Limmud Festival 2018 - Presenters

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Presenters: F

Limmud Families Team

The Families team are here to make sure there are fantastic families provisions at Limmud Festival 2018.

Sunday 18:40 PJ Library Storytime (1 of 4)
Monday 18:40 PJ Library Storytime (2 of 4)
Tuesday 18:40 PJ Library Storytime (3 of 4)
Wednesday 18:40 PJ Library Storytime (4 of 4)

David Farbey

David Farbey has lectured widely, including at Oxford, Bradford and Westminster universities and is the author of several books. He has made a particular study of eta and opera singers, on which he lectures extensively.

Tuesday 14:40 Jewish opera composers - Nineteenth Century (1 of 2)
Wednesday 12:00 Jewish opera composers - Twentieth Century (2 of 2)

Howard Feldman

Howard volunteers as a mentor for Mavar, supporting charedim who wish to transition to the modern world. He is also a technical and management consultant in satellite communications, and is an executive coach and mentor.

Sunday 16:00 A journey out of ultra-orthodoxy and into the modern world - how can mentors help?

Miriam Feldmann Kaye

Miriam is interested in the impact of postmodernism in contemporary Jewish philosophy. As a Post-Doctoral lecturer at the Hebrew University, and project director of the Israel branch of the Faith and Belief Forum, she is author of ‘Jewish Theology for a Postmodern Age’.

Sunday 20:30 Celebrating Maureen at Limmud
Monday 10:40 Confusion, language and multiple meanings in the creation and collapse of the Tower of Babel (1 of 2)
Tuesday 10:40 Confusion, language and multiple meanings in the creation and collapse of the Tower of Babel (2 of 2)
Tuesday 17:30 Two Jewish philosophers walk into a bar
Wednesday 13:30 The Matrix and the Maharal: the new Jewish philosophy of Rav Shagar

Leon Fenster

An artist who creates intricate, exuberant dream-scapes. Get lost in whimsical worlds which capture the totality of an experience: A city, a life, an architectural fantasy, or a Midrashic story. Current projects include depictions of Israeli cities, a Haggadah and a Sino-Israel exhibition.

Sunday 10:40 A Jewish architectural fantasy
Tuesday 16:00 Your city as you've never seen it before

Sarah Feuer

Sarah is a Research Fellow at Tel Aviv University’s Institute for National Security Studies and a Senior Non-Resident Fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. In 2017 she made Aliyah and she currently lives in Tel Aviv.

Monday 16:00 Shifts in American Support for Israel: Causes, Consequences, and Strategic Options for Jerusalem
Tuesday 17:30 Is Trump's foreign policy good for Israel?
Wednesday 19:10 Ideological trends in the Arab world and implications for Israel

David Finlay

David is a writer of songs and performance pieces which bring to life Jewish history. In this 70th anniversary year of the creation of the State of Israel David presents A Promised Land: Those who Dared to Dream, based on the words of those who brought the dream to reality.

Monday 17:30 A Promised Land: those who dared to dream

Ellen Flax

Ellen Flax is a longtime member of Limmud's International Chavruta team and has worked as a grant maker, director, and consultant at several foundations. She received her rabbinic ordination from Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion.

Sunday 13:20 Limmud May Have Saved My Life...
Tuesday 09:10 Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word

Dalia Fleming

Dalia is KeshetUK’s first executive director, working to ensure no Jewish LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans) person has to choose between their LGBT+ and Jewish identity. Responsible for the strategic direction of KeshetUK, Dalia has been involved in the UK Jewish and LGBT+ community for over 10yrs.

Monday 12:00 Learn how to create a more inclusive LGBT+ environment. What can you do to make your community better for LGBT+ people?
Monday 18:40 LGBT+ and Jewish: a discussion around what an inclusive Jewish community looks like for you
Monday 21:50 LGBT+ social space
Tuesday 13:30 LGBT+ Families: a discussion around what an inclusive Jewish community looks like for you and your family
Tuesday 20:30 Through the eyes of young Jewish women
Wednesday 17:30 “The Wellbeing of LGBT+ pupils: A Guide for Orthodox Jewish Schools” – how KeshetUK worked with Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis to create this guide and what is next?

David Ford

David Ford is Regius Professor of Divinity Emeritus in the University of Cambridge and a Fellow of Selwyn College. In the 1990s, with Peter Ochs and Dan Hardy, he co-founded the practice of Scriptural Reasoning. He serves in the Rose Castle Foundation and the Elijah Interfaith Institute, Jerusalem.

Sunday 18:40 Make friends - Jewish and interfaith perspectives on friendship

Jessica Foster

Jess is a tutor in interfaith engagement at a training college for Christian ministers. She is also policy advisor to the Bishop of Birmingham and is heavily involved in interfaith work in the community. She has participated in two CCJ study tours in Israel-Palestine.

Monday 12:00 Jews and Christians: where are we going?

Batsheva Frankel

Batsheva is the author of The Jewish Educator’s Companion, developed the award-winning LaunchBox products and Lenses of Questioning method. She has given workshops all over the US and is director of New Lens Educational Consulting and co-director of The Areté Institute.

Saturday 18:30 Benefit of Doubt Game Show
Sunday 14:40 Good questions are the answer: the lenses of questioning technique for educators
Monday 23:00 Mikva the Musical: Music and Monologues from the Deep – excerpts and discussion
Wednesday 16:00 Family game-changer

Harry Freedman

Harry writes books for anyone- Jewish or not- who is interested in the history of classical Jewish texts. His next book, Kabbalah: Secrecy, Scandal and the Soul, will be published by Bloomsbury in January. His previous books include The Talmud: A Biography and The Murderous History of Bible translations.

Sunday 21:50 Permitting the forbidden - how Shabbetai Tzvi tore up the Talmud
Monday 10:40 Is Jewish theology dead?
Monday 20:30 Descending to the Chariot
Tuesday 13:20 Who wrote the Zohar?
Wednesday 14:40 The strange story of Christian Kabbalah

Paul Freedman

Paul studied Physics at Bristol, Education at Cambridge and for the rabbinate at Leo Baeck College, where he has also taught Biblical Hebrew. He is Senior Rabbi at Radlett Reform Synagogue, final editor of the Reform Haggadah and coeditor of the forthcoming High Holyday Machzor. His 23rd Limmud!

Sunday 13:20 Pointless? (Hebrew Dots for Dummies) (1 of 2)
Monday 09:10 Pointless? Hebrew dots for dummies (2 of 2)
Tuesday 14:40 Tzitzit? Why knot!

Sigalit Freeman

Sigalit Freeman is the Jewish Agency Central shlicha for student activity in the UK. Previously Sigalit organised Birthright programmes in Israel and served as a Jewish Agency shlicha in Miami, Florida. She has a degree is special education development. She is married with two young children.

Monday 10:40 Gefiltefest: Is Bamba the only real Israeli food?
Tuesday 13:20 Taking up the timbrel! Jewish women in the forefront of social organisations
Tuesday 23:00 From bourekas to Oscars

Rachael Fried

Rachael identifies as a Destigmatist, using her social work and systems design backgrounds to approach taboos and to reduce stigmas and biases. She is Deputy Director at JQY, a nonprofit in New York that supports LGBTQ youth from Orthodox homes. In her spare time, Rachael creates lovable monsters.

Saturday 19:00 Ultra-Orthodox LGBTQ youth and the art of guerrilla marketing
Sunday 20:30 Meet your Monsters!
Monday 18:40 LGBT+ and Jewish: a discussion around what an inclusive Jewish community looks like for you
Tuesday 12:00 JQY Drop-in Center: The Fashions of Gender and Judaism
Wednesday 12:00 How can you be LGBT+ and Jewish in an orthodox community?

Mordechai Friedman

Mordechai Fridman is the director at the Institute of Research of Zionism in the JNF, previously academic director in the Central Zionist Archive, Jerusalem. He is the author of the books: "The bush is burning and consumed - Herzl Zionist Journey" and "Moshe Sachs a yeke a haredi and a Zionist".

Sunday 13:20 Herzl’s Legacy
Monday 09:10 Pioneers of the Old Settlement in 19th-Century Jerusalem
Tuesday 16:00 Herzl and Jerusalem

Eva Frojmovic

Eva grew up in Czechoslovakia and Germany, before moving to the UK in 1993. She has been teaching history of art and Jewish studies at the Uni of Leeds since 1995. Her main interests are Jewish art, Jewish-Christian polemics (medieval), Jewish museums and Heritage.

Tuesday 20:30 From Frankfurt to Los Angeles: the lost and found Rothschild Chumash
Wednesday 21:50 Images of Jewish women

Hadassah Fromson

Hadassah is a psychologist and a rebbetzin (GGS). For her PhD she studied religion & sexual satisfaction and now teaches Torah and has a practice in focussing on parenting, relationships, and work with teens. Hadassah was born in Israel, raised in Gibraltar and studied in UCL, Michlalah and Matan.

Sunday 13:20 Parenting perspectives: casting roles
Sunday 18:40 Shevet Dinah Podcast Launch
Sunday 21:50 Meaning through music
Monday 16:00 Why do kids ask questions?
Tuesday 10:40 Parenting perspectives: self worth and social media
Wednesday 13:20 Does religion spoil your sex life?

Sam Fromson

Sam is a rabbi, husband, dad and entrepreneur. He went to CLS and learnt in yeshiva in Jerusalem before studying NatSci in Cambridge and then completing smicha. Sam is assistant rabbi in Golders Green Shul, whilst running an insurtech startup, yulife.

Sunday 13:20 Parenting perspectives: casting roles
Sunday 21:50 Meaning through music
Monday 16:00 Why do kids ask questions?
Monday 17:30 Help! The rabbi is coming for shabbat lunch
Tuesday 10:40 Parenting perspectives: self worth and social media

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