Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Wednesday 09:20

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Morning Seder (Advanced) - Pesach (3 of 4)

Eliot Cohen  Ian Gamse 

Red 8

Advanced Talmud study on the theme of Pesach - “How different is this night”; and the hallel of night and day (10th chapter of Pesachim).

Morning Seder (Beginners) - Times to Pray: Traditionally Radical Talmud (3 of 4)

Yael Roberts  Laynie Soloman 

Red 9

We'll explore the re-framing of worship & time in Brachot Chapter 4 as a case study for methods of rabbinic radical change-making, interpretation, and innovation. Join us as we dig into the Talmud using a method developed at SVARA that helps learners at all levels become empowered, independent learners of Talmud study as a spiritual practice.

Morning Seder (Intermediate): the day and night versions of Talmudic marriage (3 of 4)

Zahavit Shalev  Avital Hochstein 

Red 8

Day often reveals while night conceals, day is explicit while night destabilizes: The Talmud speaks in round-about indirect ways, we will explore the 'day and night' way of Talmudic rhetoric. In this session we will ask: what does the Talmud tell and hide in the opening to tractate Kiddushin?

Sexuality and sanctity: sex between women - a halakhic opening? (3 of 3)

Rahel Berkovits 

Yellow 22

What does Jewish law say about sex between women? May women arouse and stimulate one and other? Can I still be halakhic and love the way I want? This session is a serious text study- from the Talmud to modern legal rabbinic literature- and aims to be a safe space for people of diverse backgrounds, practices, genders, and orientations.

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