Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Sunday 12:00

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Dealing with difficult volunteers

Miriam Edelman 

Red 3

The bullies, the needy, the absent, the martyrs, the power hoarders - we find them, amongst others, in so many Jewish organisations. Organisational psychology and some Torah can help us understand and deal effectively with these people. Come and learn, and also bring stories for us to diagnose and discuss together.

Finding Relly - using the book 'Finding Relly' to raise awareness about the Holocaust's contemporary relevance.

Rosemary Schonfeld 

Red 5

Rosemary will elaborate on how she is using the book as an educational tool in raising awareness about the Holocaust and its contemporary relevance, both in schools and for adults. There will be time for questions and discussion.

'A Woman of Genius': the six lives of Anna Marie Jokl

Noemi Holtz 

Green 25

Reinventing herself in writing at each station, from Vienna to Berlin with radio plays, Prague: novelist for children from 7-70, London: psychotherapy training, Berlin: reporting therapy with Shoa and SS victims, correspondence with Hugo Bergmann and Buber, to Israel: distilling her autobiographical "Essenzen" which remain pertinent today as then.

 Jokl Poster Limmud def.docx

Inking the unthinkable: a very different comics workshop

Miriam Libicki 

Red 9

A hands-on memoir comix workshop inspired by educator/cartoonist Lynda Barry's theories of creative concentration as "deep play," and writing as "delivering an image." No drawing experience is needed- we all have more drawing experience than we admit. As Barry says, “People tell me I can’t draw and I say, so what have I been doing for 30 years?”

I worked with rural women in Nepal and all I got was a new perspective on life

Tal Cohen 

Blue 34

Five years ago, Tal began working with women in the rural areas of Nepal through women empowerment programmes. Meeting and working with these women has taught Tal what it means to be a woman in the village, but also what it means to be a woman in the west, and about the complexities, challenges and victories in the fight for gender equality.

JW3's Arts Salon - Refugees

Sammy Patterson  Jacqueline Nicholls  Mekella Broomberg 

Orange 14

The JW3 Arts Salon is for artist and arts lovers, each event explores a particular theme through cultural expressions. This salon, specially curated for Limmud, gathers three artist who have made work about, for or with refugees. The event will include a filmmaker, visual artist and writer.

Making friends with your mind: how to win confidence and influence yourself for good

Penelope Toff 

Red 6

Penelope trained in Rapid Transformational Therapy (Hypnotherapy) with Marisa Peer. Come and learn how to increase your confidence - at work, in your social life, for public speaking, or as an educator. When you understand the “rules of the mind,” you can easily learn how to like yourself and let go of unhelpful beliefs, thoughts and behaviours.

Parashat Vayechi - A Comparison of the Masoretic and Samaritan Texts

Geoffrey Ben-Nathan 

Yellow 22

Samaritans claim to be descendants of the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh. Their Cohanim and Levites still provide leadership, as in biblical times, and write the Torah in the proto-Hebrew used by Israelites prior to exile in Babylon. Come and study excerpts from parashat Vayechi in the ancient proto-Hebrew script alongside parallel texts in the Hebrew.

Passport to Jewish History: An Interactive Tour of the Diarna Geo-Museum

Jason Guberman 

Orange 10

In the past decade, Diarna researchers have digitally documented hundreds of sites across the Middle East and North Africa. For this presentation - no passport or airfare required - we will explore the sites and stories of some of Diarna's most interesting discoveries, including shrines, synagogues, schools, and other structures.

Responding to Middle Eastern populism through direct contact

Irina Tsukerman 

Red 4

In an area of the world where the media is dominated by government-sponsored content, tight control, populist appeal, emotions, and incitement, direct communication between Israel supporters, journalists, activists, and others is rare. Is there a way to break through the stereotypes?

Retirement at 120? It is still Difficult: Moshe’s last day.

Vered Hollander Goldfarb 

Orange 13

Our modern problem of retiring people young in mind or heart is not as new as we think. A careful and sensitive reading of the Tanakh text and of Midrash about Moshe’s last day reveals that Moshe (and his environment) faced many of the retirement problems that we face today.

 Retirement at 120 source sheet.pdf

Solving complex problems using a systems thinking approach

Beverly Shrand 

Blue 33

This experiential session will introduce a powerful and practical tool that can be applied to any complex problem. We will practice it in the context of contemporary Judaism. The interactive session requires that all attendees actively participate; the richness of the outcome depends on the quality of the groups' discussion. (Maximum 18 people)

The good and the bad of the social media. And what Judaism has to say about this.

Andrea Zanardo 

Orange 12

Social media have empowered us as individuals, and increased our social connections, which is good. Meanwhile, by redesigning the very concept of community, they pose serious threat to democracy, which is bad. Is there a Jewish way to cope with this problem? Let's begin with the Mishnah. Knowledge of Hebrew not necessary.

The Hebrew Bible in Early American Culture

George Berlin 

Red 2

Why were the early American settlers so focused on the Hebrew Bible? How did the Hebrew Bible help to shape Americans' ideas about the nature of their country and its role in the world?

The West Bank

Hannah Weisfeld 

Orange 15

Some say settlements are a red herring whilst others believe they are the barrier to peace. Over the past few years the Israeli government has passed a bill to retroactively legalise ‘illegal’ settlements, alongside announcing thousands of new units in settlements. Find out what is happening on the ground and decide for yourself if it matters.

Wine and cheese

Nahum Twersky 

Orange 11

An analysis of what defines wine and cheese as kosher or not. We will examine Talmudic sources and legal authorities on the subject.

Creating community: strengthening our global Jewish family

Eli Ovits 

Red 1

Together we will explore some of the worldwide challenges facing the Jewish People and society at large. Has Limmud, and others, developed a proven formula to combat them? To engage people, and create a community fit for our times and common future? This session welcomes innovative minds – seeking to learn and get involved...

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