Limmud Festival 2018 - Presenters

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Presenters: O

Frauke Ohnholz

Frauke Ohnholz tried a self-experiment in 2017 to shop rubbish-free. Since then, she has been reflected why she failed and how she could do better. We need to change our behaviour - indifference and laziness are the main challenges. Frauke lives in Berlin and is a board member of Limmud Germany.

Saturday 11:45
Saturday 11:45 What can we do to save the environment as a Jewish community?

Asher Ostrin

Affiliated with the Joint since 1986. Spent most of his career working in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union on all aspects of Jewish communal development. Currently working on issues of property restitution and studying and lecturing on contemporary Jewish Life. Lives in Jerusalem.

Monday 09:10
Monday 09:10 The Joint and the arc of Jewish history over the last 100 years
Tuesday 19:10
Tuesday 19:10 A history of Soviet Jewry in documents and pictures

Mia Ottman

Mia is a medical student at Nottingham University who started performing improvised comedy 5 years ago as a way to take her mind off all of the ill people. She regularly performs at comedy nights in Nottingham and has also performed long form improv with her troupe at the Edinburgh Fringe this year.

Tuesday 21:50
Tuesday 21:50 Improv comedy jam!

Haim Ovadia

After serving as a pulpit rabbi for decades in the Americas and Israel, Haim now runs a free online ordination program, open to all. His vision is to make Jewish practice user-friendly and joyful, provide real solutions to halakhic problems, and promote empathy in the spirit of Sephardic tradition.

Friday 22:00
Friday 22:00 Shabbat in an ashkenormative world
Sunday 14:25
Sunday 14:25 A critical academic approach to Talmud (Daf Yomi - Chullin 26)
Sunday 22:00
Sunday 22:00 Night seder: halachic definition of night and day
Monday 20:30
Monday 20:30 Rabbis* don't wear makeup, and God knows sign language
Tuesday 12:00
Tuesday 12:00 You/we make the rules: SpongeBob and the endangered Jewish banana
Tuesday 21:50
Tuesday 21:50 Rachel speaks, God and men listen!
Wednesday 09:10
Wednesday 09:10 The Binding of Sarah

Eli Ovits

Eli is Chief Executive of Limmud. Representing Limmud in 42 countries, Eli supports the development of Limmud and its volunteers. Eli is a Captain (res) in the IDF Spokespersons Unit. He has lectured widely working to combat extremism and strengthen our global Jewish community.

Sunday 12:00
Sunday 12:00 Creating community: strengthening our global Jewish family

Robert Owen

Robert is a Board member of Limmud with a programming support role. He previously programmed for Limmud Conference for many years. Like many others, he met his partner at Limmud. In his day job he is a Consulting Actuary.

Sunday 20:30
Sunday 20:30 Programming Limmud events

Christine Owinyi

Christine was born in Kenya, and has joined “Mashav” programme, where she successfully completed two courses in Israel, and since has been implementing her training in sustainability in her native country. She is Head of the Education for Sustainability Department at Kenya Education Management Institute. She is married and has 3 kids.

Wednesday 13:20
Wednesday 13:20 Mashav - The Israeli Agency for International Development Cooperation

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