Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Wednesday 16:00

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Family game-changer

Batsheva Frankel 

Blue 33

Game creator, Batsheva Frankel guides your family in creating a personalised game that reflects and expresses who you are as a family. This hands-on workshop involves each member working together to develop and produce their family’s game. Then it’s time to play the games! Each family keeps their game for a fun memento.

The most international Jewish melody

Chloe Pourmorady 

Red 7

A workshop in the most international Jewish melody: "Yoducha Rayonai," a Sephardic song for Shabbat that is in 22 languages. You will have the opportunity to learn a few verses in the original Hebrew, as well as in Greek and Turkish. Singers and instrumentalists welcome.

Save A Child’s Heart

Vivian Aisen  Sarah Derriey 

Red 4

Save a Child’s Heart is an Israeli-based international humanitarian organisation with the mission of improving the quality of pediatric cardiac care for children in developing countries regardless of the child's nationality, religion, colour, gender or financial situation. The organization offers a comprehensive training program for doctors and nurses from developing countries and leads surgical and teaching missions to partner countries.

Limmud Chavruta Project - Israel @ 70 - Shelter and Unity (3 of 3)

Limmud Chavruta Team 

Red 9

This year the Limmud Chavruta Project has created five accessible and thought-provoking resources to mark Israel @ 70. Come and study them with us! Everyone welcome with no experience or expertise needed. Come as a pair or we'll pair you up. Today we'll explore the resources from Sukkot and Chanukah, which explore the themes of Shelter and Unity.

New Jewish Voices: Concert & Conversation

Jacob Kraus  Eliana Light  Ellen Allard 

Red 6

Join songwriters Ellen Allard, Jacob Spike Kraus and Eliana Light for an intimate hour of songs and stories. Learn about how each songwriter draws on Jewish tradition to create their musical style, how they carve out their place in a rich musical legacy, and hear about the landscape of new Jewish songwriters in North America.

Yerushalayim El-Kuds - from the heart of the conflict: dreaming the future of Jerusalem

Ghassan Manasra  Mordechai Zeller 

Red 5

Jerusalem, Yerushalayim El-Kuds, Ursalim El-Kuds is seen as the heart of the world. Mordechai Zeller, a rabbi, and Ghassan Manasra, a Sheikh, will explore, share and delve through the heart of the conflict, through Jewish and Muslim practices and texts about the myth and possible future of this sacred city.

 AbrahamicReunioPromotion Sheet..pdf  AbrahamicReunioPromotion Sheet..pdf  CAD 92 p3.pdf  CAD 92 p3.pdf  CAD 92 p3.pdf

No laughing matter - Holocaust and humour

Yoni Berrous 

Red 3

It is naturally difficult to associate the subject of humour with the Holocaust. However, are these two subjects totally incongruous? What happened to famous Jewish humour during one of the worst periods in Jewish history?

Who's Gonna Love me Now?

UK Jewish Film Festival  Alexander Bodin Saphir  Saar Maoz 

Orange 13

Introduced by Linda Berkowitz and followed by a Q&A with Saar Maoz and Alexander Bodin Saphir, the film follows Saar’s journey from Israel to London where he is diagnosed HIV positive. With the support and love of friends, Saar begins to repair his family relationships. (86 mins, English subtitles)

Social judaism - what's that?

Sasha Gold 

Green 26

BINA: The Jewish Movement for Social Change has coined a new term in the Israeli Jewish landscape - "Social Judaism". Come learn what this could mean and why we feel it is a necessary addition for Israeli society, as well as how we are putting it into action in projects around the world - from Palo Alto to Dharamsala.

 Limmud Session 2_ Social Judaism - what's that_.pdf

Understanding Israeli politics - how do you run a country with 12 parties represented in the Parliament?

Kenneth Bob 

Orange 11

In this session we will learn about the Israeli political system, meet the current leading players and trace the different party platforms back to the Zionist movements that established the state in 1948. We will also look at the prospects for the next elections that will take place in 2019.

Wrestling with divine and human beings

Steve Miller 

Red 2

In the book of Genesis, Jacob wrestles with a stranger in a famously enigmatic text. Ever since then commentators and artists have wrestled with the meaning of this story. In this discussion/lecture we will look at commentary from Rashi to Roland Barthes, and 1500 years of artists including Rembrandt, Doré, Delacroix and Jacob Epstein.

Which music came first - synagogue or church?

Jonathan Weissbart 

Yellow 22

Choral music has been sung in synagogues and churches for centuries. But there is far more crossover than you realise. Come and listen to liturgical church and synagogue music being performed live by a choir and you might be surprised to learn how much has been borrowed from each other's traditions.

What 20 years in a Chevra Kadisha has taught me about living

Holly Blue Hawkins 

Green 27

Often called a Burial Society, the term Chevra Kadisha is better translated Sacred Society or Holy Friends. In a congregational setting the mitzvah of guarding and ceremonially preparing our own deceased for burial brings the reality of life’s fragility into sharp focus. Far from depressing, it can awaken us to the exquisite preciousness of life.

Water in Israel: source of life and conflict, from then to now

Daniel Goldfarb 

Orange 12

Eretz Yisrael is flowing with milk and honey, but water is in short supply. Abraham struggled with his neighbours over water in Genesis 21; Al Jazeera warns strategists from Israel to Central Asia to prepare for strife over water in the coming decade. We’ll look at water in Israel and Judaism, a critical resource and a symbol of Torah and life.

 WATER LimUK - SOURCE SHEET Dec 12 2018.docx

The good hatred - how the political left became a hotbed of antisemitism

Annika Hernroth-Rothstein 

Red 1

In this session, using Sweden, Britain and the US as examples, we delve into why antisemitism became a scourge of the political left and how the common hatred of Jews made for strange bedfellows between leftist and Islamists.

Tea with Mala

Richard Verber  _ March of the Living 

Blue 32

Join Mala for a chat and some afternoon tea. Mala will speak about her personal experience during the Holocaust.

Pop-Up podcast!

Yochai Maital  Stephen Laughton 

Blue 34

In an incredible feet of Technical and Audio prowess, Yochai and Stephen will create a scripted, narrated, and scored documentary radio story in front of your very eyes. This is a collaborative effort. We need you. Calling all storytellers, musicians, and people capable of making weird and interesting noises - come and partake!

One in every minyan: navigating intersectionality in the Jewish world

Gabi Markham  Elliot Jebreel  Hannah Brady  Aviva Braun-Finkler  Yehudah Webster 

Orange 14

No two Jews are the same - but do we make space for everyone? Bring your whole self to this timely conversation with Jewish activists from multiple minority groups as they discuss their personal experiences, the impact of the wider intersectionality justice movement on Jewish identity, and the future of inclusivity in the diaspora.

Letters Live at Limmud with Clive Lawton and friends

Sarah Pinch  Helena Miller  Clive Lawton  Keith Kahn-Harris  Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz  Arya Marvazy  Aviva Dautch  Caroline Rothstein  Benji Lovitt  Raymond Simonson  Samuel Lebens  Joseph Dweck 

Orange 15

A celebration of the enduring power of literary correspondence. Performers lend their voice to letters of note that move, amuse and inspire, bringing a Jewish twist to the wonderful Letters Live. Not to be missed - as told by some the most exciting and talented presenters at Festival.

American Jews: How they attained their civil and political rights

George Berlin 

Green 25

The process of gaining civil and political rights for Jews in America was different from the process in Europe. Why was this so? What problems seemed to limit these rights for Jews in America and how were they resolved?

 G. Berlin. American Jews.docx

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