Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Tuesday 19:10

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A history of Soviet Jewry in documents and pictures

Asher Ostrin 

Blue 34

Rare archival photos give insight into the history of Soviet Jews.

Germany at Odds: where is Germany heading to?

Eldad Beck 

Red 2

Is what we think we know about Germany true? How punctual are the German? Have they learnt any lesson from their past? Is Germany really Israel‘s ally? Is the German far right a threat for Jews? Breaking Taboos about Germany.

Mussar for Managing Stress

Marcia Plumb 

Blue 33

Using the medieval genre of Jewish literature called Mussar,we will study menuchat Hanefesh, finding equanimity. In our chaotic and often frightening world at the moment,we need to find calm somewhere. Mussar says the place to find it is within our souls. If we can calm our souls,then we can handle whatever life throws at us. No knowledge needed.

Old Wine in New Bottles

Mark Gottlieb 

Green 27

The notions of chivalry and monarchy are often derided today, relegated to the obscure or even dangerous. By revisiting these ideas, via CS Lewis and midrashic and Hasidic teachings on King David, we may arrive at a renewed understanding of both the perils and opportunities of leadership.


Syria: Current situation and prospects

Jonathan Spyer 

Yellow 24

This lecture will look into the current situation in Syria, noting the imminent probable conclusion of the wars between the Assad regime and the rebellion, and the Islamic State and the coalition raised against it. I will contend that Syria has now become the arena for a variety of new conflicts.

The Anatomy of De-Feet

Eve Harow 

Red 6

Ancient stone compounds marching over Israel's eastern mountains resemble enormous feet. The late archaeologist Dr. Adam Zertal discovered them and theorised that they're the mysterious 3000 year old Biblical 'Gilgalim'. Do they prove the Exodus from Egypt? Where are boar bones? Legacy of a great, intellectually honest yet physically disabled man.

The Jewish Whisky Appreciation Society

Zvi Solomons 

Purple 31

The love of Jews for single malt is legendary. Whisky clubs are common in many shuls. But it’s often matured in sherry casks. How can a frum Jew drink whisky? Please bring a bottle of single malt to share as we examine the Halacha of single malts and enjoy incorporating the subject in our selves.

The World Jewish Congress Diplomatic Corps Flagship Program

Ela Cenudioğlu 

Orange 13

The WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps is a flagship program of the World Jewish Congress with over 200 members aged 27 to 45 from more than 40 countries. The programme's objective is to represent and strengthen the Jewish communities worldwide. Activities focus on advocacy on WJC core topics such as interfaith relations and combatting antisemitism.

Volunteering with confidence - charity governance, GDPR and all that

Jon Benjamin 

Orange 11

The charity sector is heavily regulated and under even more scrutiny following a number of scandals and with new data protection (GDPR) rules. It can be daunting for trustees and other volunteers to take on roles that can carry significant legal responsibilities. This session will tell you all you need to know, so you can volunteer with confidence.

Why do we need rabbis anyway?

Zahavit Shalev  Debbie Young-Somers  Mordechai Zeller 

Orange 14

Join us for a cross-communal conversation on the purpose of the rabbi, a role central to Judaism across the world and has been for thousands of years. However, depending on denomination or time period or even individual, what it means to be a rabbi is not constant. So let's investigate what exactly a rabbi is, and why do we need them anyway?

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