Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Monday 10:40

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What is the climate crisis asking of Jews at this key moment in history?

Yonatan Neril 

Red 2

We’ll relate to these questions: How can Jews respond to the challenge posed by climate change? What are the spiritual roots of the ecological crisis? How can we address them in our own lives and communities? This session will both face the challenges and offer people hope and practical suggestions.

 Drilling on boat teaching sheet two pages English and Hebrew JES.doc.pdf  Five ships Prezi Yonatan Neril 11.20.18.pdf

At the crossroads of Sephardic, Mizrahi, and Russian-speaking: the Jewish communities of Central Asia and the Caucasus (pt. 1: Bukharian Jews) (1 of 2)

Ruben Shimonov 

Red 3

The cultures of the millennia-old Bukharian, Georgian, and Mountain/Kavkazi Jewish communities are situated at the unique, and lesser known, intersection of Sephardic, Mizrahi, and Russian-speaking Jewish identities. In this multimedia session, we will explore the rich histories and experiences of these three Former Soviet Union communities.

Borderline Israel I: beyond the Two State Solution: peace without borders (1 of 4)

David Newman 

Orange 14

The Two State solution has been the accepted way to resolve the Arab-Israel conflict. But in recent years, it has become almost impossible to draw a clean border between the two. What new ideas for power sharing between Israelis and Palestinians exist beyond the traditional territorial box?

Confusion, language and multiple meanings in the creation and collapse of the Tower of Babel (1 of 2)

Miriam Feldmann Kaye 

Blue 34

This in-depth class will investigate contemporary philosophical interpretations of the enigmatic account of the Tower of Babel. We will consider similarities and differences between multiple languages around the world, and whether we have any chance of true communication with those who speak other languages.

Days of the fall: A reporter's journey in the Middle East wars

Jonathan Spyer 

Yellow 23

This session will discuss the experience of covering the wars of recent years in the Middle East. I will detail some experiences of my own in the wars in Syria and Iraq, and will look into how the current state of the news media affects the process whereby information concerning conflicts is gathered.

Five approaches to help you pray regularly (even if you aren’t sure what you believe)

Raphael Zarum 

Yellow 24

Sometimes I love davening but at other times, to be honest, it’s a bit of a chore. So I’ve been thinking about what inspires me and sets the mood to have a meaningful experience: mortality, music, kindness, parenthood & miracles. As you’ll hear, Prefab Sprout helped. Each approach is embodied in a particular daily prayer that might speak to you.

Free military press

Mor Sofer 

Blue 33

Galey Tzahal & Bamahane are the IDF's radio station and newspaper. They both work independently within the army and are run by soldiers on mandatory service. From the creation of the State, these iconic media were, and still are, a unique story in the Israeli heritage; working for the army whilst ensuring free speech alongside national security.

Funny for Five at Festival (1 of 2)

Rachel Creeger 

Red 7

Ever wanted to try stand up comedy? Rachel’s seen acts of all levels with great material they can’t deliver, charisma but poor writing, and those stars with outstanding wordplay and awesome performance. This session uses writing exercises to develop your comedy voice, stage presence, and craft a 5 min set with the option of performing one evening!

Gefiltefest: Is Bamba the only real Israeli food?

Gefiltefest at Limmud  Sigalit Freeman 

Purple 31

We can all name foods that we regularly eat in Israel – but are the foods really Israeli and is there even such a thing as Israeli food? The answers might surprise, but will certainly enlighten as we look at whether Israeli food exists and what we can learn from Israeli and Jewish history from a culinary experience in Israel. *Warning: this session will contain nuts

Intro to mussar - what does a patient person look like? (2 of 3)

Monique Mayer 

Orange 11

One of the many character traits we learn to cultivate through mussar practice is patience. In this session we will use meditation, study, and discussion to explore our relationship to the trait of patience.

Is Jewish theology dead?

Allan Nadler  Ivor Jacobs  Harry Freedman  Rahel Berkovits 

Red 1

Louis Jacobs, alongside Abraham J. Heschel and others, deplored the behaviourism that has taken root among Jews. They maintained that we must consider our belief structure and relate it to our identity and behaviour, avoiding the easy way of conformism. Our panelists will convey their personal approaches to Judaism and ask, can we fight this trend?

Jews and Muslims - can we really stand together?

Onjali Rauf  Laura Marks 

Red 6

In light of the growth of international antisemitism and Islamophobia, can Muslims and Jews put traditional animosity aside? Can the refugee crisis, in particular, be a bridge between us and are there other ways we can be at each others' side? Join Laura and a prominent Muslim campaigner to discuss the challenge facing both communities.

More than just mosaics: the ancient synagogue at Huqoq in Israel's Galilee

Jodi Magness 

Orange 15

Since 2011, Jodi Magness has been directing excavations in the ancient village of Huqoq in Israel's Galilee. The excavations have brought to light the remains of a monumental late Roman synagogue paved with stunning and unique mosaics, including biblical scenes and the first non-biblical story ever discovered decorating an ancient synagogue.

Paper towels in Puerto Rico: humanitarian aid in a US territory

Hannah Gaventa 

Yellow 22

Puerto Rico, a Spanish speaking territory of the United States, the home of reggaeton and an island totally devastated by Hurricane Maria in September 2017. More than a year later, some communities still don't have electricity or clean water. Learn how IsraAID and the Puerto Rican Jewish communities are helping in this complex political environment.

Shabbat Musaf - The whole shebang (2 of 3)

Rebecca Blumenfeld 

Green 25

This session will cover the importance of Nusach and its special role and function within the Jewish calendar and the synagogue service.

 Shabbat Liturgy Structure Handout.pptx.pdf

Should we worry about antisemitism?

Clive Lawton 

Red 4

No-one nowadays should be in any doubt that antisemitism still exists, but it is an endlessly mutating thing. Without doubt we should call it out whenever we spot it, but what exactly is it now and should we worry about it?

Sweden, the immigration crisis and the fall of a liberal kingdom

Annika Hernroth-Rothstein 

Orange 10

Just a few months after the Swedish general election, we take a look at how the immigration crisis changed Sweden forever and what the rise of the far right means not just for the liberal Nordic Kingdom, but for all of Europe.

The Prophet and the Griot

Mark Goldsmith 

Orange 12

Our Bible names sixty prophets, their stories and words. It also includes accounts of there being hundreds more. There was a brother and sisterhood of prophecy. How does this compare with the still existing griot tradition of Mali and Senegal? Griots extemporise on current events, politics and daily life. With West African music and Hebrew poetry.

Tikkun olam throughout the ages

Georgina Bye  Ariel Cohen 

Red 5

Throughout Jewish history "Tikkun Olam" has taken on many meanings. How has this popular term evolved over the last 500 years? Join us in an exploration of this term and how it has impacted Jewish thought and Jewish action to this day.

Explore the mystery between the lines: creative writing through Biblical stories and Talmudic tales (2 of 2)

Mei-Tal Shabtai 

Purple 29

If you have a passion for stories and you always dreamed of writing one, then this session is for you. No previous experience is needed, just an open mind, creativity and the courage to share your thoughts with others. Recommended for teachers or/and teenagers. Session 2: The plague of the firstborn.

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