Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Sunday 13:20

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A short course in creativity - how creativity boosts mental health and wellbeing (1 of 3)

Marvin Shaw 

Red 6

This is an exciting, experiential three part course for anyone interested in the wonderful well-being benefits that creativity brings to our lives. Are you an artist, writer, poet, musician, educator, teacher or therapist? Or would you simply like to get involved in a creative endeavour or project for its own sake? If so, this course is just for you!

Believing in a God that doesn’t believe in me (on being gay and orthodox)

Shonna Levin 

Red 4

What do you do when the Torah and Judaism you are absolutely in love with doesn’t love you back? A part poetry, part personal narrative session exploring the lived experience of not finding oneself in Jewish text and tradition. Q&A to follow.

Herzl’s Legacy

Mordechai Friedman 

Blue 34

Was Herzl an assimilated Jew (as the biographies say) or a person of real commitment to the Jewish faith with a legacy for generations to come?

Inherited trauma 101

Merissa Nathan Gerson 

Yellow 21

How trauma and memory are passed from generation to generation is a complex reality. Judaism, through iterations of forced removals, genocides, and expulsions, has adapted, morphed and changed over the course of history. This session examines trauma as an inheritance from a spiritual, psychological, scientific, and interpersonal lens.

Inside the Ancient Hebrew Kitchen

Angela Donen 

Blue 33

Using biblical references and archaeological findings with some knowledge of agriculture and farming you will learn what sustained our ancestors. A sample meal will be provided.

Is there any point in having a Jewish school without Jews?

Tracy Tharissa Maria Pater  Tirhas Woldai  Zakir Uddin  Lior Kaminetsky 

Yellow 23

Amazingly enough, some Muslims, Christians and others are happy with their own religion but want their children to get a Jewish education. Why is it happening? Should we allow or even encourage this? Perhaps it is a waste of Jewish resources? Join us for a discussion about this phenomenon and its possible implication on us as a Jewish community.

Jew-Ish: Figuring out where religion fits in a modern lifestyle

Jared Peysner 

Green 25

An open discussion for young professionals who are trying to figure out how to mix religion and spirituality with their career and social life. Should we stick with the traditions that we were brought up with and enjoyed as a kid but seem impractical in our modern lives? Is it okay to pick and choose what to keep and what to do our own way?

Limmud Book Club: The Weight of Ink by Rachel Kadish (1 of 4)

Shoshi Ish-Horowicz  Aviva Dautch 

Red 9

This stand-alone session is a chance for book lovers to share insights. We will discuss our favourite extracts, characters and theories - for those who've already read the book and those who haven't but want to find out more. Today's choice is Rachel Kadish’s award winning historical novel about Jews in seventeenth century London.

Parenting perspectives: casting roles

Hadassah Fromson  Sam Fromson 

Orange 10

Come and join Hadassah (a psychologist) and Sam (a rabbi) for a workshop to explore the impact of casting kids into roles, and how to help your children develop self esteem, independence and confidence.

Pointless? (Hebrew Dots for Dummies) (1 of 2)

Paul Freedman 

Orange 11

Why are there three different vowels pronounced ‘a’? When is an ‘a’ an ‘o’? (Spot one at 50 paces.) What does a sheva sound like? All these mysteries and more... For those who can read (but perhaps not understand) Hebrew and would like to know a bit more about Hebrew ‘pointing’ (vowels and other dotty stuff) to improve accuracy and understanding.

The book of Esther as comedy

Adele Berlin 

Red 2

Yes, there is comedy in the Bible and the book of Esther is a primary example. We will examine the book's farcical and bawdy passages.

 Esther 1, 6, 7 Heb..docx

The Entrepreneur's Dance: Giving and Taking

Mark Goldfarb 

Orange 12

A successful entrepreneur in the Startup Nation, while focusing on their own business, looks for opportunities to give back to their local ecosystem and the broader Israeli community. This discussion will shine light on the ways that startup leaders give back to their communities as they simultaneously obsess over their own projects.

The fiddle - factual account of a violin's journey from Russia in 1917 through the Holocaust

Natalie Cumming 

Red 1

The Levinsky family walk for a year across Russia with their precious violin which becomes Rosa's property. She has the violin with her when she is taken prisoner on Kristellnact 1938. Sent to Mauthausen, Auschwitz and Belsen where she plays with the women's orchestra. Survives the camps to give evidence at Nuremburg.

The Limmud app - a user's guide

Participant Care Programming 


Practical help from the participant care team to get the Guidebook app loaded and ready to use on your personal devices.

Wes Streeting in conversation with Andrew Gilbert

Wes Streeting MP  Andrew Gilbert 

Orange 15

Wes Streeting is certainly one of our favourite Labour MPs. From his days as President of NUS until today he has been a friend to our community not just on issues but with so many of us. This is an overdue moment at his first Limmud.

Ezra’s legacy in the 21st Century and in antiquity

Charlotte Hempel 

Red 3

Participants' perceptions of Ezra will be followed by a look at ancient evidence on Ezra including some intriguing gaps in our records, e.g. in the Dead Sea Scrolls. We will move on to Ezra’s programme of education and the issue of defining the borders of the Jewish community. We will end by looking at how Ezra's values relate to other groups.

Shabbat Musaf - The whole Shebang (1 of 3)

Rebecca Blumenfeld 

Yellow 22

This session will cover the liturgical overview of Shabbat services, with an in-depth focus on the Musaf service. It will include a section on recognising brachot a section on the structure of the Shabbat Amidot and a section focusing specifically on the liturgical order of the musaf service.

 Why nusach handout.pptx.pdf

Limmud May Have Saved My Life...

Ellen Flax 

Purple 31

Attending a LimmudNY session about BRCA gene mutations--which impacts about 1 in 40 people of Ashkenazi descent--forced me to face some unpleasant truths, and changed my life. Come hear and learn from my journey as I attempt to pay it forward.

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