Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Sunday 10:40

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A Jewish architectural fantasy

Leon Fenster 

Green 25

After journeying through the oft unseen story of Jewish architecture, we will discover rich roots from which to develop a powerful mode of Jewish space and form. Come ready to challenge your imagination. We will envisage new possibilities in Jewish aesthetics brimming with colour, joy and yearning.

Bring the wisdom of kabbalah into your life (1 of 3)

Janet Berenson 

Orange 12

What are the Four Worlds? What does the Tree of Life have to do with me? Isn't kabbalah just for others not like me? If you've ever thought any of these, come along and learn how understanding some principles of Jewish mysticism can support you in your personal life journey.

Do Jews do karma? Reincarnation in Jewish thought (1 of 2)

Philippa Gamse 

Blue 33

Reincarnation is a common tenet of Eastern religions, but what does Judaism have to say about it? What does it mean in a Jewish context? Does it have a purpose, and if so, what is it? In this first of a two-part class we’ll look at a variety of Jewish teachings from ancient to contemporary times that discuss reincarnation and how it applies to us.

Jewish country houses in England

Marcus Roberts 

Orange 11

This illustrated session looks at English Jewish country houses and the Jews who built, purchased and lived in them, illustrated with the Jewish stories of Strawberry Hill House, Upton House and Hughenden Manor, etc. We ask how Jewish, 'Jewish Country Houses' were? (In partnership with the Oxford University Jewish Country House / TORCH Project).

Tikun olam, Latin American style

Alan Grabinsky 

Red 5

Alan will present the case of Mexican-Jewish humanitarian agency CADENA, a rescue and relief agency which has been in the worst natural disasters affecting the region in recent years. Alan will talk about his experience during the Mexico City earthquake and on the border of Colombia/Venezuela and ask what Tikkun Olam means in Latin America.

Who were the Jewish suffragettes?

Joely Axelrod 

Blue 34

Ever wondered why you haven't heard of any Jewish suffragettes? Find out why, who they were, what they did to help get women the right to vote and the role their Jewish identity played in their suffrage activities. Anecdotes include campaigning from the women's gallery on Yom Kippur...

The Jewish side of Adam Smith

Russ Roberts 

Orange 13

Is there actually a Jewish side of Adam Smith? Smith's view of human nature and virtue in his forgotten masterpiece, The Theory of Modern Sentiments, has some surprising parallels with Jewish text and tradition. This session will explore those parallels with the goal of enhancing our appreciation of both Judaism and Smith.

Bereshit - the creation of the internet

Brian Teeman 

Red 3

Is the internet a Jewish creation? Since the beginnings of the computer age Jews have been at the forefront of technology. Did their Judaism drive them to change the world? Has ancient tradition influenced the creation of the Internet? You won't need to know the difference between a byte and a bagel, a mouse and a mensch or spam and a shlemiel.

Beyond the silver screen: the invention of Hedy Lamarr

Shoshi Ish-Horowicz 

Red 2

For some, Hollywood actor Hedy Lamarr is ‘the world’s most beautiful woman,’ for others she is the inventor behind today’s Bluetooth technology. We'll look at Lamarr's scientific inventions, her self-inventions and what her story can tell us about female Jewish identity on and off screen.

Out of the Blue

Anne Clark 

Red 4

This new exhibition at the Bible Lands Museum, Jerusalem tells the story of the mysterious blue colour, tekhelet, starting with molluscs in the Mediterranean 3,500 years ago, to tzitzit (ritual fringes), all the way up to the flag of the modern state of Israel. Using images & texts, Anne will share what she learnt at this fascinating exhibition.

 Out of the Blue (Source Sheet).docx

Points of view from Israeli teens

_ Leo Baeck Education Center Haifa  Oded Mazor 

Orange 10

What do Israeli high school students have to say about Israel today? A face-to-face panel discussion with six teenagers, students from Leo Baeck Education Centre. They will share with you their stories and their thoughts, the dreams they have for Israel and what they do to make it come true. The session will be facilitated by Oded Mazor.

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