Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Tuesday 12:00

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Crisis, what crisis?! How to cope with mid-life change

Lesley Trenner 

Blue 33

How did I end up HERE and what do I do NOW?! In midlife we often question our purpose and identity and worry about elderly parents as well as our own ageing. This workshop will help you figure out how to make the most of the second half of your life! It will be interactive, practical, Jew-ish and thought provoking - but with a light touch

Divine right: Nahmanides’ debate against the Church – excerpts and discussion from Theater & Theology’s production

Yael Valier 

Red 7

Barcelona, 1263: Ramban - rabbi, doctor, leader - is forced to debate the Catholic Church. Winning the debate is impossible. Losing means violence against the Jewish community. Hear excerpts from Roy Doliner’s gripping play and then discuss what has changed since 1263 and what still needs to change. With Theater and Theology actor Howard Metz.

Fear war or trust peace? From Jacob, Chamberlain and Menachem Begin to today - mahloket matters!

Daniel Roth 

Orange 14

When should we trust the sincerity of our enemy’s intentions to make peace, and when should we not? This question will be explored through a text study of Jacob sending messengers to Esau, historical case studies of Chamberlain/Hitler and Begin/Sadat and a practical exercise designed to help us disagree more constructively on this issue today.

From the Zionist Idea to the Zionist Ideas

Gil Troy 

Orange 15

A lecture explaining how the Zionist movement has evolved over a century and teaching the Zionist conversation through six schools of thought over three distinct periods - with a focus on understanding Zionism’s continuing relevance today.

Jewish Meditation (1 of 2)

Michael Picardie 

Orange 10

Come and learn and practice the meditation technique of Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan.

JQY Drop-in Center: The Fashions of Gender and Judaism

Rachael Fried 

Orange 12

Let's explore identity & expression through the lens of clothing–what makes clothing feminine or masculine? What parts of our Jewish identities do we express via what we wear? How can we take ownership of our identities in the ways we present ourselves? Test out your answers with trash bags and duct tape apparel! Teens, and teens at heart welcome!

Local politics - is this a place for a young woman?

Rotem Cohen Kahlon 

Orange 11

As a council member in Ramle, the youngest ever, as a mother of a two-year-old baby, in a very masculine, chauvinistic and adult place, Rotem would be happy to talk about how she moved from a girl born in the city to a council member who influences the next generation in her city.

#MeToo, #TimesUp and speaking your truth

Caroline Rothstein 

Purple 31

Every day the news and social media are flooded with stories connected to the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. It can feel both empowering and exhausting as we each find our role and voice amidst this outcry. In this writing workshop, participants will explore how to use their voice as a tool and means for healing, empowerment, and activating change.

Music and the military

Amir Ben Hur 

Red 4

Israel has one of the most powerful defense forces, made up of many branches and corps. We examine the cultural, educational side of the IDF and how the arts play an important role in it. Learn about military bands, which have once held the most prestigious place in Israeli culture. Personal experiences from 3 years of serving in the military band.

Rav Kook's "New Guide to the Perplexed" - Selected Readings

Itzchak Marmorstein (Even-Shayis) 

Red 9

In 1902 Rav Kook wrote his longest (53 chapters) and most radical free thinking sefer-”To The Confused Of The Generation”. It was immediately hidden because of concern that it would be misunderstood. It was finally published in 2014 and is a ‘must learn’ for our times and future. We will read together a selection of its most far reaching texts.

 20181209_110656.jpg  20181209_110925.jpg  20181209_111429.jpg  20181209_111616.jpg  20181209_111616.jpg  20181209_111616.jpg  20181209_111812.jpg  20181209_111812.jpg  20181209_111812.jpg  20181209_112011.jpg  20181209_112117.jpg  20181217_143204.jpg

Singing with Banot

Banot Band  Lihi Haruvi  Ella Joy Meir  Yonit Spiegelman  Marian Gomez Villota  Mikhal Weiner 

Yellow 24

In this interactive session we'll talk about the ethos behind the music of Banot and experiment with how we go about writing music. Participants will learn our original tunes and begin work on an original melody with guidance from members of the band.

The American Jewish experience through cinema (1947 - present) (2 of 2)

Eric Goldman 

Yellow 22

Analysing mainstream cinema through film clips that touch on the Jewish experience provides a unique and powerful way to gain an understanding of the social, political and cultural realities of the life of the American Jew over the last century. Part II looks at challenges within an evolving American Jewry from the post-WWII era through today.

The Crowne: A forensic look at the royal accounts

Ben Crowne 

Red 2

Do you know your Privy Purse from your Grants-in-Aid? Who surveyed the Lancashire Survey, how civil is the Civil List, and do you trust the Royal Trustees? Does Netflix’s “The Crown” have a bigger budget? Join Ben (“No Relation”) Crowne for some light treason and a couple of serious points about transparency, accountability and public service.

The personal is political - everyday lives of women in Israel/Palestine

Jessica Kosmin 

Orange 13

Political is Personal is an initiative which records Israeli and Palestinian women's testimonies in relation to the everyday realities of the conflict. In this session, we will introduce the PiP project and read personal testimonies of Palestinian and Israeli women in an effort to challenge our own preconceptions and prejudices.

What are your thoughts about Jewish student life on campus?

Kevin Lieberman 

Blue 34

What is the state of Jewish student life on campus and how might challenges be addressed? In this moderated discussion, similar questions will be posed to session attendees. First, non-student community members will be invited to share their thoughts, followed by current student leaders. The goal is to initiate dialogue and share many viewpoints.

Where the Jordan meets the Thames - interfaith encounter in Israel and Britain

Ghassan Manasra  Michael Hilton 

Red 3

Meet two personalities who have both been involved in bridging religious divides for many years, one in Israel and one in the UK. We will compare our very different personal stories, and what motivated us to get involved in interfaith. Ghassan will explain the current work of the Abrahamic Reunion, and Michael his work for Oxford Three Faiths Week.

 CAD 92 p3.pdf  CAD 92 p3.pdf

Why it's good to raise geeks

Marjorie Ingall 

Red 1

Parents want to raise kids with healthy self-esteem. But we're going about this the wrong way; what we really should want is to raise geeks, nerds, oddballs. Marjorie Ingall, author of the bestseller Mamaleh Knows Best and columnist for Tablet, will discuss why nurturing our children's offbeat passions is way healthier than fostering self-esteem.

You/we make the rules: SpongeBob and the endangered Jewish banana

Haim Ovadia 

Red 5

Once it was dangerous to let kids watch SpongeBob on YouTube. The power that changed that is the key to the revival of religious practice, now endangered, like bananas, because of monoculture. Orthodox Judaism can use this lesson to emerge from its ghetto and enter the global village with its multitude of voices, including Alexa.

 We make the rules Limmud Festival 2018 Haim Ovadia.pdf  We make the rules Limmud Festival 2018 Haim Ovadia.pdf

Philip Roth 101

David Benkof 

Red 6

When Philip Roth died in May, American Judaism lost not only its greatest novelist, but also a profound philosopher, critic, and prophet. Was he a self-hating Jew? Too sexually explicit? Explore plots and themes from books like Portnoy’s Complaint and The Plot Against America. We’ll give Jewish aspects of his best works an especially close read.

Deep sea cruising

Malcolm Ginsberg 

Green 25

Never cruised? Malcolm has been on over 50. This time he will be talking deep sea trips, some out of the UK (no flying) and others from as far afield as Sydney, Australia and Ushuaia, Argentina - and Kosher cruising too! Malcolm is around the whole of Limmud and is always happy to talk about waterborne holidays. He appears regularly in the Jewish Weekly.

 Malcolm Ginsberg.doc.docx

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