Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Tuesday 09:10

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The Making of Super Heroes and Heroines

Siona Benjamin 

Purple 31

Siona will do a 30 min powerpoint presentation of the role of myth and superheroes in her work. Participants will be inspired by superheroes and also from Siona's comic-inspired paintings. Students will make a collage/drawing that will depict how they plan to bring peace to the world and what stories will they use to depict that. How will their superheroes look who will help them to achieve this. The concept of Tikkun ha Olam will be discussed with the students to show how to bring restoration in the world.

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Family Matters, in Torah and in Life – The First Couple

Daniel Goldfarb 

Red 1

Families are the strangest of entities. The various personae in the Torah and the relations between them – couples, parents/children, and siblings – have kept commentators, artists and therapists busy full-time. We’ll start with Adam and Eve and explore the complexities and the complexes from the get-go. Have things changed much in 5779 years?

 Family Matters - Cain-Abel First Brothers Limmud UK 2018.docx

The cultural impact of Jews in Mexico

Alan Grabinsky 

Red 5

In this session, I will talk about the impact that Jews have had in Mexican culture and arts. I will talk specifically about Jews in visual arts and writing but also film and other disciplines. I´m interested in exploring the role of Jews as cultural mediators, especially in the case of women gallery owners an art promoters.

Climbing Mt Scopus - a personal national Hadassah story

Tamar Elram 

Blue 34

Ever wanted to meet an energetic Jewish, British, Israeli, woman, mother, Gynecologist, hospital director? An inspiring story of personal growth entwined with the amazing Zionist story of Hadassah.

Bring the wisdom of kabbalah into your life (3 of 3)

Janet Berenson 

Red 2

Seeing the World through the lens of Kabbalah can help you achieve a more balanced, integrated sense of self. Through conversation and meditation, we will begin the work of tikkun atzmi -repair of the self – harnessing our inner potential to understand who we are and what goodness, creativity and love we are capable of discovering within ourselves.

Shabbat Musaf - The whole Shebang (3 of 3)

Rebecca Blumenfeld 

Green 27

This session will focus on the specific nusach used in Shabbat Musaf services. We will be looking at a specific piece of music as a case study to start us off.

 Musaf chatzi kaddish settings.pdf  Shabbat Musaf Settings.pdf

Maiden and Matronita: female Images of Jerusalem through the ages

Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz 

Yellow 23

Daughter of Zion, harlot, queen, Matronita - these are just some of the names given to Jerusalem, which has often been imagined as a woman by prophets, sages, and poets. We'll trace the development of female personifications of Jerusalem throughout the ages, and meditate on what they say about the city and its meaning for us.

The continuing journey of Russian speaking Jewry

Roman Kogan  Chaim Chesler 

Orange 13

Where is Russian speaking Jewry in 2019? Come and learn about Russian-speaking communities around the world and why Limmud has had such huge appeal across this section of the global Jewish community.

The Art of Cynthia Pell – A Jewish Expressionist?

Irene Wise 

Red 3

Cynthia Pell was a talented artist who suffered illness and a troubled life; she deserves to be better known. In this illustrated talk, Pell’s paintings and drawings will be examined alongside figurative works by twentieth century European artists, including other Jewish women. We shall explore what they have in common and what makes Pell unique.

Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word

Ellen Flax 

Red 4

What makes for a good apology? And why is it so darn difficult to make one? We will look at some famous and infamous apologies, as well as Jewish texts about asking for forgiveness.

Reinventing Chabad: Rosh Hashanah on 19th Kislev?

Wojciech Tworek 

Yellow 24

This talk explores a fascinating episode from the history of Hasidism, when the Chabad Rebbe founded yeshivas, sent out emmissaries, established a journal, wrote Yiddish literature and invented new rituals; all in order to attract new followers and connect them with the Chabad Hasidim scattered around the world.

Prayer in 90 seconds

Sherre Hirsch 

Orange 14

There is no right way to pray. But research shows that if you 'pray' for 90 seconds, you can change your mental, spiritual and even physical health. Come prepared to expand your mind about what it really means to pray. Belief in God not required.

 Prayer in 90 Seconds or Less.pdf

Philosophy of cherry picking

Hayden Cohen 

Orange 10

Join Hayden Cohen for a lively discussion on the philosophical justifications for Jewish cherry picking. Can you truly be part of the chosen people if you choose to do whatever you want? Is anything sacrosanct? What do the rabbis say? By the end we'll all definitively agree what you should do because Jews always come to definitive conclusions.

Making Meaning in Ancient Alexandria

Joshua Garroway 

Yellow 22

Jews do peculiar things. We circumcise infants, lie idle on Saturday, and avoid tasty meats. But why? Many modern Jews (and non-Jews) have asked why Moses enjoined such odd behaviours. The ancients wondered just the same. This presentation explores how the Jews of Alexandria tried to make sense of Judaism's most distinctive, yet unusual, rites.

Jewish Engagement in the 21st Century: A Moment or a Movement?

Isaiah Rothstein 

Orange 15

The synagogue model for community engagement is on trial by lay-leaders and clergy alike. Is the synagogue enough? What research has been conducted to help us envision a movement for alternative platforms that engage the Jewish future in innovative and meaningful experiences for this generation?

How 6500 children engaged with Israeli history, art and culture

Nic Abery 

Orange 12

Over 6500 school pupils worldwide participated in Building Artistic Connections. Find out how this innovative project became the community's most successful Israel education initiative and how educators can build from its educational model for the future.

Homeopathy in Jewish life & sources (2 of 2)

Francis Treuherz 

Green 25

Based on questions from participants Francis will discuss how homeopathy might help with acute or long term conditions from problems in pregnancy and childbirth though autism to Alzheimer's. Francis will share experiences of homeopathy in the Jewish life cycle. He will offer 10 minute confidential discussions after the session.

From Chagall to Heine - stained glass inspirations

Ruth Taylor-Jacobson 

Green 26

Light glowing through jewelled colour has been used for centuries to transmit a spiritual message. I use its qualities to tell our stores and explore my Jewish identity. In this session, I want to share ideas and images that have inspired me.

Everyday meditation

Susie Kessler 

Red 7

Meditation is a deep practice that help us bring together mind, body and spirit, allowing for the cultivation of a calm centre and an open heart. We'll explore aspects of meditation that include focused attention, open awareness and compassion practice. Expect some instruction and periods of silence. For beginners or experienced meditators.

Ashkenazi Jews – Who do we think we are?

Daniel Anderson 

Orange 11

Having spent the last decade off and on working on my family tree, I underwent a DNA test the results of which confirmed I was predominantly Ashkenazi Jewish. But that created far more questions because the origins of the Ashkenazim have until recently been shrouded in mystery. The truth however is seemingly far stranger than fiction.

 Ashkenazi Jews - Who do we think we are .pdf

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