Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Monday 21:50

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How do you recruit and maintain volunteer leadership?

Leah Golan 

Green 25

Leah will take you through the early planning stage, the recruitment process, the preservation process and how to say 'goodbye'.

Gefiltefest: Sadeh Farm

Gefiltefest at Limmud  Hannah Rosen 

Purple 31

Hannah Rosen presents this insightful session from the first UK Jewish farm, Sadeh. Rooted in Jewish values Sadeh, which means field cultivates community, grows food, and sows the seeds of change. Sadeh has a commitment to social and environmental justice and creating a healthier and more sustainable world for everybody.

Welcoming those on the fringes of Jewish Life

Michael Wise 

Red 2

The Pew report of the US Jewish community reports 72% intermarriage rate. Young couples early in their marriage or relationship were not being served in any way by the Jewish community as couples. Honeymoon Israel has discovered the magic of welcoming them to the Jewish community.

LGBT+ social space

Dalia Fleming 

Yellow 21

The purpose here is to create a safer space at Limmud where LGBT+ Jews (including: lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, asexual, intersex, questioning & more) can come and meet each other to socialise and network. We'll have some fun games and it's a space to hang out.

Family therapy for the Abrahamsons

Mark Goldsmith 

Orange 15

From Genesis 12 to the end of the book we follow Abraham and Sarah’s family through four generations, learning from their experiences and troubles. We will use the techniques of Bibliodrama to put ourselves into the sandals of Judaism’s first family in Torah and Midrash, feel their pain and their triumph, and understand them better as a result.

Why do we care about earthquakes and war?

Yoni Bock 

Red 3

Why do some disasters tug at our heartstrings while we opt to ignore others? Put differently, do we care about some people but not others? This session will look at the field of international humanitarian relief through a Jewish lens, ask how Jewish texts approach disasters, and probe whether there's a Jewish value in providing aid globally.

 Class - 2018 - Why provide _foreign_ disaster relief_ Humanitarian assistance through a Jewish lens.pdf

Stamford Hell

Charlie Lewin 

Green 26

My story of escaping the ultra orthodox Haredi/Hasidic community of Stamford Hill, London and my journey to healing through art and music.

Creating a future in the shadow of a difficult past: reflections on living a year of Jewish life in Berlin

David Bilchitz 

Red 1

My sabbatical office overlooked Bebelplatz where the books of Jews, and gays were burnt. What is like to live as a Jewish and gay person in a city haunted by so many memories? Join a photographic and personal reflection on the duality of Jewish life in Berlin today: the ubiquity of difficult memories, in a vibrant city experiencing a renaissance.

In God's image #inclusion style (2 of 2)

Genna Barnett  Nikki Barnett 

Blue 34

Genna and Nikki are sisters who were both diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome at a young age. After an informative session about Tourette's (“Jews who Tic”), we aim to create an open space for sharing stories and experiences of living with disorders and disabilities in the Jewish community and beyond.

Please God by you: speed dating for 36 - 49, hosted by Benji Lovitt!

Benji Lovitt  Social Programming 

Orange 10

Less swiping and typing, more talking. Forget Jswipe for a couple of days and come see if your beshrt is present at Limmud Festival 2018, hosted by Benji Lovitt.

You can't spell memes without emes

Rachel Rose  Yoni Stone 

Yellow 22

Everywhere you turn on the internet you find memes. And if you head down the right corridors and open the correct doors (probably the ones with mezuzot), you'll find the world of Jewish memes. Join us for an exploration of the latest expression of Jewish culture and identity.

We are the ones we have been waiting for

Caroline Rothstein 

Red 6

The world appears to be unraveling. As Jews, we are a surviving diaspora, sturdy with resistance and hope. In this session, New York City-based spoken word poet Caroline Rothstein will share a unique interactive performance that weaves together personal stories of empowerment, perseverance, and resilience, along with audience talk back and Q&A.

"For not making me a woman": should I be offended that men are thanking God for not being a woman?

Aviva Goldschmidt Kaufmann 

Red 4

The Shelo Asani Isha blessing, when a man thanks God for not making him a woman, is part of the daily morning prayers. We will look at the history of this bracha and its place in the orthodox liturgy today.

Revelation of a hidden God: Connections between Shavuot and Purim

Shira Solomons 

Orange 13

We all know the story of receiving the Torah on Mount Sinai, right? Yet the Sages teach that it was actually on Purim that we really received the Torah. Discover how book of Esther teaches us that the most powerful revelations of God can happen when God is so hidden he does not even get mentioned once.

 Revelation presentation.pdf  revelation of a hidden God.pdf

Get inspired: Lightning talks by ROI

Elliot Jebreel  Adam Moscoe  Kevin Lieberman  Shoshana Bloom 

Orange 11

Dynamic and driven members of the ROI Community will offer "lightning talks" on their innovative work-in-progress. Discover the links between cutting-edge robotics research and Judaism; learn about efforts to promote inclusion in Jewish communities; get an inside view on Canada's feminist foreign policy in action; and much more! Meet ROI @ Limmud!

Gefiltefest: The secret Jewish history of vodka - with tastings

Richard Verber  Gefiltefest at Limmud 

Orange 12

Many of our ancestors would have kept warm at night with a bottle of vodka while managing inns and taverns in eastern Europe. Taste some samples from around the region while we explore a lesser-known part of Jewish communal life. Come for the vodka, stay for the fascinating Jewish history.

Enough with the cherry tomatoes

Mor Sofer 

Red 5

Cherry tomatoes, Waze and USB belong to the past. Have you heard about the app that will help you buy clothes only from looking at them? A toy that will make your child become a highly talented computer programmer? A credit card charged with Tikkun Olam instead of money? Hear about the coolest start-ups being developed in Israel these days.

Board game café

Social Programming 

Blue 32

Monopoly, Rummikub, Scrabble, cards and more! Come enjoy Limmud's huge library of board games in Millers Café each evening.

Banot LIVE in concert!

Mikhal Weiner  Ella Joy Meir  Lihi Haruvi  Marian Gomez Villota  Yonit Spiegelman  Banot Band 

Yellow 24

Banot is a NYC based band, created for the love of Jewish & Israeli music. Co-founded by Berklee graduates Yonit, Tali, Ella Joy, Michal, Marian, and Lihi, they seek new ways to interpret traditional Jewish & modern Israeli music. Banot are currently performing across the US, and recently released our debut album Bakesh Shalom, available online.

As You Are; an Open Mic

Shonna Levin 

Orange 14

Bring your raving poetry, your sweet songs, your passionate sermon slams, your incredibly niche stand-up! Come share, come listen. First timers welcome! Contact to get on the list. Theme: As You Are, MY Jewish Identity.

Sleep in Talmudic times

Zahavit Shalev 

Green 27

Is sleep a pleasure or a waste of time? What’s the difference between sleeping and napping? What is segmented sleep and why did everyone do it in pre-industrial times?

 Sleep in Talmudic times | Sefaria Source Sheet Builder.pdf

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