Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Monday 20:30

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Bring the wisdom of kabbalah into your life (2 of 3)

Janet Berenson 

Red 4

What relevance can teachers from 1000-2000 years ago have for our daily struggles and aspirations? We will explore together some extracts from ancient and modern Kabbalistic texts and see how they can help us to understand and heal our own lives. The work is hard, but the reward is great. Come willing to open your heart.

Can there be a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

Noru Tsalic 

Orange 11

The European Union promotes “the two-state solution” – for decades now. We have yet to learn what Trump’s “ultimate deal” involves. Meanwhile, most Israelis and Palestinians do not believe that a peaceful solution is possible. So should we despair? What is, really, “a peaceful solution”? A presentation followed by Q & A.

Can we read Yuval Noah Harari's books as Jewish philosophy?

Gabor Balazs 

Red 3

Yuval Noah Harari, the Israeli thinker and author of 'Sapiens', is a well-known critic of all traditional and modern religions and ideologies (including nationalism and humanism). Nevertheless, his ideas can renew classical theological thinking in least on four fields: the concept of the soul, free will, religious morality and spirituality.

Descending to the Chariot

Harry Freedman 

Red 1

Jewish mystics between 300 and 600 CE wrote amazing accounts about their enchanted voyages to heaven. They described the heavenly architecture, the angelic hosts, secret seals, fiery demons, dangers awaiting the unwary traveller and the delights in store for those who made it safely. Based on my book: Kabbalah: Secrecy, Scandal and the Soul.

 Descending to the Chariot.pptx

Eurovision's factory production and politics - stories from behind the scenes

Izchak Sonnenschein 

Orange 12

As head of Israel delegation and director of the Eurovision events, Izchak Sonnenschein gathered many special experiences and stories behind the scenes of the world's largest music competition and performance. Come and hear the their stories, participate and ask questions. A brilliant lecture.

Flamenco dance workshop

Leilah Broukhim 

Red 6

Join Iranian-American flamenco dancer Leilah Broukhim to discover the basics of the rhythm and passion of the flamenco art form. Footwork, arm movements and "palmas" (hand-clapping) are just some of the aspects that Leilah will share from her experience in the flamenco world in Spain. Get ready to dance! Olé!

Gefiltefest: The Jewish roots of Spaghetti Bolognese

Gefiltefest at Limmud  Sarah Pinch 

Purple 31

Did you know the first written record of pasta is in the Talmud, and that Bologna contained an important and thriving Jewish community for centuries? This Spaghetti bolognese blogger will explore the highly-debated origins of Spaghetti Blogenese and will also talk about what happens when you eat the dish for an entire year, as well as the secrets to making the best spag bol sauce. Samples and matching wine may also make an appearance.

Girls in Trouble concert & 10th anniversary celebration!

Alicia Jo Rabins 

Yellow 24

Come be mesmerised by Alicia Jo Rabins' solo performance of Girls in Trouble - indie-folk/art-pop songs about women in Torah - on guitar, violin and loop pedal, with storytelling about the powerful and complicated stories. Rabins, an award-winning poet, musician and Torah teacher, brings these stories to life with her "gorgeous voice" (NY Times). Alicia's participation was made possible with generous support from The Covenant Foundation.

Hidden in plain sight: forgotten Jewish architects and their famous creations

Jason Guberman 

Orange 13

A Diarna Geo-Museum Passport Presentation: From the first modern market in the heart of Cairo to a majestic & storied hotel at Isfahan, Jewish architects made landmark contributions to public spaces across the Middle East & North Africa. While their buildings endure, the architects have either been forgotten or erased from historical memory.

Jewish genes as time machines

Nadine Epstein 

Red 2

Epstein will describe her two-decade journey reassembling her vanished family through genealogical sleuthing, DNA, genetic testing and cousin-fishing. She tracks her family across generations as her adventures take her to cities and shtetls in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, finally curing her chronic “familial loneliness syndrome.”

L'chaim santé! Cheers! 100 years of alcohol in Israel

Oded Gvaram 

Blue 34

Discussion on the development of the alcohol culture in Israel in the face of the change in the Zionist movement to the economic ability of the State of Israel and the return to the various parts of the Land of Israel. *We recommend you don't come to this session on an empty stomach.

"Women are Frivolous" - What is it about all women?

Tirtsa Posklinsky Shehory 

Red 5

"Nashim da'atan kala" - women are frivolous. Are they? Based on a centuries-old principle dictating a routine and amazing attitude toward women, to this day. The time has come to examine whether the principle itself has not undergone evolution and whether the argument, which today seems to have no need to prove it, has such a solid foundation.

Organ donation for transplantation in Judaism

Robby Berman  Anthony Warrens 

Orange 15

Anthony and Robby will discuss the great need to donate more organs for transplantation and the Jewish attitude to this. They will dispel some of the myths some people think prevent Jews from donating and identify some of the issues that need to be considered from a Jewish perspective.

 Limmud AN Warrens 2018 for distribution.pptx

Please God by you: speed dating for 50 – 64

Rachel Creeger  Social Programming 

Orange 10

Less swiping and typing, more talking. Forget JSwipe for a couple of days and come see if your beshert is present at Limmud Festival 2018. Hosted by Adam and Mikayla Zagoria-Moffet

Rabbis* don't wear makeup, and God knows sign language

Haim Ovadia 

Orange 14

Orthodox women struggle with a wide spectrum of problems presented by Jewish law, from the life-paralysing limbo of Agunah, whose husband refuse to divorce her, to the seemingly trivial issue of applying makeup on Shabbat. We will see how those two, as well as the alienation of the deaf community and many others, can be solved with empathy.

 Rabbis Don't Wear Makeup Limmud Festival 2018 Haim Ovadia.pdf

Social Media: dystopian future or current reality?

Josh Martin 

Green 26

From news items to Black Mirror, we often hear about how detrimental social media is to our society and our personal mental health. Whether we are working with kids or adults we take pride in helping people to switch off, but is this the right approach? Is the reality an unhealthy addiction or a shift in the nature of community?

Talking about health and mental health: 'You don't want to worry me' (2 of 2)

Yoav Landau-Pope 

Green 25

Dealing with health and mental health is part of life and exists in every family. When it comes to communicating and facing these issues with our families it might become anything but straightforward. This three part series will explore the dynamics of communication in families around these issues; each session offering a different perspective.

The American Jewish experience through cinema (to 1947) (1 of 2)

Eric Goldman 

Yellow 22

Analyzing mainstream films through film clips that touch on the Jewish experience provides a unique and powerful way to gain an understanding of the social, political and cultural realities of the life of the American Jew in the Twentieth century. Part I looks at the changing immigrant experience and American Jewish life through the post-WWII era.

 AmJFlmlst(1).pdf  AJCgoldman.pdf

The disappearance of the INS Dakar. A 50 year mystery

Andrew Levine 

Green 27

Come and learn about the mystery of the Israeli Submarine DAKAR – which left Portsmouth in 1968. Along the way it disappeared and was never heard from again. What happened to the 69 Crew? Why did it take 30 years to find her? What can we learn from the wreckage: Was it sabotage, Cold War espionage or mechanical failure?

Why care? The role for a Jewish healthcare chaplain in a secular NHS

Harrie Cedar 

Blue 33

Bikkur Holim is a mitzvah. If biology is merely an extension of chemistry, why should we care about animated chemicals or try to fix them when them when they go wrong? If life has purpose and meaning, then care is a primary ethic (Levinas). This talk will look at caring for humans in a secular NHS and the role of a Jewish healthcare chaplain.

Sing along with Dan Patterson and Simon Style

Simon Style  Dan Patterson 

Red 7

A chance to get together and sing all those songs you hope had disappeared. Pretend it's the 60s, 70s and 80s again - happier times - and come and bring your instruments and voices. Feel young again / old again whichever you prefer.

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