Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Sunday 18:40

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A Zionist salon, Limmud style

Gil Troy 

Red 6

In 1948, Israel was fragile, but the Zionist conversation was robust - ideological arguments launched the movement. Today, Israel’s robust but the Zionist conversation has turned fragile: let’s return to a foundational discussion about who we are and who we wish to be that isn’t tied to the headlines but to bigger questions about Judaism - and life.

 Zionist Salon.Toward Identity.Limmud.docx

Blue Like Me: The Art of Siona Benjamin - documentary film and art project

Siona Benjamin 

Yellow 22

Siona is a Bene Israel Jew from Mumbai. Most of her family migrated to Israel and she began to wonder “what is home?” She creates art to answer that question, painting blue figures who fuse eastern traditions and western pop culture. The film follows Siona to meet her community and explore the effects of the 2008 terror attacks. In searching the planet for a home, Siona finds that the planet is her home - a world that is vast, vibrant and blue. Film 30min + Q&A and an art assignment.

If All the Seas Were Ink

Ilana Kurshan 

Yellow 21

How can learning Torah help us recover from heartbreak and fall in love again? This class will chronicle a personal journey through divorce, Aliyah, dating, marriage, pregnancy and motherhood – against the backdrop of daily Talmud study.

 If All the Seas Were Ink sourcesheet.docx

Job inside out

Ian Gamse 

Red 2

Many readings of the Book of Job assume that it’s a poetic work with prose prologue and epilogue tacked on. But what happens if we treat it as a narrative and then try to understand how the poetry fits in?

 2018.12.23 Job inside out.pdf

Make friends - Jewish and interfaith perspectives on friendship

Mohinder Ahluwalia  Ibrahim Mogra  David Ford  Alon Goshen-Gottstein 

Red 5

In 2017 over 100,000,000 people were exposed to a campaign of world religious leaders calling for making friends across religions. We join them by offering Jewish, Christian, Sikh, and Muslim perspectives on what friendship means in diverse religions and how internal notions of friendship can be extended to relations with the other.

Off the Derech Dolorosa: a (Very Jewish) comedy about a Catholic school teacher – excerpts and discussion from Theatre & Theology’s production

Yael Valier 

Yellow 24

Mary, aspiring nun, wants to change the way religion is thought and taught. Mother Superior is not amused. Identify with both as they debate the mysteries of God and the training of the young as we read excerpts from Tom Dudzick’s wise and wise-cracking comedy, and discuss their relevance to Jews today. With Theatre and Theology actor Howard Metz.

PJ Library Storytime (1 of 4)

Limmud Families Team 

Families Lounge

Come and join the Families team and PJ Library each evening in the Families Lounge for bedtime stories. Bring your own story or choose one from the PJ Lending Library at Limmud. Pyjamas and cuddly toys encouraged as we get ready for bed.

Shevet Dinah Podcast Launch

Hadassah Fromson  Isabel Bard  Laynie Soloman  Noa Gendler 

Blue 34

Come along to the inaugural episode of Shevet Dinah, the Torah platform for women and non-binary people. A panel of remarkable people will share a piece of Torah that moves them to launch this brand new project. With thanks to the Hadar Institute for their sponsorship.

The Medieval Jewish heritage of England in 50 objects

Marcus Roberts 

Green 25

This well illustrated presentation chooses 50 artefacts, from England, France and Germany, which illustrate the life and times of the medieval Jews of England. We will ask the question whether the Jews of medieval England were a beleaguered minority, or were closer to the mainstream of medieval English life, than has often been assumed previously?

Wes Streeting of Ilford North - it used to be quite Jewish

Daniel Carmel-Brown  Adrian Cohen  Marie van der Zyl  Wes Streeting MP  Jonathan Goldstein 

Orange 15

Wes is one of the lead voices supporting us but also is the MP for Ilford North which was once the heart of the Jewish community but today is over 50% Muslim, Hindu, Sikh. What can the Jewish community learn from interfaith, interethnic interactions.

What is the role of religion in the lives of American Jews?

Jack Wertheimer 

Purple 31

Survey research about Americans consistently finds lower levels of belief in God and also synagogue attendance among Jews, as compared to the larger U.S. population. And yet, some four million Americans identify as Jewish by virtue of their religion. What do we know about the condition of religious belief and practice among American Jews?

Rikud chadash - youth dance

Maurice Stone  Sheila Eizensharf 

Red 7

Come to learn IDI's youth dance programme - for the young and young at heart. Learn new line and circle dances to energise you and encourage you to Join the Circle. This is a special programme to celebrate Israel 71!

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