Limmud Festival 2018 - Presenters

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Tracy Tharissa Maria Pater

Tracy was born and raised on Curacao, known for having one of the oldest synagogues in the Caribbean, with the floor covered with sand from the Sinai dessert. Her personal view is that in order to understand other faiths a knowledge of Judaism and Hebrew is essential.

Sunday 13:20
Sunday 13:20 Is there any point in having a Jewish school without Jews?

Dan Patterson

Dan is a television writer and producer responsible for shows such as Whose Line Is it Anyway? Room 101 and Mock the Week. He has also written plays such as The Duckhouse. He is a former member of Habonim-Dror and therefore likes a good sing-along.

Sunday 23:00
Sunday 23:00 Sing Along with Dan Patterson and Simon Style
Monday 20:30
Monday 20:30 Sing along with Dan Patterson and Simon Style

Sammy Patterson

Sammy is a filmmaker, working part-time as a cinema programmer at JW3. Working with homeless refugees in Calais and Paris for the last 5 years, she started by taking pop up cinema to refugee camps and most recently has been documenting a clown troupe tour the children's refugee camps in Lebanon.

Sunday 12:00
Sunday 12:00 JW3's Arts Salon - Refugees
Sunday 16:00
Sunday 16:00 JW3's Misogynist Film Club; #MeToo

Nathan Peres

PhD candidate at Sorbonne university on the history of the Jews of Lebanon. Nathan is a Young Jewish Diplomat at the World Jewish Congress and works at the Jewish Cultural Center FLEG, Marseille. Nathan graduated in Government at the IDC Herzliya and in Middle Eastern Studies at Hamburg university

Tuesday 20:30
Tuesday 20:30 The Jews of Lebanon - an exceptional community

Phil Peters

Despite his mother's protestations, Phil gave up a 'steady' job at Tesco to join Zing Zing in 2016 and has overseen the Chinese takeaway chain’s rapid growth since. In his spare time, Phil is the vice chair of the Maccabi Football League and former Chair of BBYO.

Monday 17:30
Monday 17:30 Gefiltefest: All hail the Kosher cheeseburger?

Jared Peysner

Jared is a young professional working on some of the UK's biggest entertainment TV shows. Having grown up in a Modern Orthodox household, Jared prioritised work over all other aspects of his life in order to build his career and is now trying to figure out where religion fits in his lifestyle.

Sunday 13:20
Sunday 13:20 Jew-Ish: Figuring out where religion fits in a modern lifestyle

Michael Picardie

Michael Picardie has a M.Phil. and a Ph.D. in theatre aesthetics and post-modern critical theory and an M.A. in psychiatric social work. He taught social and developmental psychology at Barnett House, Oxford University, and at Cardiff and Botswana Universities. He teaches yoga and kabbalah.

Tuesday 12:00
Tuesday 12:00 Jewish Meditation (1 of 2)
Wednesday 10:40
Wednesday 10:40 Yoga and kabbalah (2 of 2)

Sarah Pinch

Sarah Pinch is one of the three co-chairs for this year's Limmud Festival. In her spare time and work life she is a social media supremo and an avid spag bol slurper...having pioneered Spaghetti Blogonese, a blog about the hunt for the best spag bol. If you have any issues with the Limmud programme, please contact her co-chairs Elliot & Ezra.

Monday 20:30
Monday 20:30 Gefiltefest: The Jewish roots of Spaghetti Bolognese
Wednesday 16:00
Wednesday 16:00 Letters Live at Limmud with Clive Lawton and friends

Marcia Plumb

Marcia Plumb is the rabbi of Congregation Mishkan Tefila in Boston MA. She is passionate about Mussar and has taught and studied it for over 20 years. She is a trained Jewish spiritual director and Jewish meditation facilitator.

Tuesday 19:10
Tuesday 19:10 Mussar for Managing Stress

Gabriela Pomeroy

Gabriela works as a journalist at BBC News. She started Grassroots Jews in 2009. She is a trustee of the Jewish Quarterly.

Sunday 14:40
Sunday 14:40 The rise of populism in Europe: How bad is it for Jews?
Wednesday 13:20
Wednesday 13:20 Brave new world: are alternative communities reshaping the Jewish landscape?
Thursday 10:40
Thursday 10:40 Grassroots Jews: “The Glastonbury of Rosh Hashanah services”

Hilary Pomeroy

Hilary is an honorary research fellow at UCL, where she taught the culture and history of the Jews of Spain and the Sephardi diaspora. A specialist in Ladino language and literature, she has published many articles in academic journals and a book on Ladino ballads from Morocco.

Tuesday 16:00
Tuesday 16:00 How Muslim Spain from 8th century onwards has influenced Jewish food, art, music, culture, architecture and folklore

Tirtsa Posklinsky Shehory

Tirtsa is a poet, she graduated from the Tmura- International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism, has a Msc in Industrial Engineering & Management, majoring in IT and Financial Management from Ben Gurion Universitv. Her poetry books include "Transparent jellyfish goes" and "Cache of geckos"

Saturday 20:15
Saturday 20:15 Play writing in the spirit of talmud
Monday 20:30
Monday 20:30 "Women are Frivolous" - What is it about all women?

Chloe Pourmorady

Chloe is a Persian-Jewish musician & composer influenced by the rich musical language of her roots and by the countries she has travelled. Chloe is passionate about creating camaraderie through music, blending different styles together, and pushing the narrative of her roots into the future.

Tuesday 21:50
Tuesday 21:50 The Marriage of Hebrew Prayer & Persian Poetry
Wednesday 10:40
Wednesday 10:40 Music and spirituality
Wednesday 16:00
Wednesday 16:00 The most international Jewish melody

Frederick Powell

Frederick is a Talmud enthusiast and a barrister specialising in human rights law. He is an alumnus of Yeshivat Hadar and the Conservative Yeshiva. He founded and helps to organise Ohel Mo'ed, an independent, halakhic-egalitarian minyan, and loves hummus to an extent that some find implausible.

Wednesday 13:20
Wednesday 13:20 Brave new world: are alternative communities reshaping the Jewish landscape?
Wednesday 22:00
Wednesday 22:00 Night Seder: Shabbat on a Desert Island

House Band Programming

Wednesday 23:00
Wednesday 23:00 Late night sing along!

Participant Care Programming

The Limmud Participant Care Team is here to help you get the most out of your time at Festival.

Friday 12:00
Friday 12:00 Site Sat Nav
Friday 13:15
Friday 13:15 Site Sat Nav
Sunday 13:20
Sunday 13:20 The Limmud app - a user's guide
Sunday 14:40
Sunday 14:40 Site Sat Nav
Monday 14:40
Monday 14:40 Site Sat Nav
Monday 17:30
Monday 17:30 Oy what a day...
Tuesday 17:30
Tuesday 17:30 Oy what a day...
Wednesday 17:30
Wednesday 17:30 Oy what a day...

Shabbat Programming

The Limmud Shabbat Team is so excited to welcome you for Shabbat this year. Please join us for some exciting sessions over the next twenty five hours!

Friday 12:00
Friday 12:00 Nosh & Natter
Friday 13:15
Friday 13:15 Build your own Besamim
Friday 13:15
Friday 13:15 Picture the parshah
Friday 22:00
Friday 22:00 Late Night Chavruta
Friday 23:15
Friday 23:15 Games Night
Saturday 07:30
Saturday 07:30 Morning news and brews! Wall Street Journal's Annika Hernroth-Rothstein
Saturday 07:30
Saturday 07:30 Toys and chill in the Family Lounge
Saturday 09:45
Saturday 09:45 Shabbat Stroll
Saturday 09:45
Saturday 09:45 The Breakfast Club
Saturday 09:45
Saturday 09:45 Shabbat morning chavruta
Saturday 18:30
Saturday 18:30 Layla Tov Time
Saturday 20:15
Saturday 20:15 Bag Packing Party
Saturday 23:15
Saturday 23:15 Havdalalala Disco
Saturday 23:15
Saturday 23:15 Late Night Chavruta

Social Programming

The Limmud Social Programming Team are here to make your Limmud experience a more social one! Look out for a range activities and sessions that will help you to meet new people, try out new skills, have some time to relax and much more.

Saturday 07:30
Saturday 07:30 Morning news and brews! Wall Street Journal's Annika Hernroth-Rothstein
Sunday 09:10
Sunday 09:10 Morning news and brews! Times of Israel's Noru Tsalic
Sunday 14:40
Sunday 14:40 Knit and natter
Sunday 20:30
Sunday 20:30 Never too old for friendship (for 65+)
Sunday 21:50
Sunday 21:50 Board game café
Sunday 21:50
Sunday 21:50 How not to date: round 2
Monday 08:00
Monday 08:00 Morning news and brews! The Jewish Chronicle's Daniel Sugarman
Monday 08:00
Monday 08:00 Walking club
Monday 14:40
Monday 14:40 Knit and natter
Monday 14:40
Monday 14:40 Bridge and Kaluki
Monday 20:30
Monday 20:30 Please God by you: speed dating for 50 – 64
Monday 21:50
Monday 21:50 Board game café
Monday 21:50
Monday 21:50 Please God by you: speed dating for 36 - 49, hosted by Benji Lovitt!
Monday 22:00
Monday 22:00 Video game arcade
Monday 23:00
Monday 23:00 Please God by you: speed dating for 25 - 35, hosted by Hasadick!
Tuesday 08:00
Tuesday 08:00 Morning news and brews! BBC's Anthony Reuben
Tuesday 08:00
Tuesday 08:00 Walking club
Tuesday 14:40
Tuesday 14:40 Knit and natter
Tuesday 21:50
Tuesday 21:50 Board game café
Tuesday 22:00
Tuesday 22:00 Video game arcade
Tuesday 00:10
Tuesday 00:10 Midnight pub quiz
Wednesday 08:00
Wednesday 08:00 Morning news and brews! With Canadian Jewish News' Yoni Goldstein
Wednesday 08:00
Wednesday 08:00 Walking club
Wednesday 14:40
Wednesday 14:40 Knit and natter
Wednesday 21:50
Wednesday 21:50 Board game café
Thursday 08:00
Thursday 08:00 Walking club

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