Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Monday 19:10

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“Fake news” or uncovering the truth? From Joseph, Hamilton and John Major to today - Mahloket Matters!

Daniel Roth 

Orange 14

When is negative reporting “fake news,” and when is it simply uncovering the truth? This question will be explored through a text study of Joseph’s negative report about his brothers, historical case studies of libel in the US and UK and a skill building exercise designed to help us disagree more constructively on this issue today.

How is maternal experience registered in our DNA

Moshe Szyf 

Orange 13

Maternal care has a long term impact on the mental and physical health of children, how does this work? Szyf's research discovered an "epigenetic" molecular "link" between early life experience and adult behaviour and health which will be discussed. These ideas are consistent with Jewish concepts of education and parental responsibility.

"I'm not White, I'm Jewish": (how) did the Jewish community negotiate their Whiteness in North America

Isaiah Rothstein 

Red 1

Particularly with the election of Donald Trump, let us explore the history of whiteness, the creation of race as a construct, and how/if the American Jewish community negotiated their whiteness in 19th and 20th century America.

Orot HaRav Kook - the prophetic utopian lights of Rav Kook

Itzchak Marmorstein (Even-Shayis) 

Red 2

Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook TZ’L is widely recognized to be the most significant Torah sage of our epoch. His teachings offer a clear understanding of what we need to do to “serve the perfection of all life” and actualize the Messianic Age. We will learn from his core writings about how to bring personal and universal peace to humankind.

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Reading Biblical poetry (1 of 2)

Adele Berlin 

Blue 34

The Bible uses poetry for many purposes. In the first session we will read samples, in Hebrew and English, from Psalms and Job.

 Bib. Poetry 1. Psalm 19, 104, 114. Job 3, 38..docx

Rockefeller, Carnegie, Eugenics and the Master Race - American big business and the Holocaust (2 of 2)

Mark Creeger 

Yellow 22

How was the Eugenics movement, which the Nazis became famous (infamous) for, flourishing in the United States for decades before it? Why did Rockefeller and Carnegie help import and support these abhorrent medical and civil practices into Nazi Germany? Was the Third Reich inventing, emulating, franchising or just following orders?

Stop doing tikkun olam!

Jonathan Neumann 

Orange 12

Is tikkun olam really a Jewish concept? Is it genuinely a positive force in Jewish life? These are the questions asked in Jonathan's explosive new book, "To Heal The World?", and in this session. The book has taken American Jewry by storm. Come hear why.

Strictly Partner Dances

Maurice Stone 

Red 7

Have fun and meet new feet with Israeli mixer and partner dances. No prior experience of Israeli dance is necessary. You don’t even have to bring a partner but it might help!

The Golem, Frankenstein and our virtual self

Lucas Espinosa Menendez 

Green 26

Through the stories of the Golem and the tale of Frankenstein, I want us to look into how our virtual selfs are constructed and what are the ethical implications and the accountability of what we do and where we do things online.

Why isn’t there peace in the Middle East? Personal perspectives

Eldad Beck 

Red 5

As one of the few Israeli journalists, who traveled the Arab and Muslim world and reported on historical events during the last 35 years, I will question some of the ideas regarding a "peace process" in the Middle East.

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