Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Friday 22:00

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Late Night Chavruta

Shabbat Programming 

Red 8

Come along and delve into a Jewish text you’ve been dying to learn, catch up on some Talmud or chat through some deep questions with a friend. We will be using the new Chanukah Chavruta resource 'Unity'.

The Netanyahu Show – 2018

Noru Tsalic 

Orange 11

Many scratch their heads: "why is he doing this"? I never voted for Netanyahu myself, but I think I understand how the man thinks. Last year, I “was Netanyahu” in a Shabbat session in which the audience could ask “the Prime Minister of Israel” whatever they wanted – and listen to “his” answers. Here’s a 2018 version, at the request of the public!

Shabbat in an ashkenormative world

Elliot Jebreel  Haim Ovadia 

Red 3

Sick of hearing about cholent, shmaltz and chraine every Shabbat when all you want is hamim, helba and some tahdig? Come along to hear voices from Sephardi and Mizrahi traditions discussing what Shabbat means to them, sharing their traditions and envisioning what a community that hold Jews from all traditions looks like.

Mikva the Musical: Music and monologues from the deep – Excerpts and discussion

Debbie Young-Somers  Yael Valier 

Red 6

Unflinching, funny, painful, uplifting – Israeli dramaturges Toby Greenwald and Myra Gutterman’s production is playing around Israel. Hear excerpts from this show based on real stories, then discuss this ancient, puzzling, controversial commandment, still adhered to by Orthodox Jews and some others. Yael Valier is in the Mikva the Musical cast.

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