Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Wednesday 10:40

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Music and spirituality

Leilah Broukhim  Chloe Pourmorady 

Red 6

In the search for their artistic identity, Flamenco dancer Leilah Broukhim and musician Chloe Pourmorady have both discovered a spiritual connection to their respective art forms. Their common Persian and Sephardic heritage brings them together to explore the concept of spirituality in music and share a collaborative performance on stage.

Yoga and kabbalah (2 of 2)

Michael Picardie 

Orange 11

The philosophy and practice of Yoga and its use in understanding kabbalah. The sefirot associated with Hatselem Adonai - Adam Kadmon and Chavva Kadmona - refer to mythological biblical characters who are then associated with parts of the body in yogic "ekstasis".

Life before the Holocaust: Portaits of character

Jono David 

Orange 12

This presentation is a celebration of identity and personality that aims to defrost the freeze-frame of history within which Holocaust survivors are invariably portrayed. It also explores the question 'Who is a survivor?' In addition to a showing of numerous portraits, viewers will hear directly from 10 survivors in a short video.

Master your message, reach your goals

Fleur Hassan Nahoum 

Blue 33

Keeping it Simple: Oral Messaging that is precise, coherent and effective. Whether in a networking opportunity, presenting at a conference, or pitching to donors and investors, this workshop will help you distill your complex ideas into accessible, targeted and engaging messages that best express your unique qualities and goals.

Intermarriage - good, bad or simply a reality?

Michael Wise 

Red 7

A discussion of intermarriage, how we need to engage young couples and create welcoming communities. What are effective ways to engage young couples and what barriers are we setting up that keep young intermarried couples on the outside.

Remember Baghdad

UK Jewish Film Festival  Edwin Shuker  Linda Berkowitz 

Orange 13

Introduced by Linda Berkowitz and followed by a presentation by Edwin Shuker, Remember Baghdad is a fascinating exploration of the rich Jewish life and culture that had flourished in Iraq before the events of the 20th and early 21st centuries. (69 minutes)

Body image with a Jewish lens: a poetry writing workshop

Caroline Rothstein 

Red 4

In this interactive workshop, participants will examine the connections between Judaism, body image, gender, sexuality and social identity, as well as explore how creating art – specifically through writing and performance – can offer healing, restoration, understanding, and catharsis regarding these topics and themes.

Juliet's Balcony

Ilana Kurshan 

Orange 14

What if Juliet’s parents had destroyed her balcony so that she could no longer have late-night trysts with her beloved Romeo? Drawing on Talmudic and poetic sources alike, this class will examine the impact of the destruction of the Temple on our understanding of trauma, nostalgia, romance, and longing – in ancient times and today.

 Juliet's Balcony sourcesheet.docx

Portuguese citizenship for Sephardic Jews

Ela Cenudioğlu 

Red 2

The Portuguese government accepts citizenship applications from Sephardic Jews from all around the world. This brings up so many questions. How and where do I apply? What are the conditions to be qualified? What are the documents that are required? How long does it take? Is there a limitation on the surnames? Is there a deadline to apply?

Creativity of creation: a Jewish perspective

Judith Devons 

Purple 29

A guided hands-on workshop in which participants will experiment with collage materials to explore symbols such as primordial sparks, vessels and seeds scattered in the creative process and how we can nurture and repair for tikkun olam. No prior artistic experience necessary. Materials, samples and suggestions provided.

Brain Death and Organ Donation in Halacha

Robby Berman  Anthony Warrens 

Red 5

The London Beth Din is against organ donation from a cadaver whose heart is still beating. Find out why rabbis disagree with them. If someone in your family is brain dead will you be able to convince your family to donate organs? Explore the Talmudic texts that shed light on these issues.The time to be educated about this issue is now.


The Piaseczna Rebbe’s Progressive Educational Vision

Mark Gottlieb 

Blue 34

A leading Hasidic thinker and Rebbe in interwar Poland, Rabbi Kalonymus Kalman Shapira confronted a growing trend of assimilation in the Hasidic community with a radically new approach to Jewish pedagogy. Together we’ll explore this progressive but traditional educational strategy, pointing out affinities to other 20th century educators.


Muslim Jewish relations in history: golden age or ghetto?

Vivian Wineman 

Yellow 24

The narrative of Muslim tolerance to Jews compared with Christian persecution was developed by Jews in the nineteenth century as a reproach to Christians. It has been used by Arabs in the twentieth as a reproach to Jews. Recently a counter narrative claims that the Muslims were hardly any better than the Christians. Where does the truth lie?

Benjamin Franklin and the Musar movement

Michael Shire 

Green 25

Benjamin Franklin's autobiography was read by Rabbi Menachem Mendel Lefin of Satanow who published Franklin's system of self-improvement in his Sefer Heshbon Hanefesh. This was then republished by Rabbi Israel Salanter, founder of the Musar movement. How much did Franklin's work influence the teaching of Musar? A remarkable and fascinating story.

When Jews Play Catholics for Jewish Audiences: Directing, Producing, and Theology

Yael Valier 

Orange 15

Why does an Orthodox Jewish director produce plays about Catholics and conflict? How do you get Jews to portray religious Catholics convincingly? How and why do you get Jewish audiences to be aghast at what Catholics consider heresy? What is the right balance between accurate historical portrayals and entertainment? And why should a Jew even care?

How can I pray what I don't believe? - A Case Study

Elie Kaunfer 

Yellow 23

We will analyse the first blessing of the amidah as a way of approaching the question: are traditional prayer formulas able to express my own values/ideas of prayer? What do you do when you "disagree" with the prayer's content? We will analyse the original Biblical context to help us connect to the prayer.

 How Can I Pray_Ramah_Limmud UK 2018.doc  How Can I Pray_Limmud UK 2018.pdf

Genealogy Consultation Drop-in Session

Jeanette Rosenberg  Laurence Harris  Leigh Dworkin 

Blue 32

If you've ever had any queries about your family's origins, why not come to talk to some of our experienced genealogists who give you some guidance on how to get started or where to look next? You are welcome to bring any documents or pictures you may have to help you get the most out of your consultation session.

Is Israel “a racist endeavour”?

Noru Tsalic 

Red 1

Antisemitism or freedom of speech? It is undeniable that the “circumstances around Israel's foundation” (ahem!) included the displacement of a majority of the Arab population in Palestine Mandate. The session will discuss those historical “circumstances” in context and will assess their consequences for Israel’s legitimacy as a state.

Luther was an antisemite - What does that mean for us?

Alon Goshen-Gottstein 

Orange 10

Martin Luther shaped western culture. He also contributed to antisemitism, eventually inspiring the Third Reich. Is there another way of dealing with this issue than simply condemning Luther? I will suggest that what went wrong with Luther can go wrong with how any member of one religion sees another. Luther is a great teacher also in his failings.

Revisiting halacha: is vegetarian cheese kosher?

Chaim Weiner 

Red 3

In this short series Chaim will look at the primary sources behind some widely accepted religious practices. How did the halacha get to be the way it is? Do the sources suggest other possible conclusions? This session is ideal for those who want to make informed decisions about their religious practice.

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