Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Tuesday 18:40

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Anarchy in the yeshiva and riots in Lublin

Wojciech Tworek 

Red 3

Discover the biography and thought of Shimon Engel, a Hasidic mystic and educator, who wanted to bring back the authentic spirit of Hasidism in interwar Poland. His ideas put his life on a collision trajectory with the modernizing endeavors of Polish Hasidic leaders and eventually led to violent riots in the famous Yeshivas Hakhmei Lublin.

A short course in creativity - discovering your unique creative vision (3 of 3)

Marvin Shaw 

Yellow 22

This is an exciting, experiential three part course for anyone interested in the wonderful well-being benefits that creativity brings to our lives. Are you an artist, writer, poet, musician, educator, teacher or therapist? Or would you simply like to get involved in a creative endeavour or project for its own sake? If so, this course is just for you!

Beyond the silver screen: cinema’s first sex symbol

Shoshi Ish-Horowicz 

Red 5

Theda Bara was one of silent Hollywood’s biggest stars, famed for her skimpy outfits and femme fatale persona – and for being 'the daughter of an Arab sheik and a French woman, born in the Sahara.' We'll explore how a nice Jewish girl from Ohio navigated her role as cinema’s first Vamp.

Biblical Bitcoins - the role of the shekel in Torah

Robert Stone 

Green 26

The current bitcoin phenomenon reveals a lot about the real nature of money, and also about what people think money means. This in turn helps us to understand the cultural and spiritual significance of the shekel in Torah. In this session we’ll explore what the bitcoin and the Torah shekel can teach us about our own relationship with money.

 R Stone Bitcoin-Shekel 2018 handout.pdf

Did the Jews pray for Hitler?

Vivian Wineman 

Red 1

Of course they did. Jews have always prayed for their rulers. How did they manage under Nazis? Explore how they did and how attitudes to rulers have changed over the centuries and how the loyal prayer reflects the political rather than religious attitude of the community.

Gender Exploration Through Performance

Noga Yechieli Wind 

Red 7

Hasadick the drag king will lead a workshop exploring your inner gender-bender. What is our relationship to our own masculinity and femininity? What would we like to critique, defy or explore? What is our own otherness and where does it live in our body? This will be an active workshop. At the end, those interested can share their work in progress.

Maimonides' irony: dogmatist and heretic

Allan Nadler 

Orange 15

This session will explore the deep irony that the Rambam, who developed the most widely accepted credo in Judaism, the 13 Principles of Faith, and the most authoritative laws regarding Jewish heresies, was himself widely condemned as a heretic, following the publication of his philosophical opus, Moreh Nevuchim The Guide for the Perplexed.

PJ Library Storytime (3 of 4)

Limmud Families Team 

Families Lounge

Come and join the Families team and PJ Library each evening in the Families Lounge for bedtime stories. Bring your own story or choose one from the PJ Lending Library at Limmud. Pyjamas and cuddly toys encouraged as we get ready for bed.

The case against having children

Daniel Shine 

Green 25

As a father of three, the philosophy of anti-natanlist (a term coined by a South African philosophy professor) came a bit late in the day for me! We will explore this extremely controversial subject from a moral perspective. Open skepticism is advised here.

God talk: in search of a useful theology

David-Yehuda Stern 

Orange 10

My five year old daughter recently asked me, “Does Hashem get angry when I fight with my sister?” This session is for educators and parents who may feel uncertain how to respond to such questions. Together we will explore and discuss some of the ways we might talk about God with school-aged children.

The future of fundraising in the Jewish world

Emma Boyar 

Red 4

The Jewish world is changing but the way our essential organisations raise money has not. The new generation of donors are demanding innovation, impact and leadership. This session will unpack the current philanthropy trends that are shaking up the industry and remind us of the importance of a Tzedaka box in every home.

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