Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Wednesday 09:10

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Can we really quit plastic and does Judaism care?

Debbie Young-Somers 

Orange 10

Debbie, a rabbi, along with a vicar decided to quit plastic for a year. Then Blue Planet got everyone else on board too! How possible is it to quit and can this be framed Jewishly?

Dealing with a difficult case of Get refusal

Joanne Greenaway 

Orange 13

What are the tools available for resolving Get cases and how are these implemented in practice? We will look at precedents in our sources ancient and modern and consider some case studies.

Gaza strip and its challenges

Omer Drori 

Orange 14

As a young girl who grew up 2 Miles from the border with Gaza I thought living under threat of rockets 24/7 is normal. As I grew older I started asking questions. In this session I will share my story, and the hard questions I have asked with some answers. We will talk about the history of the area, about the communities around it and more.

HaTikva and Jerusalem of Gold: A Two-National-Anthem Solution?

Eli Gaventa 

Orange 12

In 1968, Uri Avnery, an up-and-coming left-wing politician, suggested replacing Israel’s national anthem, HaTikva, with Naomi Shemer’s Jerusalem of Gold. What do these songs and the stories behind them tell us about Israeli identity today? Join us for a part lecture, part discussion and part audio story session to find out!

Holocaust denial in the post-truth era

Keith Kahn-Harris 

Yellow 24

Holocaust denial has been one of a number of 'denialisms' that paved the way for what has become known today as post-truth. Today, Holocaust denial is evolving into new, and even more sinister, forms. In this session Keith will discuss how we might confront these new developments, drawing on the research for my new book on the subject.

Improving the world, together

Ariel Cohen  Georgina Bye 

Blue 33

Come and hear from Jewish and Israeli international development professionals, in pictures, about why they work in this field, what has changed their perspectives, failures they faced and advice they would give their younger selves.

Is the Other to be feared, made more like me/us, or simply welcomed? How Jewish ethics can inform how we think about contemporary problems

Stephen Innes 

Green 26

The "Other" is a term used a lot in today's language about human relationships. However upon closer inspection it becomes clear that what we mean about "our" relationship with the "other" is far from straightforward. We will explore the (mostly Jewish) concept of "welcoming" the Other, and how it can inform how we think about contemporary issues.

Providing a Kad Shemen for Jewish life - dance as food for the soul

Maurice Stone 

Red 3

Watch amazing performances and learn why Israeli dance is Israel’s major cultural export. Learn the history of Israeli Dance. Discover the impact of Israeli dance in Ukraine, Latvia, Brazil and Cuba and about some of the 18,000 Jewish children that the Israeli Dance Institute works with across the world.

Social justice in a globalised world – doing it right

Tal Cohen 

Green 25

With the world expanding and shrinking at the same time, it’s easier for us to explore new places, but also we forget our own footprint - for better or worse. In this session we’ll explore the idea of making the world a better place, and if there are wrongs and rights on how to volunteer, or even more so – how should we help.

 Social Justice in a Globalized World.docx

The Binding of Sarah

Haim Ovadia 

Yellow 23

Did Sarah know that her son is to be sacrificed? What was Abraham going to tell her upon his return? Two poets, one Sephardic and one Ashkenazi, present opposing worldviews, which were probably influenced by Christianity and Islam, and which make us wonder whether we Jews have misunderstood Abraham's trial and the idea of martyrdom?

 Limmud UK Binding of Sarah.pdf

Israel AIDS Task Force - Bringing sexual health to the forefront of Israeli society

Saar Maoz 

Red 1

Spring of 2018: few people from the LGBTQ community had enough for hearing "NO" from our government, we took to the streets. "The Pink Panthers" was established. 4 months later over 80 thousand people demonstrate against the discrimination of our community. This is the story of this revolt.

The UK experience of rTMS-COG in Alzheimer's disease

Daniel Allen 

Red 7

Daniel will give an introduction to this innovative treatment, developed in Israel and provided in the UK exclusively at Phoenix Mental Health Services. Building on last year's session, Daniel will outline the evidence that patients have shown measurable improvements in their cognition.

The weekday amidah as a guided meditation

Naomi Goldman 

Red 5

Using Rabbi Marcia Prager's "The Weekday Amidah in Guided Imagery", we will take a meditative journey through the nineteen blessings of this ancient practice. The meditation will be precede by a brief look at the structure and blessings of the weekday amidah as we find it in the siddur.

Writing stories - it's simple, see!

Alexander Bodin Saphir 

Blue 34

An interactive workshop that will leave you with a story by session's end plus inspiration and tools to write your masterpiece or just have a good time - you choose.

Israel and the Information Age: How to Win in the Battleground of Ideas

Dovid Efune 

Orange 11

Our enemies say we're the masters of media, so it's no surprise that for many Jews it's the source of untold frustration that we don't do a better job of representing ourselves in the battleground of ideas. But times are changing. New sophisticated tools have emerged. Is there now an opportunity for our community to take back our narrative?

IBM and Ford - American big businesses and the Holocaust (1 of 2)

Mark Creeger 

Green 27

How did Thomas Watson and IBM deploy machines and onsite service throughout German train stations, concentration and death camps? How was the Eugenics movement, which the Nazis became (in)famous for, flourishing in the United States for decades before it? Was the Third Reich inventing, emulating, franchising or just following orders?

Jews telling Christians what to believe - then and now

Martine Therese Andrevon Gottstein 

Orange 15

What role did Jews play in the formation of the Vatican II document Nostra Aetate? It turns out that Jewish organisations and important thinkers like A.J. Heschel played an important role. Understanding their contribution to Nostra Aetate raises the question of the limits of engagement of another faith's theology and what it means for us today.

Two Breslau Jews

Henry Cohn 

Red 4

A double biography of two professionals, sharing the same surname but not related, prolific authors in different fields, whose responses to Weimar and Nazi rule had contrasting outcomes.

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