Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Sunday 17:30

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The history and mystery behind B'Mitzvah

Michael Hilton 

Green 25

Bar/bat mitzvah is more popular now than at any time in Jewish history. But a hundred years ago it seemed to be withering away. This is a visual presentation of the origins of the ceremony, its growth decline and revival. Our journey begins at Rouen, capital of Normandy, nine hundred years ago…

An introduction to modern jive (1 of 2)

Dan Mackenzie  Jonathan Hunter 

Red 7

Come along for a fun session in this partner dance. Its simple timing and footwork structure means it can be danced to lots of different music types and is easy to learn the basics, whilst taking a lifetime to master. Get ready to show off at the disco later with a nice routine of some cool new moves.

Beit Midrash kickoff session: Night and Day

Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz 

Red 8

Get into the mood for exploring a wide variety of texts on the theme of 'Night and Day'! We'll sample the days of Creation, kabbalistic days, nights of oppression, redemptive nights, and much much more, with a bit of chavruta study to warm us up for the adventures ahead in this year's Limmud Beit Midrash!

Big in Property in Babylonia

Mark Goldsmith 

Green 27

The Talmud tractate Bava Batra primarily concerns property law. It also tells us a lot about the property business activities of Jews at the time, including some dodgy dealings! What was the situation of Jews owning land and buildings back in Talmudic times? How did property ownership work in the times of the Bible and what has changed?

"Curb your confusion": cultural differences through Larry David

Benji Lovitt 

Red 5

Larry David's "Curb Your Enthusiasm" is known for making viewers laugh, squirm, or both. Is LD rude, or is he just "honest"? This same question often causes confusion and misunderstandings between Westerners and Israelis. Join Benji Lovitt as he helps explain Israeli behaviour and cultural differences through classic "CYE" clips.

30 years of activism to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic

Saar Maoz 

Orange 12

In 1981, the first cases of AIDS were identified in Los Angeles. Within a short time, organizations like "Act Up" formed and ever since many people around the world have been fighting to "Make HIV History". Have we failed? What have we learned from these actions? How can we draw inspiration from current world issues and struggles?

Jewish women taking on the patriarchy

Jacqueline Nicholls  Mekella Broomberg  Sarah Bronzite  Alma Reisel 

Orange 14

What are the questions, struggles, and strategies women face to live a Jewish feminist life today? Following a controversial panel from last year, we meet again to talk and reflect on women's voices, silencing, activism and the need for self-care.

Jews who tic (1 of 2)

Nikki Barnett  Genna Barnett 

Blue 33

Ever had something you were embarrassed to tell others about yourself? For me it used to be that I have Tourette’s Syndrome. So does my sister. Yes, it’s genetic. And no, we don’t swear involuntarily. Come hear us explain how there’s a lot more to the condition than that, and let’s reflect on how we can make Jewish community spaces more inclusive.

Leonard Bernstein at 100: the man, the music, and his Judaism

Adam Moscoe 

Red 6

The centenary of Leonard Bernstein, marked throughout the globe, presents an opportunity to consider his extraordinary life and work. (Perhaps the only Jew who could get away writing a “Mass”!) With live performances, we will explore how Bernstein was shaped by his Jewish identity, and how his stirring music and activism impacted the Jewish world.

“Let's call the whole thing off!" When Israel programming at Limmud descends into chaos (and how to avoid it)

Liam Getreu 

Orange 15

Israel focused sessions at Limmud can be fraught, polarising and unproductive. So, is it worth it? We’ll look at how to deal with charged political issues and moderate between radically different points of view on Israeli society and politics and find ways to create platforms at Limmud for even the thorniest of topics.

 Limmud Israel programming framework.pdf

LGBTQ+ Inclusion training 101

Arya Marvazy 

Blue 34

Experience JQ’s (Jewish Queers) 101 Training to learn about the fundamentals of LGBTQ+ identity and inclusion. Attendees will learn about the full range of diverse gender identities/expressions and sexual orientations, explore where they fall on the LGBTQ+ inclusion spectrum, and how to meet the unique needs of LGBTQ+ people in your life.

Prejudicial and grossly detrimental behaviour: Scratching beneath the surface of the Labour Party’s antisemitism nightmare

Peter Mason 

Red 3

Honestly, what’s really going on inside the Labour Party? Why wasn’t Ken Livingstone expelled? Why did the Party try to make its own definition of antisemitism? Will they ever overcome the crisis? Join a member of Labour’s NCC (its top disciplinary committee) who will shine a light onto the inner workings of the Party and explain all.

Soul Jump! - Animated band live show

Martyn Niman 

Yellow 24

Soul Jump is a melodic pop band like nothing you’ve seen before. The live vocalists sing & act alongside animated music videos through 14 original songs. The songs have strong messages rooted in Jewish Ideas. Expect to be laugh, be moved & massively entertained!

Talking about health and mental health: 'I don't want to worry you' (1 of 2)

Yoav Landau-Pope 

Green 26

Dealing with health and mental health is part of life and exists in every family. When it comes to communicating and facing these issues with our families it might become anything but straightforward. This three-part series will explore the dynamics of communication in families around these issues, each session offering a different perspective.

The Israeli Constitution and the Nation-State Basic Law – a beginner’s guide: 1948-1992 (1 of 3)

Robin Moss 

Yellow 21

In July the Knesset passed a new "Basic Law", the Nation-State Law. It was and remains controversial. To really understand it, we need to zoom out. In this series we'll explore the Israeli constitution. Like the UK it isn't codified, but beyond that the comparisons end. Today, the start of the story - from independence in 1948 to revolution in 1992

The Jews of Africa: A photographic journey

Jono David 

Red 4

Since the time of Abraham and his wanderings in Egypt, the Jewish people have had a presence in Africa, making some communities the oldest in the world. This interactive presentation outlines this history and introduces viewers to emerging Jewish groups in Uganda, Cameroon and Ghana.

The Mourner’s Kaddish – A New Interpretation

Elie Kaunfer 

Orange 10

Join us as we explore the essence of the kaddish, moving on an interpretive journey that has implications for all prayers we read. Along the way we will encounter the power of the kaddish, a poignant depiction of God’s relationship with us, and what people can offer the Divine.

 Mourners Kaddish Limmud UK 2018.pdf

The Wolf of Baghdad - a memoir of a lost homeland

Edwin Shuker  Carol Isaacs 

Orange 13

See a preview of a new audio-visual work: projections of an Iraqi-Jewish family's memories of their lost home (drawn as a graphic memoir) that is accompanied by a soundtrack of secular & sacred Judeo-Arabic music. Themes of identity & belonging, & the untold story of Iraqi Jews. Followed by a discussion w/ Edwin Shuker on the Jews of Iraq & a Q&A.

How to talk about Israel - Advocacy in your local community

Harry Goldstein 

Red 2

The last few years have seen a mushrooming of local 'Friends of Israel' groups. Drawing on North London Friends of Israel's experience, we will discuss how to campaign in your own locality. Discussion welcome, especially other local groups sharing experiences. How do we oppose the Israel-haters? How do we make Israel's case in the wider community?

Shocking data from college campuses! (What works in engaging Jewish students)

Adam Lehman 

Purple 31

How can we solve the high stakes riddle of engaging the next generation of Jews? Hillel International's Chief Operating Officer Adam Lehman will share insights drawn from the largest survey of Jewish students in the world to provide data-validated solutions to this riddle, and moderate a discussion on their implications for the Jewish future.

 Limmud Festival Quiz - Campus Data.docx

The life and death of Primo Levi

Ian Vellins 

Yellow 22

This session will discuss the life of Primo Levi, his strategies for survival in Auschwitz, his writings, and the controversy relating to his death.

Three bestselling short histories of the world and humankind by three Jewish authors: Moses, Ernst Gombrich and Yuval Noah Harari

Yitzach von Schweitzer 

Orange 11

The five books of Moses are also a short history of the world and humankind that may well have motivated in one way or another the Jews Gombrich and Harari and certainly conditioned what they have been writing about. Each of these three “short” histories is on the top selling lists in the main languages with millions of copies existing in the world.

 Guide Lines.docx

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