Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Monday 23:00

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Sing along with the Rubens

Ian Gold  Ivor Jacobs 

Red 6

Sing along with us to popular songs with (occasionally tenuous) Jewish connection: composed and/or originally performed by Jewish talent.

Mikva the Musical: Music and Monologues from the Deep – excerpts and discussion

Batsheva Frankel  Yael Valier  Rahel Berkovits 

Yellow 23

Unflinching, funny, painful, uplifting – Israeli dramaturges Toby Greenwald and Myra Gutterman’s production is playing around Israel. Hear excerpts from this show based on real stories, then discuss this ancient, puzzling, controversial commandment, still adhered to by Orthodox Jews and some others. Yael Valier is in the Mikva the Musical cast.

Please God by you: speed dating for 25 - 35, hosted by Hasadick!

Social Programming  Noga Yechieli Wind 

Orange 10

Forget Jswipe for a couple of days and come see if your beshert is present at Limmud Festival 2018. Hosted by drag king, Hasadick!

Up the ladder - on dreams and mystical ascensions

Mordechai Zeller 

Red 4

In this session we will explore the symbol of a ladder as it appears in a wide array of Jewish and other sources, beginning with the dream of Jacob and onward throughout the religious, mystical and Hassidic traditions together with psychoanalytic dream theory.

Israel update

Omer Drori 

Green 25

We will speak about some of the most interesting and relevant affairs that are happening in Israel, and try to understand the fact from Israeli eyes. Matters that sometimes aren't getting to the eyes of the public outside of Israel.

Gefiltefest: Cocktail Making

Harry Lampert  Gefiltefest at Limmud 

Purple 31

What goes into a good cocktail? Why do we shake some and not others? Come along for an interactive session where you will learn all about the art of Mixology. We will explore how to make a balanced drink before an introduction will be given on the different styles of cocktail and how to make them for yourself. We will be making four cocktails.


Daniel Shine 

Green 26

As it's going to happen to us sooner or later, we will share our thoughts and feelings about this crucial subject. Please bring tissues as you may well ended up laughing, crying or both.

Beatles Torah

David Benkof 

Orange 13

Did the Sages think “Money Can’t Buy You Love”? Does Kohelet teach us to “Let It Be”? Compare Jewish texts with Fab Four lyrics to find new meanings in both. Are the perspectives of The Beatles about love, friendship, spirituality, and community consistent with Judaism? Together, We Can Work It Out.

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