Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Sunday 16:00

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Are most kosher animal products ethical? Views of an Orthodox vegan rabbi

Yonatan Neril 

Red 2

Ice-cream tastes good. Meat tastes good. How do Jewish values relates to the tens of billions of factory farmed animals and sea life? We will explore Jewish teachings about people’s relationship with and treatment of animals, toward a vision of a thriving and ethical planet.

 Tzar Baalei Chaim Jewcology Source Sheet Checked & Templated 1.1.12.pdf  Jewish Eco Infographic 3 large.pdf  Jewish Eco Infographic 4 large.pdf

Exodus: the ultimate war of good vs. evil

Raphael Zarum 

Orange 15

We are constantly reading, listening to and watching stories that replay the battle of right against wrong, good against evil. In this session we will examine one of the ancient origins of this timeless battle, fought between Moses and Pharaoh over three thousand years ago. Torah, Midrash and Egyptology will help us uncover what it was all about.

Free Will, Free Choice: Do We Have It?

Lewis Warshauer 

Red 7

Do we really have the freedom to make major and minor life choices and decisions? What is our responsibility for our actions? We'll look at a variety of ancient-to-modern Jewish sources on this perennially perplexing subject.

 free will-limmudDec2018-2.docx

Genetics is #FakeNews

Ben Lewis 

Green 27

Long before 'alternative facts' became commonplace, the way we understood our genetics was widely twisted and misunderstood. We'll take a fun look at the facts and fiction around genes, DNA and our experimentation with them, plus how this science has interacted with our religious tradition.

Housing need in the Jewish community? Really?

Suzanne Wolfe  Micah Gold 

Blue 33

Where are Jews moving to? Is there deprivation in the community? Who are the neediest groups? Are the young leaving London? What are the implications? The Industrial Dwellings Society, our oldest and largest housing association, is asking these questions as it embarks on a programme of development. Learn about research findings and contribute.

Israel's "Nation State" Law: the end of democracy?

Noru Tsalic 

Orange 14

Much of what happens in Israel is ‘controversial’. But this new Basic Law is even more ‘controversial’ than usual. It’s been criticised by many in Israel and by most Jewish organisations in the Diaspora. Others, of course, have defended it. So what are we to make of it? The session will propose an analytical (rather than rhetorical) approach.

Jewish origami for kids

Shira Solomons 

Purple 31

Come and see how a simple square of paper can quickly become a Torah scroll, a shofar, an Egyptian pyramid, a frog to jump over the pyramid and scare Pharaoh, a hamentash to eat on Purim or a spice box for Havdalah.

 kids origami 2018.pdf

Jew-niversity application tips


Green 26

Are you a worried Jewish parent with a teenage son or daughter about to apply for uni? Or are you the teenage son or daughter of said worried Jewish parent? Sassy, a longstanding Limmudnik and former University Admissions Officer of 5 years’ experience, is here to share his top tips for both parents and students on applying to university!

JW3's Misogynist Film Club; #MeToo

Sammy Patterson  Mekella Broomberg  Jacqueline Nicholls 

Orange 13

It’s been just over a year since much has been revealed about the industry that has given us the casting couch. Knowing what went on behind the scenes, how do we rewatch these movies? And what dark shadows has the sexist attitudes on screen cast in our culture?

My father's secret life

Roderick Young 

Green 25

When I was 23 I discovered my mother's secret. When I was 43 I discovered my father's secret. In a class last year I explored my mother's secret in Jewish law. This year I'll tell you my dad's secret and the extraordinary way that I uncovered it. What does Jewish tradition have to say about my father's secret life?

Rhythm 'n' Ruach: drumming and singing for kids and grownups

Ellen Allard 

Blue 34

Kids and grownups are invited to join Ellen Allard for a high energy Rhythm ’n’ Ruach session that includes drumming, singing, egg shakers, tambourines, rhythm sticks, dancing, scarves and ribbons. Come and see what the excitement is all about!

The big no and the unforgotten: An artist's engagement with Holocaust theology

Barbara Bell 

Red 4

An informal look at original images exploring the difficult questions raised by the relationship between the Shoah and the ‘science of God’. The work evokes the Jewish experience and considers a personal response. This presentation is made by the artist and provides the starting point for audience contribution and debate.

Three faiths make the news

Lev Taylor  Monawar Hussain  Michael Hilton 

Red 3

Too often, faiths make the news for negative reasons. In April, the first Oxford Three Faiths Encounter Week looked beyond the headlines and stereotypes found in the media about Jews, Christians and Muslims. Find out what we discovered and hear about our next event in April 2019. Students especially welcome.

Two Roots - Two Routes: The Experiences and Perceptions of Two German Families (1902-1945)

Ernie Hunter 

Yellow 22

Ordinary lives during the Nazi era: Ernie’s father, Anton Hundsdorfer, was not Jewish. He was a joiner and anti-Hitler Communist functionary, forced to flee already in 1933. Ernie’s mother, Fanny Höchstetter, was Jewish and a senior Civil Servant. She bravely stood against Hitler’s regime, fleeing in August 1939 with one suitcase and ten shillings.

Understanding, and wrestling with, ashkenormativity

Ruben Shimonov 

Orange 12

We will unpack and have honest conversations about a loaded buzzword that has emerged in Jewish communal discourse: ashkenormativity. Through an analysis of this term, and the sociocultural process it refers to, we will look at ways in which we can better embrace cultural diversity in our own Jewish spaces and community-building endeavours.

Corbyn’s Labour and the American Democratic Party on Israel and the Jewish Community

Ella Rose  Jonathan Goldstein  Kenneth Bob  Andrew Gilbert 

Red 1

The British Labour party under Jeremy Corbyn has lost a lot of its Jewish support both around antisemitism and also as it has changed and continues to change its view of the Middle East - Israel/Palestine. Are there any similarities with trends in the Democrat Party in the USA? What are the influencing factors? Bibi? Trump? Internal? Campus? Ethnic?

Sleep: how do we achieve it & what does the Torah have to say about it?

Jane Ansell 

Orange 10

Sleep affects our relationships, mood, learning potential, physical health, and daily behaviour. It is the next most important thing after oxygen in order to survive. This session explores Torah sources for sleep hygiene and the current science of sleep. We will address strategies to improve you and your families' sleep patterns.

Unanswered Prayers

Dan Reisel 

Orange 11

This session takes as its point of departure the song ‘Thank You God’ by the incomparable composer and lyricist Tim Minchin. We will then open up the question of what prayer is for, and why it is that prayer often feels like a problem. Is there any way in which prayer actually 'works'?

A journey out of ultra-orthodoxy and into the modern world - how can mentors help?

Yakov Ashkenazi  Howard Feldman  Linda Turner 

Red 5

Former charedi Yakov Ashkenazi is now a Mavar mentor. He'll be in conversation with Howard Feldman (a Mavar mentor for the past 3 years) and Linda Turner (Mavar's director) to discuss his own journey out of ultra-orthdoxoy and how mentors are helping charedim integrate into wider society.

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