director of the Pardes Center for Judaism and Conflict Resolution. He also teaches graduate courses on religion and peace building at Bar-Ilan University, Tel Aviv University and Hebrew University and is a regular lecturer for National Geographic/MEJDI Tours.

Monday 19:10
Monday 19:10 “Fake news” or uncovering the truth? From Joseph, Hamilton and John Major to today - Mahloket Matters!
Tuesday 12:00
Tuesday 12:00 Fear war or trust peace? From Jacob, Chamberlain and Menachem Begin to today - mahloket matters!
Tuesday 17:30
Tuesday 17:30 Xenophobia or national security? From Pharaoh and WWII to today - mahloket matters!
Wednesday 14:40
Wednesday 14:40 Coexist or separate? From Isaac and Ishmael to Jews and Muslims Today- Mahloket Matters!

Caroline Rothstein

Caroline is a New York City-based internationally touring and award-winning writer, poet, performer, and educator. Her work has appeared in Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed, Narratively, NYLON, The Forward, Kveller, and elsewhere. She was called a “very inspiring woman” by Lady Gaga.

Monday 21:50
Monday 21:50 We are the ones we have been waiting for
Tuesday 12:00
Tuesday 12:00 #MeToo, #TimesUp and speaking your truth
Wednesday 10:40
Wednesday 10:40 Body image with a Jewish lens: a poetry writing workshop
Wednesday 16:00
Wednesday 16:00 Letters Live at Limmud with Clive Lawton and friends

Isaiah Rothstein

Isaiah is the rabbi-in-residence for Hazon. He was central to founding the Union Street Sanctuary, the Beis Community and his musical collaborative Zayah projects which celebrate Jewish Diversity. Isaiah is a Jew of Colour and lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Monday 19:10
Monday 19:10 "I'm not White, I'm Jewish": (how) did the Jewish community negotiate their Whiteness in North America
Tuesday 09:10
Tuesday 09:10 Jewish Engagement in the 21st Century: A Moment or a Movement?
Wednesday 17:30
Wednesday 17:30 Radical inclusivity & religious diversity: is it possible?

Emma Rozenberg

Emma researches mamzerut as a contemporary issue in the British Jewish community. She is a PhD student at King's College London, a former matrimonial lawyer, and a longstanding Limmudnik. To participate in her research, or for more information, please contact

Tuesday 21:50
Tuesday 21:50 Jewish ‘untouchables’: the plight of the mamzer in the 21st century

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