Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Sunday 20:30

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Meet your Monsters!

Rachael Fried 

Yellow 22

Got skeletons in your closet? Feelings, thoughts, or struggles you have a hard time expressing in words? Come and explore using art to destigmatize and approach taboos. In this session, you’ll see unique art and have the chance to confront, own and love your "inner monsters” through art. Bring yourself and all the monsters that come with you.

Never too old for friendship (for 65+)

Social Programming 

Orange 10

Are you aged 65 or over? On your own? Recently lost a partner? Looking for friendship? Come and meet for an informal session with Sonia Sassoon and people in a similar situation to you.

Inside the mind of God: Plato and the rabbis

Joshua Garroway 

Red 4

Ancient Jewish and Christian admirers of Plato struggled to reconcile the philosopher's concept of creation with Genesis 1. This presentation explores how the Gospel of John and the midrash, Genesis Rabbah, understand creation in nearly identical ways. Guaranteed: You'll never read Genesis 1:1 the same way again!

Eat healthy, feel younger: is age an attitude of mind?

Jacqueline Lewis 

Green 25

Debate what’s good to eat and what’s not in 2018 going into 2019. A discussion on healthy eating and its compatibility with a traditional Jewish diet. Bringing new cases for discussion and involving the audience in debating nutritional dilemmas, such as: can saturated fats be safe to eat? Should we all be gluten-free? Is fasting good for you?

Sexuality and Sanctity: Consent in Sexual Relations (1 of 3)

Rahel Berkovits 

Purple 31

What values can rabbinic texts impart to us living with modern sexual norms? What does tradition say about sex without consent? Should one have sex while drunk or arguing? What is the balance b/w lust and love? This session is a serious text study and aims to be a safe space for people of diverse backgrounds, practices, genders, and orientations.

Progressive Jews and women: loving the texts that hate us

Shulamit Ambalu 

Red 5

In this fast paced, lively, interactive session we will listen to the voices of the 19th-20th century Mishnah Berurah. This halachic work can be angry, divisive and misogynistic. So is it perverse to love it? And can this strange love be a model for living with and understanding the Other?

Celebrating Maureen at Limmud

Ben Crowne  Aviva Dautch  Clive Lawton  Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz  Miriam Feldmann Kaye  Raymond Simonson  Raphael Zarum  Robin Moss  Steve Miller  Dan Reisel  Tamra Wright  Richard Verber  Helena Miller  Abigail Morris 

Orange 15

Maureen Kendler – beloved educator, friend, mentor and colleague; Limmud icon and stalwart – passed away earlier this year. Join this session to celebrate and remember some of her many contributions to our lives and community. We’ll tell some stories, sing some songs, laugh a little, cry a little, maybe learn a little too.

Fighting Misinformation with Artificial Intelligence

Lev Konstantinovskiy 

Red 3

Open and fair debate is the foundation of Jewish culture and our democracy, but how do we make sure it is done using facts, not fiction? I will talk about my work at Full Fact, a factchecking charity holding UK politicians and media accountable. We write articles, request corrections and use artificial intelligence to automatically check claims.

Introduction to mussar (1 of 3)

Monique Mayer 

Red 2

Mussar is not self-help, and it is not therapy. So what is it exactly? Mussar is a 1000 year-old Jewish ethical tradition that helps us to become a mensch, a deeply good and decent human being. You will come out of this session with a idea of how mussar study works and where you might go to study further. No prior knowledge required.

IHRA in the style of Talmud

Gabriel Webber 

Green 26

There's been so much debate over the definition of antisemitism this year, it's time to record some of it in a perplexing format for future generations. This session will create a Talmudesque commentary on the IHRA definition adopted by Labour, using insights from past and present... along with interpretations from the session's participants!

Getting networking to work

Claire Straus 

Blue 34

Why is networking so challenging? What facilities does the Jewish community offer to help? Drawing on my practice as a career coach and recent research into Jewish jobseekers’ experience of networking, we will explore the bridges and barriers to effective networking, uncovering new ways to understand, develop and harness this vital skill.


Two Jewish Boys Write a Catholic Mass

Stuart Lewis 

Blue 33

Though set in a Christian framework, the Bernstein Mass (lyrics by Stephen Schwartz) is in many ways a profoundly Jewish work, reflecting Leonard Bernstein's lifelong religious quest. We will listen to some brief excerpts and discuss how the work reflects a distinctly Jewish sensibility.

Israeli dance party

Maurice Stone  Sheila Eizensharf 

Red 7

Let your hair down and have fun at our late night Israeli dance party - a mixture of old and new, circle, line and partner dances. A lot of fun for lots of people! We start with easy dances so everyone can be included. So save your energy and join our circle!

Explore the mystery between the lines: creative writing through Biblical stories and Talmudic tales (1 of 2)

Mei-Tal Shabtai 

Green 27

If you have a passion for stories and you always dreamed of writing one, then this session is for you. No previous experience is needed, just an open mind, creativity and the courage to share your thoughts with others. Recommended for teachers. Session 1: Rabbi Elazar and the Ugly Man.

Syncing up the Jewish world with Jcal

Jake Welford 

Orange 11

Receive emails & things through your door from Jewish organisations? Trawl through Facebook events & pages? Missed events due to confusion or tickets being sold out? Or do you run events and want more attendees? Event goers & organisers unite! Jcal is the one stop shop for Jewish Events - learn how we can help you or your organisation!

Mirror, Mirror… Rebbe Nachman and the aesthetics of the real

Naftali Moses 

Orange 12

What is real? How does art represent that which it purports to? Can there be "fake" art? These are some of the questions we will ask in this session on R' Nachman's "Two Gentlemen Asked by the King to Paint the Palace." In our age of burgeoning virtual reality, this fable offers an opportunity to explore aesthetics, meaning, art… and faith.

 There was once a king who built himself a palace.docx

In conversation: Jon Lansman and Luke Akehurst

Luke Akehurst  Jon Lansman  Ella Rose 

Red 1

Jon Lansman, now regular Limmudnik and founder of Momentum, in conversation with Luke Akehurst, Director of Labour First and We Believe in Israel. This is the first time they will have been on a panel like this! Moderated by Ella Rose.

Jacob Spike Kraus concert

Jacob Kraus 

Yellow 24

Jacob Spike Kraus is a singer-songwriter from the US who brings new energy to ancient text. His music is catchy, exciting, beautiful and functional. Not limited by genre, Jacob's music is pop, folk, rhythm & blues and everything in between. His experience with Jewish education shapes his lyrics - these are songs that teach and help us engage deeply.

Programming Limmud events

Robert Owen 

Orange 14

This session is for anyone involved in programming Limmud events. We will discuss constructing a balanced programme in light of Limmud values and how to deal with conflicts that can arise in the process. This will also be an opportunity to share knowledge and best practice.

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