Limmud Festival 2018 - Presenters

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Presenters: E

Miriam Edelman

Miriam is an organisational psychologist, and teaches tikkun olam to rabbinic students at Leo Baeck College, and Judaism and ethics for teens at Wimbledon Synagogue. A fully bilingual American who has lived in London since 1994 and has been a Limmudnik nearly as long. Miriam is Limmud’s Treasurer.

Sunday 12:00
Sunday 12:00 Dealing with difficult volunteers

Dovid Efune

Dovid is editor and CEO of The Algemeiner. He regularly appears on major TV channels including CBS, CNBC, Fox News and CNN and has met with both US President Donald Trump and Israeli PM Netanyahu. Efune is a popular public speaker and has been widely published.

Monday 12:00
Monday 12:00 Anatomy of American Jewry
Monday 16:00
Monday 16:00 Donald Trump and the Jews
Tuesday 17:30
Tuesday 17:30 Is Trump's foreign policy good for Israel?
Wednesday 09:10
Wednesday 09:10 Israel and the Information Age: How to Win in the Battleground of Ideas

Yehuda Efune

Yehuda has been the rabbi to the Chelsea Synagogue community in central London, since 2011.

Sunday 23:00
Sunday 23:00 Kohelet: anatomy of futility?
Tuesday 20:30
Tuesday 20:30 What is Jewish philosophy?
Thursday 09:20
Thursday 09:20 Songs of yearning, songs of ecstasy

Daniel Eisenberg

Daniel grew up in London. He studied German and French at university and was a Noam movement worker. He spent a year at the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem and now lives in London where he helps run Ohel Moed, a halachic-egalitarian minyan. He works in children social services.

Tuesday 13:20
Tuesday 13:20 British Jews opposing the occupation
Tuesday 21:50
Tuesday 21:50 Mystical nostrils: the long and short of Jewish noses from Tanakh to Zohar

Sheila Eizensharf

Born in Israel, Sheila grew up in Latvia and started doing Israeli dance at the age of 13. She works with children, teenagers, adults, volunteers for Baltic Israeli Arts festival “Inbal” and organises “Riga Rokedet” Israeli dance Baltic workshop. Participates in Machol Europa annual Israeli dance teaching course.

Sunday 18:40
Sunday 18:40 Rikud chadash - youth dance
Sunday 20:30
Sunday 20:30 Israeli dance party
Monday 13:20
Monday 13:20 Tayelet - your introduction to Israeli dance

Judith Elkan

Judith is chair of UK Friends of the Bereaved Families Forum. Born in Jerusalem, she is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist living in the UK. She has been involved all her life in building bridges between Israelis and Palestinians to live peacefully and creatively side by side.

Tuesday 14:40
Tuesday 14:40 Two Sided Story: An Israeli/Palestinian Film
Wednesday 19:10
Wednesday 19:10 Peace-building in Israel and Palestine: what's new?

Benjamin Ellis

Benjamin helped establish and is now chair of KeshetUK, the organisation working so that no one should ever have to choose between their Jewish and LGBT+ identity. He enjoys cycling, swimming, cooking vegetarian food, and sings in Jewish and LGBT+ choirs.

Wednesday 17:30
Wednesday 17:30 “The Wellbeing of LGBT+ pupils: A Guide for Orthodox Jewish Schools” – how KeshetUK worked with Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis to create this guide and what is next?

Tamar Elram

Tamar Elram is an ObGyn and expert in HealthCare Admin, trained at Hebrew University (MD) and Harvard (MPA) as a Wexner fellow. Current director of Hadassah Mt Scopus. Past assistant to director general of the Health Ministry, deputy director of Hadassah Ein Kerem and director of Misgav Ladach Hospital.

Sunday 23:00
Sunday 23:00 Why Rachel died in child birth and other obstetrical insights and complications in Jewish history
Tuesday 09:10
Tuesday 09:10 Climbing Mt Scopus - a personal national Hadassah story
Wednesday 17:30
Wednesday 17:30 Jewish values and healthcare - can two walk together?

Nadine Epstein

An award-winning journalist, Nadine reported for the Chicago bureau of the New York Times. Nadine holds a B.A. & M.A. from the University of Pennsylvania, and was a University Fellow in Columbia University. Nadine has written several books and a documentary film shortlisted for an Academy Award.

Monday 20:30
Monday 20:30 Jewish genes as time machines
Tuesday 13:20
Tuesday 13:20 The Nation of Islam and antisemitism in the US
Wednesday 17:30
Wednesday 17:30 Elie Wiesel: An Extraordinary Life and Legacy Writings, Reflections, Photographs — Edited by Nadine Epstein, Foreword by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks and Afterword by Ted Koppel.

Lucas Espinosa Menendez

Photographer by vocation, Design Anthropologist by profession, Talmudist aficionado. Colombian and Spanish Passports. German Resident.

Monday 19:10
Monday 19:10 The Golem, Frankenstein and our virtual self

Estelle Eugene

Estelle has been offering yoga sessions at Limmud for many years. She worked as administrator for the Yakar Educational Foundation and co-founded The Jewish Yoga Network with Marcus Freed.

Wednesday 12:00
Wednesday 12:00 Chair Yoga

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