Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Tuesday 10:40

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American Jews and Zionism

George Berlin 

Yellow 24

For the past century, Zionism has been a significant factor in American Jewish life. We will discuss the various responses to Zionism within the Jewish community and how they reflect the Jews'perceptions of their place within the broader American society.

A taste of Wise Aging

Elaine R. S. Cohen 

Green 26

The Wise Aging program is premised on the belief that one's later years can be a time of growth and not simply an extended period of diminishment. In this session we will engage in some exercises and discussions focused on building resilience and living the years ahead with spirit, self-awareness and joy.

Bringing a new woman to your Seder

Debbie Young-Somers 

Orange 11

Serach Bat Asher get's pretty short shrift in Torah (you may even have missed her!) but in this session we will unravel her story, and explore a new ritual to add her story to yours at the seder table.

Cartooning a split Jewish identity

Miriam Libicki 

Purple 31

Nonfiction graphic novelist Miriam Libicki will read from her works on identity, politics, and Israel-diaspora relations, and encourage the audience to explore their own stereotype fears by leading them in drawing cartoon self portraits.

Confusion, language and multiple meanings in the creation and collapse of the Tower of Babel (2 of 2)

Miriam Feldmann Kaye 

Blue 34

This in-depth class will investigate contemporary philosophical interpretations of the enigmatic account of the Tower of Babel. We will consider similarities and differences between multiple languages around the world, and whether we have any chance of true communication with those who speak other languages.

Consent is a Jewish value

Merissa Nathan Gerson 

Red 3

Based on her popular 2018 ELI Talk, "Law of the Land: Boundaries, Consent and Atonement," this session looks at why we never learned about sexual consent at Hebrew school. Looking at talmudic concepts of sexual consent, and an overview of how sexual laws in Judaism are passed into synagogues and Jewish movements, we uncover our own Jewish lives.

Feminist and modern day perspectives on Jewish women’s bodies from biblical times until now

Aviva Braun-Finkler 

Blue 33

Go back in time for a rich discussion on beauty and the female body from the days of our foremothers until now. We'll take a look at how these ideas have evolved and look at relevant articles to better understand how current ideas have either impinged on Jewish women or served to make them feel good about themselves.

Feminist midrash through visual art, poetry and music

Jacqueline Nicholls  Alicia Jo Rabins 

Yellow 23

How do art and text intersect? How do we balance feminism, creativity and love of Jewish tradition? Join us for an intimate, open conversation between a musician/poet and an artist, both working deeply with Jewish texts, as they share their creative process, struggles, and insights. As Rav Kook said: what is old make new, and what is new make holy. Alicia's participation was made possible with generous support from The Covenant Foundation.

Five Jewish texts that inspire leadership

Ephraim Mirvis 

Orange 15

Hear Ephraim Mirvis, Chief Rabbi speak about five texts that guide his leadership. Understanding these fascinating sources can provide meaningful messages for us all.

How Middle Eastern propaganda wars in the US affect American Jews

Irina Tsukerman 

Orange 13

This session will describe the investigation of how the stereotype of powerful American Jewish lobbies that supposedly control Western foreign and domestic policies led Qatar to both embrace American Jewish influencers to promote political agendas, and engage in questionable undercover operations. What happens when Jews get stuck in the middle?

Living with the first Blood Libel

Roderick Young 

Red 2

Norwich is where the first European blood Libel (or was it?) occurred in 1144. In 2016 Norwich Cathedral mounted an exhibition entitled "Stations of the Holocaust", which showed Jesus experiencing the Shoah. How are these two events linked? How did the Norwich Jewish community react in 1144 and 2016? Come and find out from a rabbi who lives there!

Maktuv: an Arabic-Hebrew interfaith calligraphy workshop

Ruben Shimonov 

Purple 29

Explore the significance of Arabic in Islam and Hebrew in Judaism, as well as the close relationship between both Semitic languages. Through theological, linguistic, and artistic lenses, we will discover the parallels between both languages and the Abrahamic faiths that they represent. No artistic or linguistic background necessary.

My Yiddishe Momma gets lonely at home sometimes...

Micah Gold  Judith Ish-Horowicz  Sam Brandman 

Red 5

She’s not alone. The UK now faces twin challenges of isolation in an ageing population, and a housing crisis for younger people struggling to get on the property ladder. Come and hear about how exciting models bringing young and old together can bring huge benefits to you, your parents or even your kids; get involved in the debate!

Parenting perspectives: self worth and social media

Hadassah Fromson  Sam Fromson 

Orange 10

Come join Hadassah (a psychologist) and Sam (a rabbi) to explore the impact that praise, positivity and peer pressure have on your kids. We will draw from Torah and psychology to help share ideas that we hope will help you raise strong, confident children.

Teacher Tell, Teacher Share

Melanie Kelly 

Green 25

Jewish Studies Teachers are preparing and delivering amazing content, activities and special learning opportunities. Yet we often sit alone. Come to this session to share. What have you done that's been particularly impactful? Where have you made a difference to the learning of your students? Feed your creative juices in advance of next term.

The Iraqi Jewish archives

Edwin Shuker 

Orange 12

In 2003 the American forces in Iraq came across almost 30,000 documents, booklets, Torah scrolls and other Judaica. They were immersed in 5 feet of dirty water and about to be lost forever. Come and hear the miraculous operation that saved most of the collection and the real threat of returning them back to Iraq.

The Magrepha in 2018, Bringing the Temple Organ to the Synagogue

Paul Heller 

Red 6

The instruments in the Temple included the Magrepha, a very Jewish object, brought alive especially by Louis Lewandowski in Synagogue music at the Great Synagogue in Berlin and kept alive at Belsize Square, London.

The need of the hour: revitalizing classic sephardic judaism

Jason Guberman 

Orange 14

“The need of the hour,” according to Daniel J. Elazar, A"H, is the revitalization of the Sephardic way, a tradition “seriously Jewish, yet worldly and cosmopolitan.” Come learn about classic Sephardic Judaism (featuring clips from "The Women's Balcony") and the organization he co-founded to save the Jewish future, The American Sephardi Federation.

The spirituality of secular music

Jacob Kraus 

Red 7

In this session we'll explore what Jewish themes and values are everywhere in secular music that you can use in your communities. The Beatles and mourning? Pop songs in services? Let's talk about how to successfully create these meaningful moments. Not a musician? Not a problem! These are techniques for making full experiences - not just musical ones.

The Yad Vashem educational philosophy: Are we still relevant in the 21st century?

Yoni Berrous 

Red 1

What are the differences between history and memory? And what is their relationship to education? We will focus on Yad Vashem’s main principles in Holocaust Education.

Wartime Cooking in Jerusalem

Gil Hovav 

Red 4

• How do you get a five year old in 1960 Jerusalem to eat his vegetables? • Why did my mother not eat anything when the 1948 siege was finally lifted from Jerusalem? • What did my great-grandfather do on his death-bed, that shocked the British Consul? Gil Hovav tells stories about Jerusalem of his childhood, that no longer exists.

Tu B’Av- the Jewish woman's holiday of love

Eve Harow 

Yellow 22

Full moon. Summer heat. Making wine. The 4th Pilgrimage has been revived in modern times as a women's event in the vineyards of Shilo. Learn about the Tabernacle and the meanings of the forgotten festival, then imbibe a newly released wine made from ancient strains of grapes. No wonder personal prayer permeated the area- and does so once again.

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