Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Wednesday 13:30

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Film screening: A Land Without Borders + Panel Discussion

Ruvi Ziegler  Sana Knaneh  Maya Ilany  Clive Sheldon 

Orange 13

As Israeli journalist Nir Baram begins to lose faith in the two-state solution, he travels through the West Bank speaking to Palestinians & Israeli settlers – and has to re-evaluate his hopes for a peaceful resolution to the conflict. This award-winning documentary will be followed by a panel discussion reflecting on the situation in the West Bank.

The Matrix and the Maharal: the new Jewish philosophy of Rav Shagar

Miriam Feldmann Kaye 

Orange 14

This philosophical class will examine the changing concept of truth in modern and postmodern Jewish thought. We will explore an original approach to the deep challenges that this role of truth presents for religion; that of the relatively new Israeli scholar Rav Shagar (1947-2007).

Prayer laboratory

Naftali Moses 

Red 8

To whom do we talk when we pray? For whom do we pray? Is joyful prayer the same as that born of dire need? We will spend a long session studying texts together and experimenting with applying what we learned from them in order to discover deeper ways of addressing the Divine using traditional liturgy.

 Prayer Lab.docx

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