Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Monday 09:10

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Becoming the parents/adults we want to be

Shulamit Ambalu 

Orange 11

What can survivors of destructive families learn about our potential to be different from our parents? This lively, fast paced and accessible interactive session includes insights from Midrash Tanhumah, Talmud Kiddushin, Maimonides and the little known medieval thinker Chasdei Crescas.

Co-housing Communities - What are they and how to start one?

David Michael 

Red 5

Co-housing Communities are exciting. They were invented in Denmark in the 1970s, probably by Danish kibbutz volunteers, and allow residents to be as communal or as private as they wish. We will look at some of the Co-housing Communities I have developed, with time for Q&As

Creativity and Good Health - Vision and Practice of an Artist

Myriam Tangi 

Red 3

How to change your eating habits! How to become the laboratory of your own health! As an artist, step by step, with the modern knowledge and the "Ten Commandments" of Rambam, we will unveil….. simple secrets. As it is written about Moses (34: 7): "Moses was 120 years old when he died; his appearance had not changed, his vigour had not fled".

Do you believe in God?

Naomi Goldman 

Blue 34

Is the idea of God a barrier to engaging in synagogue life? What do we mean by 'God' anyway? We will be looking at different theological approaches to the idea of God and asking if it is possible to pray without believing in a personal God.

Homeopathy in Jewish life & sources (1 of 2)

Francis Treuherz 

Red 4

The principles of homeopathy and how they appear in Jewish sources. Homeopathy is now central to healthcare in many traditional Jewish communities and in Israel. Francis will share stories of using homeopathy in a Jewish context and during life cycle events, with practical examples and opportunity for questions and discussion.

How a mother-daughter duo is changing the concept of giving from their kitchen table

Lauren Gross 

Green 25

How did a Christmas tree inspire a mother and daughter to start a giving programme for their community? Who benefits more - the gift-giver or the recipient? Grassroots organisation or non-profit? Find the answers at this session.

Pioneers of the Old Settlement in 19th-Century Jerusalem

Mordechai Friedman 

Yellow 23

Jewish pioneers who fought for productive labour rather than relying on foreign charity, towards the transaction from an old world to a new one.

Pointless? Hebrew dots for dummies (2 of 2)

Paul Freedman 

Yellow 22

Why do some letters have a dot in the middle even if it doesn’t affect the pronunciation? The dagesh will drive you dotty. All these mysteries and more... For those who can read (but perhaps not understand) Hebrew and would like to know a bit more about Hebrew ‘pointing’ (vowels and other dotty stuff) to improve accuracy and understanding.

Revisiting halacha: counting women in a minyan

Chaim Weiner 

Orange 15

In this short series Chaim will look at the primary sources behind some widely accepted religious practices. How did the halacha get to be the way it is? Do the sources suggest other possible conclusions? This session is ideal for those who want to make informed decisions about their religious practice.

"For not making me a woman" Really? Is it great to be a (Jewish) man?

David Cassuto 

Orange 12

Do you even know what masculine is? A positive but sharp take on what it means to be a (masculine) man. We will discuss the difference between being good at being a man and being a good man and if we can have one without the other.

The burglar, the carpenter, the aboriculturalist and the dustbinmen

Steve Miller 

Blue 33

Four rabbinic stories and what they tell us about core Jewish values, critical thinking, social responsibility, sustainability and the reasons WHY we should do the right thing.

The Israeli constitution and the Nation-State Basic Law – a beginner’s guide: 1992-2011 (2 of 3)

Robin Moss 

Green 27

In July the Knesset passed a new "Basic Law", the Nation-State Law. It was and remains controversial. To really understand it, we need to zoom out. In this series we'll explore the Israeli constitution. Like the UK it isn't codified, but beyond that the comparisons end. Today, the aftershocks and implications of the 1992 "Constitutional Revolution".

The Israeli economy: are there two different economies?

Roi Kahlon 

Yellow 24

We will review the changes in the Israeli Economy from its birth in 1948 and examine the welfare policy of the state. Are there two different economies? What about equality and narrowing gaps? What about the integration of Haredim, Arabs and Mizrahim?

The Joint and the arc of Jewish history over the last 100 years

Asher Ostrin 

Orange 10

How is the response by the Joint to Jewish crises and opportunities altered the course of Jewish history.

Tikkun olam - is it really our place to repair the world?

Sasha Gold 

Red 6

"Tikkun Olam" has become a cornerstone of modern Jewish identity. but what does it really mean to "repair the world"? How can we put our Jewish values into action without causing harm to the communities we try to engage with? Let's discuss what responsible volunteering looks like and learn what Jewish sources have to say about it.

 Limmud Session 1_ Tikkun Olam - Is it our place to repair the world.pdf

Who runs the country?

Hannah Weisfeld 

Red 1

For a community that spends so much time talking about Israel, we know very little about who runs the country. In this session we’ll explore who is in current Israeli government (the most right-wing in Israel’s history), what they actually think about the conflict and other key social issues, and in what direction they might take the country.

Why do intelligent people study the Torah for 70 years and not get bored?

Graham Newman 

Green 26

Magic of Hebrew letters and words. A bit about Gematria, numerology, the secret codes and other esoteric aspects. What the Talmud and Midrash are, and how they connect. Lots of shocks, surprises & intrigue. Should leave you breathless from the "gosh" factor!

Re-Animating an Ancient Land and Family Relationship

Geoffrey Ben-Nathan 

Red 2

Israelites and Canaanites intermarried for over 700 years. Only the exile to Babylon divided them - and not forever. Deportees and Left-Behinds, today's Jews and Palestinians, have both retained links to the land. Both peoples have forgotten aspects of their pasts. BOTH peoples are aboriginal. BOTH belong on the land.

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