Limmud Festival 2018
Monday 24 December 2018

Morning news and brews! The Jewish Chronicle's Daniel Sugarman Daniel Sugarman  Social Programming  Bar
V'yarutz v'yomer: and he ran and he talked, or "run and chat" (1 of 4) Abigail Morris  Hilton Lobby
Walking club Social Programming  Hilton Lobby
The burglar, the carpenter, the aboriculturalist and the dustbinmen Steve Miller  Blue 33
Do you believe in God? Naomi Goldman  Blue 34
How a mother-daughter duo is changing the concept of giving from their kitchen table Lauren Gross  Green 25
Why do intelligent people study the Torah for 70 years and not get bored? Graham Newman  Green 26
The Israeli constitution and the Nation-State Basic Law – a beginner’s guide: 1992-2011 (2 of 3) Robin Moss  Green 27
The Joint and the arc of Jewish history over the last 100 years Asher Ostrin  Orange 10
Becoming the parents/adults we want to be Shulamit Ambalu  Orange 11
"For not making me a woman" Really? Is it great to be a (Jewish) man? David Cassuto  Orange 12
Revisiting halacha: counting women in a minyan Chaim Weiner  Orange 15
Who runs the country? Hannah Weisfeld  Red 1
Re-Animating an Ancient Land and Family Relationship Geoffrey Ben-Nathan  Red 2
Creativity and Good Health - Vision and Practice of an Artist Myriam Tangi  Red 3
Homeopathy in Jewish life & sources (1 of 2) Francis Treuherz  Red 4
Co-housing Communities - What are they and how to start one? David Michael  Red 5
Tikkun olam - is it really our place to repair the world? Sasha Gold  Red 6
Pointless? Hebrew dots for dummies (2 of 2) Paul Freedman  Yellow 22
Pioneers of the Old Settlement in 19th-Century Jerusalem Mordechai Friedman  Yellow 23
The Israeli economy: are there two different economies? Roi Kahlon  Yellow 24
Forgotten Soldier Linda Berkowitz  UK Jewish Film Festival  Orange 13
Morning Seder (Advanced) - Transitions (1 of 4) Eliot Cohen  Ian Gamse  Red 8
Morning Seder (Intermediate): the day and night identity of a rebel (1 of 4) Avital Hochstein  Zahavit Shalev  Red 8
Morning Seder (Beginners) - Times to Pray: Traditionally Radical Talmud (1 of 4) Yael Roberts  Laynie Soloman  Red 9
Free military press Mor Sofer  Blue 33
Confusion, language and multiple meanings in the creation and collapse of the Tower of Babel (1 of 2) Miriam Feldmann Kaye  Blue 34
Shabbat Musaf - The whole shebang (2 of 3) Rebecca Blumenfeld  Green 25
Sweden, the immigration crisis and the fall of a liberal kingdom Annika Hernroth-Rothstein  Orange 10
Intro to mussar - what does a patient person look like? (2 of 3) Monique Mayer  Orange 11
The Prophet and the Griot Mark Goldsmith  Orange 12
Borderline Israel I: beyond the Two State Solution: peace without borders (1 of 4) David Newman  Orange 14
More than just mosaics: the ancient synagogue at Huqoq in Israel's Galilee Jodi Magness  Orange 15
Explore the mystery between the lines: creative writing through Biblical stories and Talmudic tales (2 of 2) Mei-Tal Shabtai  Purple 29
Gefiltefest: Is Bamba the only real Israeli food? Gefiltefest at Limmud  Sigalit Freeman  Purple 31
Is Jewish theology dead? Allan Nadler  Ivor Jacobs  Harry Freedman  Rahel Berkovits  Red 1
What is the climate crisis asking of Jews at this key moment in history? Yonatan Neril  Red 2
At the crossroads of Sephardic, Mizrahi, and Russian-speaking: the Jewish communities of Central Asia and the Caucasus (pt. 1: Bukharian Jews) (1 of 2) Ruben Shimonov  Red 3
Should we worry about antisemitism? Clive Lawton  Red 4
Tikkun olam throughout the ages Georgina Bye  Ariel Cohen  Red 5
Jews and Muslims - can we really stand together? Onjali Rauf  Laura Marks  Red 6
Funny for Five at Festival (1 of 2) Rachel Creeger  Red 7
Paper towels in Puerto Rico: humanitarian aid in a US territory Hannah Gaventa  Yellow 22
Days of the fall: A reporter's journey in the Middle East wars Jonathan Spyer  Yellow 23
Five approaches to help you pray regularly (even if you aren’t sure what you believe) Raphael Zarum  Yellow 24
Learn how to create a more inclusive LGBT+ environment. What can you do to make your community better for LGBT+ people? Dalia Fleming  Blue 33
Miracle? How do we celebrate Israel? Jonah Geffen  Blue 34
How NOT to revise for exams: tips for students and parents Juliet Landau-Pope  Green 25
Book-crashers : "The Periodic Table" by Primo Levi Sandra Webber  Green 26
Occupiers in their own land Jonathan Turner  Orange 10
Generation Z - how do we engage them with the Holocaust? Yoni Berrous  Orange 11
Who owns Jewish heritage in the Middle East? Lyn Julius  Orange 12
It's a wrap: a how and why of tichels Mikayla Zagoria-Moffet  Orange 13
Limmud in the Third Century Ilana Kurshan  Orange 14
Gefiltefest: Making bread shouldn't be a PITA Gefiltefest at Limmud  Kevin Sefton  Purple 31
Jews and Christians: where are we going? Jessica Foster  Jeremy Lawrence  Richard Sudworth  Elizabeth Harris-Sawczenko  Philip Rosenberg  Red 1
Anatomy of American Jewry Dovid Efune  Red 2
Why are American Jews democratic voters? Will that change in the future? Kenneth Bob  Red 3
Resurrection revisited: a closer look at the second Blessing of the Amidah Elie Kaunfer  Red 4
Maccabees: four lost books for the price of one Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz  Red 5
Feldenkrais: finding better balance - the hips (2 of 4) Emma Alter  Red 6
Morris dancing Joseph Symons-Smyth  Red 7
Gefiltefest: Humous War - food at the frontier of conflict Gefiltefest at Limmud  Joel Salmon  Red 9
How can your voluntary experience enhance your CV? Claire Straus  Yellow 22
Israel - by and for women Eve Harow  Hannah Weisfeld  Laura Marks  Yellow 23
Israel at 2019 Izchak Sonnenschein  Shay Kerem  Eldad Beck  Yigal Ravid  Yellow 24
The cantorial art Robert Brody  Blue 33
Marrying in not out Aaron Goldstein  Blue 34
Solomon and the baby: who WAS the mother? Gabriel Kanter-Webber  Green 25
We don't eat bagels here: Turkey's Jewish community Ela Cenudioğlu  Joey Leskin  Orange 10
The sex education (‘RSE’) edition! Who wants to be a millionaire? Nathan Servi  Sarah Bronzite  Orange 11
Holy moly Samuel Lebens  Orange 12
Sexuality and sanctity: the pleasure principle - sex acts and positions (2 of 3) Rahel Berkovits  Orange 13
Mosul Jewish sites liberated from ISIS Edwin Shuker  Orange 14
Jerusalem uncovered: the challenges and opportunities for the capital of the Jewish nation Fleur Hassan Nahoum  Orange 15
Gefiltefest: How to have your kugel and eat it Judi Rose  Jacqueline Lewis  Gefiltefest at Limmud  Purple 31
Creating inclusive shared societies in the face of seemingly vast divides Jamal Alkirnawi  Red 1
Toddlers in a care home Judith Ish-Horowicz  Red 2
An “op-pressed” people Liat Collins  Red 3
A dummies guide to Yemen: past, present and future Baraa Shaiban  Red 4
Festivals, seasons in Judaism and climate change Steven Wilson  Red 5
What Jeremy Corbyn needs to know about Mizrahi Jews Lyn Julius  Red 6
The spiritual humanism of Abraham Joshua Heschel Peter Geffen  Red 7
Limmud Book Club: Goodbye Columbus by Philip Roth (2 of 4) Shoshi Ish-Horowicz  Aviva Dautch  Red 9
Being inspired by the religious geniuses of other faiths Alon Goshen-Gottstein  Yellow 22
Tayelet - your introduction to Israeli dance Sheila Eizensharf  Yellow 23
London Jewish Male Choir London Male Jewish Choir  Yellow 24
Balancing solo and communal spiritual practice Mike Moskowitz  Red 8
Just a quick fiddle Debbie Young-Somers  Red 8
Shechting with a vegan (Daf Yomi - Chullin 27) Yael Roberts  Red 8
Knit and natter Melanie Kelly  Social Programming  Blue 32
LGBTQ+ Allyship in action Arya Marvazy  Blue 33
Strange-ing the welcomer: a theory of Black and White and Jews all over Miriam Libicki  Blue 34
Out of the bubble: interfaith at university Clare Levy  Josephine Davidoff  Celia Gould  Jessica Spencer  Green 25
Building a family tree - how to trace your Jewish ancestors and living relatives Laurence Harris  Green 26
Johann Sebastian Bach and the Jews John Dunston  Green 27
Site Sat Nav Participant Care Programming  Hilton Lobby
Am I enough? Women and impostor syndrome Amy Decker  Annie Levy  Orange 10
The Israel Apartheid analogy: ground zero Chaya Singer  Orange 11
Is Israel alienating the Diaspora? Simon Rocker  Liam Getreu  Jack Wertheimer  Lyn Julius  Annika Hernroth-Rothstein  Orange 12
"He had a hat!": the history of Jewish mother jokes Marjorie Ingall  Orange 14
The Nation State Law and Diaspora Jewry’s relationship with Israel Clive Sheldon  Anna Roiser  Esther Craven  Orange 15
Gefiltefest: Itai Arik of Lev&Tine Itai Arik  Gefiltefest at Limmud  Purple 31
Gaps in Israeli society - why do children in Ramle receive less than children in Tel Aviv? Rotem Cohen Kahlon  Red 1
The life-saving tech set to improve Israel’s emergency services this year Sharon Darwish  Red 2
Haredi cultures of reproductive health in Israel and the UK Ben Kasstan  Lea Taragin-Zeller  Red 3
Spirituality and positive psychology (1 of 2) Tamra Wright  Red 4
Hinay Zeh Bah! Here it comes on YouTube! Lawrence Cohen  Red 5
Bialik's pious but secular children: Chaim Grade and A.M. Klein Allan Nadler  Red 6
Bridge and Kaluki Social Programming  Red 9
Mexico City and it's Jews: a gastronomical history Alan Grabinsky  Yellow 22
Death Café: an open conversation around the end of life Holly Blue Hawkins  Blue 32
Escaping the "Sunken Place" Yehudah Webster  Blue 33
The Bagel Podcast - LAUNCH Marjorie Ingall  Julia Gazdag  Clive Lawton  Debbie Young-Somers  Ben Crowne  Hayden Cohen  Blue 34
Telling Torah stories to children with spiritual intent Michael Shire  Green 25
Selling values: how Israeli TV and online ads reflect what is really important for Israelis Shelley Kedar  Green 26
What do the British public really think about Israel? Luke Akehurst  Green 27
Jewish Bloomsbury: salons and schmoozing (1 of 3) Aviva Dautch  Orange 10
Everybody is talking about antisemitism; how should we discuss it with our youth? What about non-Jewish young people? Nathan Servi  Orange 11
Why do kids ask questions? Hadassah Fromson  Sam Fromson  Orange 12
Antenna Linda Berkowitz  Lesley Trenner  UK Jewish Film Festival  Orange 13
Donald Trump and the Jews Dovid Efune  Orange 14
Dana International in conversation with Yigal Ravid Dana International  Yigal Ravid  Orange 15
A short course in creativity - Kabbalah, colour and the creative soul (2 of 3) Marvin Shaw  Purple 29
Gefiltefest: These are a few of my favourite Ottolenghi things Gefiltefest at Limmud  Shana Boltin  Purple 31
The religious revolution - how the Catholic Church changes its teachings on the Jews Martine Therese Andrevon Gottstein  Red 1
Alternatives to a two-state solution Eve Harow  Red 2
Infidelity at Baal Peor – A taboo story (1 of 2) Vered Hollander Goldfarb  Red 3
Start-up nation and the West: exploring cultural differences Benji Lovitt  Red 4
Happily ever after? Zahavit Shalev  Avital Hochstein  Red 5
Shifts in American Support for Israel: Causes, Consequences, and Strategic Options for Jerusalem Sarah Feuer  Red 6
Funny for Five at Festival - the performance! (2 of 2) Rachel Creeger  Red 7
It's never too early to start aging wisely! (1 of 2) Susie Kessler  Red 8
Limmud Chavruta Project - Israel @ 70 - Freedom and Pilgrimage (1 of 3) Limmud Chavruta Team  Red 9
What is your brand essence? A workshop for nonprofit organisations Elements @ Festival Limmud  Karen Radkowsky  Yellow 21
Learn a Haftarah at Limmud (1 of 2) Mark Creeger  Yellow 22
Let’s all sing (about Jewish things!) Eliana Light  Yellow 24
Oy what a day... Participant Care Programming  Blue 32
Who does my body belong to? Yochai Maital  Blue 33
When Mossad searched for a child abducted by Haredim Wojciech Tworek  Blue 34
Moving past happiness Naftali Moses  Green 25
Meaningful, belonging, commitment: the stepping stones to build a strong community Tal Cohen  Green 27
From 11 to 18 - changing Jewish lives Helena Miller  Orange 10
The Book of Job according to Maureen Kendler, z"l Dan Reisel  Orange 11
Hair covering and the Jewish woman today Joanne Greenaway  Orange 12
The seven loves of Isaac Raphael Zarum  Orange 14
Antisemitism, Brexit, Corbyn: an ABC of UK Jewish public policy Claudia Mendoza  Philip Rosenberg  Orange 15
Gefiltefest: Pickle and sauerkraut making: fun with (lacto)fermentation Gefiltefest at Limmud  David Krantz  Purple 31
Is Campus a safe space for Jewish students? Alina Bricman  Hannah Rose  Red 1
Cultural competence as part of bridge building in Israeli society - the museum example Itamar Kremer  Red 2
Hayek, humility and halacha Russ Roberts  Red 3
Help! The rabbi is coming for shabbat lunch Sam Fromson  Red 4
The place for right-leaning pro-Israel Jews in the human rights world Irina Tsukerman  Red 5
Jordan Peterson and Rabbi Sacks Berlin Leiman  Red 6
Gefiltefest: All hail the Kosher cheeseburger? Dan Jacobs  Hannah Rosen  Phil Peters  Jeremy Lawrence  Gefiltefest at Limmud  Yellow 21
Lullabies and love songs Zöe Jacobs  Yellow 22
A Promised Land: those who dared to dream David Finlay  Yellow 23
Why impact investing is inherently Jewish Amira Aharonovich  Yellow 24
PJ Library Storytime (2 of 4) Limmud Families Team  Families Lounge
Videogame depictions of the Holocaust Max Donen  Blue 33
The halachah of psychiatric treatment Daniel Allen  Green 25
Contrarian and counterintuitive thinking in secular society and Judaism Jake Welford  Green 27
'Citizen of nowhere?' The Brexit fallout and (my) Jewish identity Ruvi Ziegler  Orange 10
Exploring the worldview of a radical Haredi thinker Mark Gottlieb  Orange 11
When ultra nationalists give all nationalism a bad name Gil Troy  Orange 15
LGBT+ and Jewish: a discussion around what an inclusive Jewish community looks like for you Rachael Fried  Dalia Fleming  Red 3
Eight things we learned building the refugee youth movement Amos Schonfield  Red 4
Reading Biblical poetry (1 of 2) Adele Berlin  Blue 34
The Golem, Frankenstein and our virtual self Lucas Espinosa Menendez  Green 26
Stop doing tikkun olam! Jonathan Neumann  Orange 12
How is maternal experience registered in our DNA Moshe Szyf  Orange 13
“Fake news” or uncovering the truth? From Joseph, Hamilton and John Major to today - Mahloket Matters! Daniel Roth  Orange 14
"I'm not White, I'm Jewish": (how) did the Jewish community negotiate their Whiteness in North America Isaiah Rothstein  Red 1
Orot HaRav Kook - the prophetic utopian lights of Rav Kook Itzchak Marmorstein (Even-Shayis)  Red 2
Why isn’t there peace in the Middle East? Personal perspectives Eldad Beck  Red 5
Strictly Partner Dances Maurice Stone  Red 7
Rockefeller, Carnegie, Eugenics and the Master Race - American big business and the Holocaust (2 of 2) Mark Creeger  Yellow 22
Why care? The role for a Jewish healthcare chaplain in a secular NHS Harrie Cedar  Blue 33
L'chaim santé! Cheers! 100 years of alcohol in Israel Oded Gvaram  Blue 34
Talking about health and mental health: 'You don't want to worry me' (2 of 2) Yoav Landau-Pope  Green 25
Social Media: dystopian future or current reality? Josh Martin  Green 26
The disappearance of the INS Dakar. A 50 year mystery Andrew Levine  Green 27
Please God by you: speed dating for 50 – 64 Rachel Creeger  Social Programming  Orange 10
Can there be a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Noru Tsalic  Orange 11
Eurovision's factory production and politics - stories from behind the scenes Izchak Sonnenschein  Orange 12
Hidden in plain sight: forgotten Jewish architects and their famous creations Jason Guberman  Orange 13
Rabbis* don't wear makeup, and God knows sign language Haim Ovadia  Orange 14
Organ donation for transplantation in Judaism Robby Berman  Anthony Warrens  Orange 15
Gefiltefest: The Jewish roots of Spaghetti Bolognese Gefiltefest at Limmud  Sarah Pinch  Purple 31
Descending to the Chariot Harry Freedman  Red 1
Jewish genes as time machines Nadine Epstein  Red 2
Can we read Yuval Noah Harari's books as Jewish philosophy? Gabor Balazs  Red 3
Bring the wisdom of kabbalah into your life (2 of 3) Janet Berenson  Red 4
"Women are Frivolous" - What is it about all women? Tirtsa Posklinsky Shehory  Red 5
Flamenco dance workshop Leilah Broukhim  Red 6
Sing along with Dan Patterson and Simon Style Simon Style  Dan Patterson  Red 7
The American Jewish experience through cinema (to 1947) (1 of 2) Eric Goldman  Yellow 22
Girls in Trouble concert & 10th anniversary celebration! Alicia Jo Rabins  Yellow 24
Board game café Social Programming  Blue 32
In God's image #inclusion style (2 of 2) Genna Barnett  Nikki Barnett  Blue 34
How do you recruit and maintain volunteer leadership? Leah Golan  Green 25
Stamford Hell Charlie Lewin  Green 26
Sleep in Talmudic times Zahavit Shalev  Green 27
Please God by you: speed dating for 36 - 49, hosted by Benji Lovitt! Benji Lovitt  Social Programming  Orange 10
Get inspired: Lightning talks by ROI Shoshana Bloom  Elliot Jebreel  Kevin Lieberman  Adam Moscoe  Orange 11
Gefiltefest: The secret Jewish history of vodka - with tastings Gefiltefest at Limmud  Richard Verber  Orange 12
Revelation of a hidden God: Connections between Shavuot and Purim Shira Solomons  Orange 13
As You Are; an Open Mic Shonna Levin  Orange 14
Family therapy for the Abrahamsons Mark Goldsmith  Orange 15
Gefiltefest: Sadeh Farm Hannah Rosen  Gefiltefest at Limmud  Purple 31
Creating a future in the shadow of a difficult past: reflections on living a year of Jewish life in Berlin David Bilchitz  Red 1
Welcoming those on the fringes of Jewish Life Michael Wise  Red 2
Why do we care about earthquakes and war? Yonahton Bock  Red 3
"For not making me a woman": should I be offended that men are thanking God for not being a woman? Aviva Goldschmidt Kaufmann  Red 4
Enough with the cherry tomatoes Mor Sofer  Red 5
We are the ones we have been waiting for Caroline Rothstein  Red 6
LGBT+ social space Dalia Fleming  Yellow 21
You can't spell memes without emes Rachel Rose  Yoni Stone  Yellow 22
Banot LIVE in concert! Banot Band  Lihi Haruvi  Marian Gomez Villota  Yonit Spiegelman  Ella Joy Meir  Mikhal Weiner  Yellow 24
Video game arcade Social Programming  Blue 33
EasternBeats presents: Yalla Habibi Disco Party - Live! Joey Leskin  Red 7
Night Seder: Meaning at Midnight Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz  Red 8
Israel update Omer Drori  Green 25
Death Daniel Shine  Green 26
Please God by you: speed dating for 25 - 35, hosted by Hasadick! Noga Yechieli Wind  Social Programming  Orange 10
Beatles Torah David Benkof  Orange 13
Gefiltefest: Cocktail Making Gefiltefest at Limmud  Harry Lampert  Purple 31
Up the ladder - on dreams and mystical ascensions Mordechai Zeller  Red 4
Sing along with the Rubens Ivor Jacobs  Ian Gold  Red 6
Mikva the Musical: Music and Monologues from the Deep – excerpts and discussion Batsheva Frankel  Rahel Berkovits  Yael Valier  Yellow 23
Midnight Chavruta - Israel @ 70 - Freedom and Pilgrimage (1 of 3) Limmud Chavruta Team  Red 8